Meat n Poultry

Hyderabadi Chicken

6:55 AM

It was a quiet February morning when I reached Bangalore for the first time. A not so timid bride but sad in the heart for leaving family behind. The apartment that hubby rented beforehand had nothing but the basic amenities so The day and the next couple of weeks went in a blurr in shopping for the house and setting up our first home. 

Slowly it all took shape and soon I was house proud. But with that my enthusiasm and busy schedule slowly died down making an way for lonely afternoons and boredom. On one such lonely afternoon I heard sweet cackle of a toddler, I hurriedly peeped through the window and saw a sweet little boy running around in the common balcony with his mom chasing him with a bowl of food in hand. I was happy and shy all at the same time and was not sure as how to approach.  So I came out and babbled something asking about them and also telling them how happy I was to have someone near me. While speaking I could feel that I was not making any sense but being true to her name ‘Soujanya’ she smiled reassuringly.


Rava Laddoo and Shubho Bijoya…

8:00 AM

Today is Dashami, the day when the biggest Bengali festival, Durga puja comes to an end. Unlike other days of puja starting on a joyous note, planning and preparing for the pandal hoppings and night outs Dashami starts on a somber mood. The morning begins with preparation of biding good bye to the ‘gharer meye’ the godess Durga with a heavy heart. We offer her sweets, pan (betel leaf), Sindoor and wish her a safe journey with the kids. And then we touch the feets of our elders and seek their blessings. This is one tradition that we hold very close to our hearts.


Kumro Chingri Botti (Pumpkin and Shrimp Curry)

4:17 AM

(I wrote the below post on 13th October'12 in Kolkata. but due to various reason could not post it. right now am in Japan and busy settling down in a new city. Will update and post something new very soon. but for the time being please consider this post as it is.) 

Life right now is a big chaos. We just shifted our belongings and dumped them in the new apartment. With all the last minute work going on there, it’s impossible to live in that mess, atleast not for a super sensitive allergic person like me. Presently I am at my father’s place and in a super bad mood. There are so many things that I want to keep on cribbing about. This is not the life that I ever imagined, no not even in my worst nightmare. There are a lot of things, (some good and some really bad) which are taking place out of nowhere and am almost losing track. All I am trying now is to take things as it come.

Chutney Pickle n Preserves

Pineapple jam, A Drop of Golden Sun

2:00 PM

On a piece of homemade wheat bread...Heavenly
There is something about making jams and preserves at home, which makes me feel that I am being a good mom. Not good good as in Step-ford wives rather good as in those 60’s English classics where a mother serves warm toasted slathered with homemade jams when the kids come back from school. I love such old world charms and also the aroma that wafts from my pan when I boil down the pureed fruit to make this. It warms my heart and makes my home smell amazing. With homemade jams in the fridge I don’t feel the guilt of giving don’t know what preservative to my kid. Its almost like a serene morning affair when I spread the jam on his piece of crunchy toast and get to hear that little chirping voice claiming ‘Mummum this is yum!’

Events Awards Interview

Monsoon Of India Round Up

12:32 AM

It's been long that I hosted an event. so when I saw Jagruti's post asking to host some of her events I knew I had to request her for this. Jagruti is a very generous person and I will always remember her as a chiffon saree cladded girl standing in the freezing snow. She is beautiful, creative and very very fun loving. She instantly agreed to let me host her Monsoon event, which by far is my most preferred season. 

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