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Traditional Plum cake

6:14 AM

Ok am late in posting this, Christmas is over and you all must have been done with eating fruit cakes for this year. But still I wanted to post this because this cake has been sitting patiently for an year in my draft and I kept promising that soon it will get its time of glory before Christmas. But Christmas came and go and for various reason I was not able to bake or post a single thing Christmas-y this year. The reason lies in a long story which isn't so good or so bad either, but this definitely is not the time to share. Rather let me share  this recipe before my draft folder makes a plan with my laptop and decides to melt away in oblivion.

I made this cake last year with sugar spice and all things nice and it tasted heavenly (if I could say so myself). Somehow the brandy soaked fruits and nuts, spices and loads of candied and fresh gingers uplifted the taste to a different notch. So while I figure out some issues and keep on dreaming of a slice of this super moist crumbly cake you decide whether you wanna wait another year for a bite of this.

One Pot meals

Roasted Beetroot Soup

12:43 AM

Beetroot and I have a hate hate relationship and the hating part solely lies with me. In this matter, no one can blame the beetroot when it selflessly imparts such gorgeous reddish hue to any dish, even to my not so appreciating teenage fingers when I used to cut them for my mom. The only dish that I can fathom with beetroot in it would be the vegetable chop but in curries???? Forget about it.


Patoler Niramish Dolma (Lentil stuffed pointed gourd)

2:12 AM

What happens when you have a long weekend packed with shopping, cleaning, cooking, partying with good company and a 12 hours walk-athon in one of World’s best amusement park pushing a 3 and half years old kid in stroller? The immediate result could be non existent limbs, so sore that it almost convinced you that collapsing on the station floor is not that a bad idea. The fact that they have cranked up heating system to keep you warm in this chilly season, lures you more to it. Specially when closing your eyes will avoid all curious and non approving gazes of the passers by. Bless the person who said deal everyday at a time... tomorrow would be a different day and will deal with what may come. 

Noodle and Pasta

Miso soup with noodles and vegetables

9:33 PM

Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali with your near and dear ones. Mine wasn’t bad either. Though away from home and all the lights and sounds that make Diwali so special but still managed to celebrate it in a cosy way. Cooked some festive food, decorated the apartment with fall leaves and flowers, lit some candles and enjoyed shopping with my lil one. He has been my constant companion on this trip. The whole day we roam and explore various parts of the city, play in the parks, do picnic on the bank of a nearby river, watch movies, shop for our daily needs and pass time in various supermarkets and malls that dot this locality. Though its not rosy all the time. Sometimes he is angry for not buying him what he wants and sometimes am upset when he nags too much. But all in all its fun being with him. More so because now he has his own perspective to everything.


Diwali Wishes...

6:32 AM

Wish all my foodie friends and fellow bloggers a 
very happy and prosperous Diwali!!!


Easy Bread Mithai

7:43 AM

I was frantically searching the net for a easy dessert recipe that does not need full fat milk, khoya, freshly made cottage cheese, almonds or pistachios. Because I do not have any of these. am sure its available somewhere in the place where I am living right now , may be its lying there in the same rack in the super market where I picked up the soy milk for my kid. But I would never know as nothing is written in English and am tired running the google search all the time before picking a new ingredient for the kitchen. So I needed something that calls for fewer easily available ingredients and produces a gorgeous result. And then suddenly like a lightening I remembered this dessert which maa used to prepare a lot in our childhood.

Desserts and Sweets

Easy Diwali Sweets

10:01 PM

Here are few dessert ideas for Diwali. Make some, share and spread happiness. 

Rava Laddu                                               

Microwave Besan Sandesh                             


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Fish and Seafood

Thai Style Prawn-Pepper Curry

11:25 PM

Someone so rightly said that you don’t know what awaits you tomorrow. As a kid when studying about mount fuji or Hiroshima-nagasaki I never thought of visiting these places. More so as Japan is not a huge travel destination for us Indians. But when this opportunity came along I was a little apprehensive mostly because we just shifted home and the kid’s schools didn’t allow any more leave than the puja holidays. But am glad that we grabbed it and I must confess that am loving every minute of my stay here.

Meat n Poultry

Hyderabadi Chicken

6:55 AM

It was a quiet February morning when I reached Bangalore for the first time. A not so timid bride but sad in the heart for leaving family behind. The apartment that hubby rented beforehand had nothing but the basic amenities so The day and the next couple of weeks went in a blurr in shopping for the house and setting up our first home. 

