City Center Kolkata is using my picture for advertisement without my Permission.

8:14 AM

As you all know I have been keeping very busy with the humongous  task of shifting base to a new city and among all these madness last week I discovered that one of my photos (from the blog) is being used for advertising by a very famous chain of malls.

City Center is a very big chain of malls situated at places like Salt Lake (Kolkata), New Town(Kolkata), Siliguri (WestBnegal) and many more coming up in other states as well. I saw the advertisement on Times of India, where they used my Nolen Gurer Sandesh Picture to advertise their Bengali Sweets Festival as part of their Bengali New Year Festival Called 'Hullor'.

I don't blame The group behind the mall but the Advertising agency who has conveniently stolen this picture, cleverly photoshopped it to get rid of the background and the copyright information and shamelessly avoided mentioning the source. I am really pissed off with this gesture and planning to send them mail asking for apologies and damages. 
I have added the Screenshot of the e-Paper at the top. The Link to my post is HERE whereas you can find the Online advertisement on the 34th page of 15th April'11-Times of India (Kolkata Edtion).

Update: I am not sure if Times of India has anything to do with this, as it was an paid advertisement by City Center authority. and again most probably They also dont have any idea of this theft. As much as I can guess this is done by the advertising agency who is handling their public relations and media coverage.What irritates me is they earn huge money by making and posting advertisements but they fail to recognize other's work.


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