Happy Holi

7:33 AM

Wish all of you a very Happy, Colourful and Safe Holi.
For Holi special recipes you might like to check these

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Desserts and Sweets

Coconut Filled Nutella Truffles; A Sweet Treat to say Goodbye

2:46 AM

How are you my dear friends? Did you miss me? I know you have, all your pouring  mails and worrying comments prove that. This time I wont thank you because with time you all have become a part of my support system. A very important and indispensable part of my life. I have written several times why I started this blog but never did I expect this would be such a precious hideout place for me. I always wanted to be with you when I felt depressed, wanted to share when I was ecstatic and it wont be a overstatement to say that I have always got what I have asked from you, your unconditional support. But with all these depressing phases in my life I really dont feel like writing and posting recipes. And taking another break seems inevitable. But unlike other times this time am not sure when I would be back. It doesnot seem right to go for numerous breaks every now and then. I need to sort things and make time for my blogging first before I decide to come back.

On another note suddenly something has come up and we are shifting to Kolkata. Though Its a great move for both of us but it's so unexpected that we are totally jeopardized at this moment. We are not prepared  and arranging the relocation on the shortest notice is driving us nuts. But in all these we are sad to leave Bangalore. We are emotional as this city has given us so much. Its the place where we started our life as a couple. I still remember the day when I entered this house containing only a mattress and TV. It brings smile on my face every time I think of those numerous trips to all the shopping malls for buying things to create a home for us. Every item in my house has a story to tell which I will always keep closer to my heart. We brought our son to this house and he loved the open, airy spaces and the garden, where he took his fist steps. This beautiful city  has welcomed a new bride with open hands, where we have made  many friends for life and made us wiser with time. I will carry many a moments which I will remember all my life and before leaving I want to give a giant bear hug to this city if possible. I will definitely miss this house and this place and most probably will keep on visiting for business interest.

Before I proceed here are a few memories of our home we are leaving behind.
Peeping to the dining space
My blogging nook
That antique jwellery box was a surprise gift from Hubby

Touch of Bengal
Most favourite Possession of ours

Hand Painted Lantern and Madhubani Painting

An effort to keep the jwelleries out of the kiddo's reach

we will miss everything dearly

Coconut Filled Nutella Truffles
This is the easiest dessert I have made and also the most elegant and gorgeous looking treats. Made this during Christmas time to woo Sonny boy's friends and they genuinely loved it.

The truffle recipe belongs to sunita and I just created one easiest stuffing recipe to give it that extra punch.

For the filling:
Grated coconut: ½ cup (I used fresh)
Sugar: 3 tbsp
Milkmaid: 3 tbsp
For the truffle:
I halved Sunita's recipe
Nutella: 200 gms (½ bottle)
Cooking Chocolate: ¼ cup (grated)
Butter: 2 tsp
She used honey which I omitted.

For rollling or covering the truffles use anything you like. I have used
Coco powder
Dessicated coconut
Coloured vermicellis
Chocolate vermicelli
Melted chocolate
And a thick paste made with lemon juice and castor sugar to drizzle

for the filling mix everything together in thick bottomed pan or kadhai. Cook on low till you get dry lumpy mixture (5-7 minutes). Dont over cook as it  browns easily.
Keep it aside to cool.

In the mean time mix all the ingredients in a micro safe bowl and micro for 2 minutes. Take out and whisk with a spoon to check if the chocolate has melted. Otherwise micro for another minute or two.
Whisk with a spoon to mix everything together and as it will cool down it will start coming off as a dough.

Cover with plastic wrap and chill for an hour.

Once the chocolate mixture is ready to be rolled pinch a small portion, stuff with a tiny amount of coconut mixture. Cover and roll between your palms to make a smooth ball. Repeat with the rest of the quantity.

To decorate you can roll them in dessicated coconut, chocolate vermicelli, coco powder  or decorate them with chopped nuts.

I dipped some of the truffles in melted chocolate and chilled them on a toothpick. Later decorated them with a very thick paste of lemon juice and castor sugar.

Place each on mini muffin cups and Store in fridge.

Before serving keep them at room temperature for 5-10 minutes to soften.

on another note Arusuvai Friendship Chain is still open. If you are interested please join in. Even if am not blogging actively but will continue this chain as long as we have interested participants. I will also update the running round up as and when new posts come up. So please don't hesitate to mail me for anything. My mail id is


Sending this to Rumana's treat to Eyes; Series 2.

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Arusuvai Friendship Chain: Season 2; Round Up

2:07 AM

When I decided to renew the charm of the Arusuvai Friendship chain little did I know that it would become so popular. Within the first week itself we had several interested bloggers to the list and till date everyday I open my blog I see new entries. Right now we have 36bloggers from India and 4-5 interested bloggers from abroad, whom we plan to link in the chain at the last stage of Arusuvai.

Bharathy and Srivalli both warned me of the difficult job of co-ordinating the whole system of linking up one blogger to another. And truly it’s a huge task of contacting the interested bloggers, collecting all the information, co-ordinating the chain and keeping track at each and every step. But all thanks to our wonderful participants whose co- operation made it all so easy. Above all I always know that Bharathy and Srivalli are there to help me out with everything. They always encourage me and share experience at each and every step.