Slowly it all took shape and soon I was house proud. But with that my enthusiasm and busy schedule slowly died down making an way for lonely afternoons and boredom. On one such lonely afternoon I heard sweet cackle of a toddler, I hurriedly peeped through the window and saw a sweet little boy running around in the common balcony with his mom chasing him with a bowl of food in hand. I was happy and shy all at the same time and was not sure as how to approach.  So I came out and babbled something asking about them and also telling them how happy I was to have someone near me. While speaking I could feel that I was not making any sense but being true to her name ‘Soujanya’ she smiled reassuringly.


Rava Laddoo and Shubho Bijoya…

8:00 AM

Today is Dashami, the day when the biggest Bengali festival, Durga puja comes to an end. Unlike other days of puja starting on a joyous note, planning and preparing for the pandal hoppings and night outs Dashami starts on a somber mood. The morning begins with preparation of biding good bye to the ‘gharer meye’ the godess Durga with a heavy heart. We offer her sweets, pan (betel leaf), Sindoor and wish her a safe journey with the kids. And then we touch the feets of our elders and seek their blessings. This is one tradition that we hold very close to our hearts.


Kumro Chingri Botti (Pumpkin and Shrimp Curry)

4:17 AM

(I wrote the below post on 13th October'12 in Kolkata. but due to various reason could not post it. right now am in Japan and busy settling down in a new city. Will update and post something new very soon. but for the time being please consider this post as it is.) 

Life right now is a big chaos. We just shifted our belongings and dumped them in the new apartment. With all the last minute work going on there, it’s impossible to live in that mess, atleast not for a super sensitive allergic person like me. Presently I am at my father’s place and in a super bad mood. There are so many things that I want to keep on cribbing about. This is not the life that I ever imagined, no not even in my worst nightmare. There are a lot of things, (some good and some really bad) which are taking place out of nowhere and am almost losing track. All I am trying now is to take things as it come.

Chutney Pickle n Preserves

Pineapple jam, A Drop of Golden Sun

2:00 PM

On a piece of homemade wheat bread...Heavenly
There is something about making jams and preserves at home, which makes me feel that I am being a good mom. Not good good as in Step-ford wives rather good as in those 60’s English classics where a mother serves warm toasted slathered with homemade jams when the kids come back from school. I love such old world charms and also the aroma that wafts from my pan when I boil down the pureed fruit to make this. It warms my heart and makes my home smell amazing. With homemade jams in the fridge I don’t feel the guilt of giving don’t know what preservative to my kid. Its almost like a serene morning affair when I spread the jam on his piece of crunchy toast and get to hear that little chirping voice claiming ‘Mummum this is yum!’

Events Awards Interview

Monsoon Of India Round Up

12:32 AM

It's been long that I hosted an event. so when I saw Jagruti's post asking to host some of her events I knew I had to request her for this. Jagruti is a very generous person and I will always remember her as a chiffon saree cladded girl standing in the freezing snow. She is beautiful, creative and very very fun loving. She instantly agreed to let me host her Monsoon event, which by far is my most preferred season. 


First Guest Post for Suma of Cakes and More...

4:59 AM

Yes so finally I got this opportunity of doing my very first guest post.and the best part is, it is for one of my most favourite blog, Cakes and More. Suma, the lady behind the blog has immense patience and you can see that if you read her posts. everything is so well explained that even a novice can gather some confidence and bake her recipes. 


Leftover Rice Khichri and Indian Omlette

6:33 AM

Its been a long since I posted anything on this page. Sorry for not being able to devote as much time as I would like to. Sometimes things that you love have to take a back seat making space for things which need your urgent intervention. I totally understand sometimes life is not easy on us and with time I have learnt to be patient and take things as it comes. But I must say am immensely fortunate to connect to some bloggers and some friends that I made through my blog. Who kept on mailing and messaging me asking for my where abouts. Am touched and truly consider myself blessed to have such well wishers and friends around me.

The recipe that am sharing today is my father’s. He is the ‘Khichuri man’ of our family and gets a call from everyone when the monsoon announces its arrival. He has some real good khichuri recipes in his repertoire and this left over rice khichuri is one of them. Every time there is a sudden down pore in the city we request him to make this. This spicy khichuri goes really well with Bengali style alu bhaja (potato fry) and omlette. Rain or no rain sometimes you got to try this.

