First Guest Post for Suma of Cakes and More...

4:59 AM

Yes so finally I got this opportunity of doing my very first guest post.and the best part is, it is for one of my most favourite blog, Cakes and More. Suma, the lady behind the blog has immense patience and you can see that if you read her posts. everything is so well explained that even a novice can gather some confidence and bake her recipes. 


Leftover Rice Khichri and Indian Omlette

6:33 AM

Its been a long since I posted anything on this page. Sorry for not being able to devote as much time as I would like to. Sometimes things that you love have to take a back seat making space for things which need your urgent intervention. I totally understand sometimes life is not easy on us and with time I have learnt to be patient and take things as it comes. But I must say am immensely fortunate to connect to some bloggers and some friends that I made through my blog. Who kept on mailing and messaging me asking for my where abouts. Am touched and truly consider myself blessed to have such well wishers and friends around me.

The recipe that am sharing today is my father’s. He is the ‘Khichuri man’ of our family and gets a call from everyone when the monsoon announces its arrival. He has some real good khichuri recipes in his repertoire and this left over rice khichuri is one of them. Every time there is a sudden down pore in the city we request him to make this. This spicy khichuri goes really well with Bengali style alu bhaja (potato fry) and omlette. Rain or no rain sometimes you got to try this.

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