Right now the chain is in the fourth link of the chain and am glad that every participant is pleased to have taken part. Every day it brings smile to my face when I read their mails conveying the message as how much they like to meet and make friends for life through this chain. That’s the reward for my effort. Here is a glimpse of the chain so far…

The chain was put to start by Bharathy of ‘Spicy Chilly’ in October. She sent Pumpkin seeds to me (Sayantani). Check the Baked Masala Peanuts recipe that I cooked for my family.
Sayantani of ‘A Homemaker’s Diary’ sent mustard powder to Bharathy with which she made a traditional Kerala style Banana stem pickle called Vazhapindi Achar.

Divya Kudua of ‘Easy Cooking’ received Panchforon from Sayantani with which she cooked a Bengali style Potato and peas curry.

Gayathri of Gayathri's Cook spot received Mace or javitri from Divya and she baked a batch of Aromatic nutty Muffins.
Megha Goyal of Live to Eat received Star Anise from Divya and she prepared Sauteed Mushroom.
Shalini of Sanctified Spaces received yellow mustard seeds from Gayathri. She prepared a tongue tickling Crunchy Carrot and Chili Pickle.

Priya Hari of Priya's Kitchen received Black sesame seeds from Hema. She prepared a spicy Milagai Podi to spice up breakfast.

Nisa Homey of 'Cooking is Easy' received Palm jaggery fom Hema, with whcih she prepared a mouth watering delicacy called Kozhukattai.

Hema of 'Chef Hema' received dried green peppercorns from Sayantani and she whipped up two mouth watering dishes. Green Peppercorn Rice and Green peppercorn garlic kuzhambu

Veena Arvind of 'Kitchen Celebrations' received Kokum from Megha and she prepared a healthy and tasty Ayurveda inspired recipe from Sukham Ayu. A must check recipe of Gujarati Dal.

Kajal of 'Kajal Dreams' got a lovely Valentine themed package from Shalini. She got poppy seeds and made delicious Potato Curry and Poppy seeds Halwa.

Archana of 'The Yum Factor' received Active dry yeast from Veena and she baked wonderfully light Pesto and Sun dried Tomato bread. The braided bread surely is a winner.

Nivedita of Nivedita's Kitchen also received her mystery ingredient from Veena, and she was puzzled to guess  the agar agar she received. She prepared a very light but refreshing dessert, Agar agar pudding with praline topping.

Our very own Simran of Bombay foodie got Dried ginger roots from Shalini and she made a delicious batch of Gingersnaps. Total Yum.

Veena Krishnakumar of 'Veg Junction' received Barley from Gayathri and she prepared a very healthy Barley Uthappam.

Santosh of Santosh's Kitchen received black poppy seeds from Nivedita and what a innovative way she used it to prepare Cake rusk with black poppy seeds. A must check recipe.

Jayasree of Kailasa Kitchen received a packet of dried Apricot from Veena. She prepared a delicious bowl of rose hues Beetroot and Mewa Pulao.

Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen received an unusual ingredient called 'Gondh or Gum Arabica' from Veena, with which she prepared a Mediterranean flavoured  Rose, Pistachio & Cardamom Ice-cream With Gum Arabic

PJ of 'Seduce Your Tastebuds got a packet of Mangodi or Moong Dal
(yellow lentil) wadi from Archana and she prepared a lip smacking Rajasthani delicacy called 'Mangodi ki Khadi'.

Rachel of Tangerine's Kitchen got Ajwain or carom seeds from Nisa. This was one ingredient which she never cooked with, so she paired it with the humble potato and prepared Ajwain Potatoes.
Saee of 'My Jhola' was elated to get her mystery package from Rachel as she sent her couple of Organic Vanilla pods. Without wasting any time she baked a delicious batch of 'Cashew and Vanilla Bean Cookies'.
The very talented Sanjeeta of Lite Bite prepared a scrumptious stack of Healthy wheatgerm pancakes with the cornflour she received from Nivedita.

Rituparna of 'Chocolates and Dreams' received cornmeal from Jaysree and she prepared a delicious batch of Cornmeal Strawberry Muffins.

Rajani of 'Healthy Slurps' got a very less known ingredient called Rajgira atta or Amaranth Flour from Jaysree. She very creatively cooked an one dish meal called 'Raj Conito'. If you are curious to know what that is please head to her blog.

Our very talented Nithya of 4th sense cooking, received very rarely found  lavender from Simran and she very lovingly baked and decorated a lovely batch of Lavender Linzer Cookies.

Monika of Sin-A-Mon Tales baked Baked Ajwaini fish with carom seeds she recieved from Nisa.

Sharmi of Neivedyam was busy with her shifting still she managed to dish out a healthy bowl of Muesli with the Organic dry grapes Aparna sent her.
Richa Priyanka of Ambrosia received flaxseeds from PJ and she stuffed this power packed seeds in some sattu filled buns.

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