Meat n Poultry

Thai Red Curry Chicken with Homemade Curry paste

11:16 AM

If you look at my recent posts you would reliase that I have not talked about the weather for quite sometime. And I guess with that I atleast have earned myself an opportunity to talk about it once more. Especially when we all are under it. Right now the weather is really nasty here in Kolkata. The sudden weather change has got even the most immuned and stronger ones under its grip. Every house is suffering from bad viral fever and cough n colds.

Chutney Pickle n Preserves

Plum Relish with Raisin and Ginger

8:47 AM

They say Necessity is the mother of invention and I can't agree more. Couple of weeks back, I bought a huge box of ripe, red plums to make my stonefruit tea cake. They looked pretty and shiny sitting on my countertop. I finished all my work and gathered everything for the cake but when I cut and tasted the fruit, It was tart beyond imagination. Making a cake out of it was out of question.


Vegetable Chop

10:25 AM

Monsoon, piping hot food and good books, are all synonymous. Nothing else makes Monsoon as enjoyable as some freshly made masala tea and some spicy fritters. Its that time of the year when we all want to be home and enjoy the shower and the weather in our cosy corners.

Noodle and Pasta

Char kway teow (Malaysian stir fried Flat rice noodles with shrimp)

11:08 AM

This is not a dsh that I grew up with, rather this is a dish which I never heard of before all these hoopla's around food started to appear on TV. Gone are those days when the only cookery show was Sanjeev kapoor's Sunday special khana khazana. Which we looked for with a diary and pen in hand, I might still find that old recipe diary of mine at my mom’s place. Rather now there are way too many shows on TV doling out way too many recipes. I believe every show has its own set of viewers and its always good to be spoilt with choices.


Repost: Pyaraki/ Gujia

10:36 AM

Just popped in to inform you that have just updated my 3 years old Gujia or pyaraki post. Pyaraki is a crecent shaped fried pastry stuffed with sweetened coconut and milk solids and then coated in a thick sugar syrup. This is very popular  all over India but known in a different name at different places. 

I have not discarded my old pictures. I know they are pathetic but I like going back to them to remind myself of the very special beginning of my blogging journey. though have updated the post with few new pictures. Hope you will like it.


Dalia Khichdi (Broken wheat and Lentil medley with loads of vegetables)

8:45 AM

The recipe that am going to share today always transports me back to my childhood. I can visualize Maa standing in our tiny kitchen prepping for this dish. Chopping loads of vegetables in her unique Bonti which is clasped on the countertop to spare her from sitting on the floor to use it. With every deft movement of her hands her bangles making a jingling sound. Some stray hairs sticking to the sweat on her forehead, the way she uses the back of her hand to remove it falling in her eyes. The sizzling sound of spices in hot oil, that pungent aroma of spices…almost seems surreal.

My Home and Garden

Hello to a brand new Week...

11:36 AM

If you are regular to my page then you know how much I love plants and gardening. I can spend hours in the garden, digging soil and getting my fingers dirty. I was a happy girl in Bangalore with a huge garden to do whatever I wanted. I planted vegetables and flowering  sapling and it was my fvourite place in the whole house.

Desserts and Sweets

Microwave Besan Laddoo err Sandesh (With sugar free)

12:30 PM

Here is quick easy peasy post to remind myself what a lovely Rakhi we had this year. Both my brothers were here and in addition to that the tiny little niece of mine also got a chance to tie rakhi on his brother’s hand. The little brother in question was too excited and made his father take him to the nearest gift shop to buy gifts for her tiny little elder sister. Both of them were overjoyed when we later visited our Uncle's place for their house warming puja and party.

Meat n Poultry

Guest Post: Pan Roasted Chicken

11:24 PM

Today I present to you a very talented friend of mine, Rumela Roy. I met her on Orkut and was  taken aback by her creativity. She is one of those beautiful persons who do all her job very efficiently. She wears many hats with equal élan… a full time devoted mother to her little boy, a passionate cook, a good photographer, a great homemaker who decorates and keeps her home neat and tidy and a very very good human being at heart. Many times I have seen people asking for her recipes and with a cute smiley she always mailed it to them. Her new love for photography speaks volume through her food clicks. very aesthetically styled and well captured. If you need proof please look at the collage below. Isn’t she an awesome photographer??? 

Noodle and Pasta

American Chop Suey

4:44 AM

I was editing few pictures on the software to post as soon as possible and then came my little 3 year old. With much enthusiasm he asked “mummum what are you doing?” As usual his father was busy on phone so I just replied “ am busy with work baby, why don’t you ask your father to take you to the park?”. He shot back, “are you posting this recipe today?” I was stunned! did he actually asked that or am just imagining things. So I asked to repeat what he said and he said the same. A visibly confused me could only managed to mumble a weak yes and then came the surprise of my lifetime. The lil one or may be not so lil anymore son ordered “na eita nay ajke tumi kurkur bhaja’r recipe ta lagabe (no. today you will post the crispy dish’s photo). Which definitely meant the American chopsuey recipe that I prepared for lunch last weekend. It was a great hit with the kid and the bowl was finished in no time. I totally understand his loyalty lies with the crispy fried noodles but am happy that he ate his share of vegetables and enjoyed it too. And I got that big smiley face complementing me ‘mummum that’s yummy!”


Malai Chomchom

11:34 AM

I have a very popular Bengali mishti recipe today. A sweet that’s not as famous as its counterpart Rasomalai but tastes equally good. This sweet is our household favourite for its melting in the mouth texture and mild sweetness.  If you just let go of the thought of calories and fat, trust me it gives you an heavenly feeling. Put this in your mouth, close your eyes and forget everything else. Just enjoy how sweet life is.

My Home and Garden

Magical Monsoon

10:46 AM

I often talk about my Mom's garden so just thought of sharing a few of her rain drenched garden pics. 
Bleeding Hearts


Ilish Macher Matha die Pui Shaaker chorchori (Malabar Spinach cooked with Hilsa Head)

12:15 PM

In Bengali homes Hilsa is a prized catch during Monsoon. Though Podda’r ilish (Hilsa from the river Padma) is known to be the king of all Hilsas but the scarcity and huge price of this fish makes it an unrealized dream for most Bengalis. These days the Hilsas has just started making their most awaited appearance in the market and the Bengali babus or bhadrolok  (gentleman) are getting crazy over it. Last week while doing my grocery shopping I heard someone saying how he is planning to go to Raichak and Diamond harbour over the weekends to get the freshet of the catch directly from the fishermen. I can totally imagine him driving 50 kms at the crack of the dawn to lay their hands over the catch of the day. The price would be soaring over there but who thinks of that. A good Sorshe Ilish will compensate everything.

Bread Paratha etc

100% Whole wheat Dinner Roll

12:32 PM

 A few days back someone asked me what I like to cook the most, my reply was ‘ bread’. Yes it might sound weird but that’s what I love to prepare when I want to vent some energy or anger out. If you have ever tried doing this then you would know how therapeutic this whole process is. The mixing, kneading, proofing and shaping provides immense satisfaction.


Peyaji (Pyaj ke pakode/ Onion Fritters)

11:32 AM

As much as I love Monsoon I hate to admit that am not that fond of fried stuffs that’s generally served during the season. I have always averted these as a weight watcher and now that I have grown double in size I still cant make myself love it. Its never regular on our plate rather we indulge in it very occasionally.

Events Awards Interview

Announcing JCO-Monsoon of India

10:31 AM

Monsoon, probably the most desirable season for all Indians, not also gives us respite from the dreaded summer but also strengthens our economy. If you don’t agree then think of those hot and humid summer days when even thinking of going out in the scorching heat makes us sick. and then that beautiful sound of roaring clouds as if murmuring the good news of bringing the respite from heat. Those gray clouds surrounding the sky and the light and shade giving almost a surreal feel even in the brightest of afternoons. That invigorating smell of damp earth after the very first shower of the season, the crisp air overturning our umbrellas, huddling under any shade and acquainting a stranger, those lightening in the sky tearing the deep dark night and finally drifting to a comfortable sleep listening to the rhythm of dancing raindrops. . Its magic engulfs and includes us all.

Monsoon for us is a season on which we survive and sustain. Being pre dominantly an agriculture-based economy a good monsoon boosts our economy and strengthens are socio economic standing. We pray for good monsoon and worship the rain God to be kind. We celebrate many festivals welcoming this life thriving season.

And last but not the least with providing a cooler and more comfortable climate it revives our taste buds. After the dreaded summer we get our appetite back and delve ourselves into the seasonal food it brings with it. Monsoon is sheer magic to enjoy fried goodies, like pakoda, cutlet or kebab. Masala tea or filter coffee never taste as good as its in monsoon. Reading never seems so enjoyable when paired with a hot cuppa.  Many lazy afternoons are shared with friends and family with good food and rain as a backdrop.

Various parts of India celebrate this season with various types of delicacies. Some parts enjoy Hilsa (fish), some prepares khichdi and some serves pakodas and bhajias. So when Jagruti allowed me to host her JCO for monsoon I was ecstatic to realize that this will allow me to learn about many unknown-unheard ritual, culture and especially food from your kitchen. A big thank you to Jagruti, who is the brain behind this event. Every season is going to have different theme and some wonderful bloggers are going to host it. So friends join me this season and lets celebrate the season that brings a smile to all of us.

Now the Rules:
1.      Now that the theme is Monsoon so please limit recipes that has some kind of reference to this season. If you are linking any of the fried stuff or hot beverages you don’t need any reason but for other recipes I would request you to please mention how it is significant. Would love to share your nostalgic memories.
2.      Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes are welcome. So bring on all  
      those kebabs and indo Chinese fries.
3.      please link in recipes that has been published during the event’s time  
      period. No archived or reposted recipes please.
4.      Posts must be linked to this announcement page and to Jagruti’s page.
5.      You can link as many recipes as you desire.
6.      The usage of logo is not mandatory but requested.
7.      The time limit for this event is 1st july’12 to 30th sept.’12.
8.     Non- bloggers please come up with your unique recipes and mail me your entries to ahomemakersdiary@ yahoo. In

Will add some linky tool tomorrow. Till then prepare some monsoon goodies and relive and share your monsoon memories with us.

Sorry to change the procedure here. To participate 
1. Please mail me to ahomemakersdiary @ yahoo. in with
2. your Name:
    Your Blog's URL:
    Recipe Name:
    Recipe Link:
    picture of the dish not more than 300 px in width.

Happy Cooking!


Macher Dimer Boda’r Jhal (Fish roe fritters in a spicy mustard sauce)

8:30 PM

This is not a very common begali recipe as I have not come across this recipe at any of my relative’s or friend’s place. Even Maa never made it in our growing years. She never had enough bora to cook anything else. as her kids finished the boras almost from the pan. But in my house the story is different. until very recently I used to be an eggitarian and never liked eating fish eggs and hubby was never able to finish the eggs on his own. So I experimented with many recipes and this is the one that he likes most. But am not sure how long I would be able to cook this as my 3 years old little fish egg monster now demands more almost everyday. History always gets repeated.


Macher Dimer Bora/ boda/ wada (Fish Roe Fritters)

7:58 AM

If the word ‘fish eggs’ makes you think of those shiny red pearls called caviar then think twice. The fish eggs am talking about here is not that uber expensive luxury ingredient. I or for that matter most Bengalis must not have tasted it and most probably don’t crave it much either. The fish eggs that makes us salivate is the common sweet water fish eggs mostly rohu or carp. These are the unprocessed, basic egg that comes right out of the fish without any kind of curing. Whereas caviar is the processed and salt cured fish eggs of salmon or sturgeon which is said to be a rare type of delicacy and mostly served as a spread or garnish.

Cakes cookies n savory goodies

Honey Cupcake with Homemade Fondant Honey bees

12:35 PM

This week the Son’s school has reopened after summer vacation. I never have wanted him to get into such a structured life at only 3. with the commutation time he has to spend almost 6 hours outside. By the time he comes back at 1 P.M. he is all tired and often even falls asleep in the car. But with the nature of his father’s job we really din't have any other option. It almost breaks my heart to wake him at early morning. Though he loves his friends and the activities in the school but this morning routine annoys him. Every day he would request us to let him sleep for another minute and sometimes we feel bad for not indulging him.

to top that getting back to the routine after a long vacation is always difficult. Just to prepare him for school we planned a day of activity with things that he likes to do. We went to a nearby mall where he spent some time playing with other kids in the play arena, ate his favourite burger, spent some more time with his cousin sister and while coming back asked me to make some honey bees for him. Recently he has started watching Winnie the pooh and every-time the fat bear drinks honey from the urn he laughs and claps. So honey bees  to cheer my boy on some moist and flavourful honey cuppies this time.

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