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Narkel Naru, Bijoya Dashomi’r Mishtimukh
(Bijoya greetings and Coconut Laddu)

Wish all of you a very happy Bijoya Dashami.

Bijoya Dashami is the last day of Durga Puja. We Bengalis believe Maa comes to her Baaper Bari (Parents house) with her four children and on Dashami she leaves for Sosur bari (In Law's) in Kailasha Mountain. So in Bengali tradition the elder women in the family say goodbye by giving her Kanakanjoli where Neivedya (Puja offerings) is offered to her and other married women offer her sweets, Pan (betel leaf), Sindur and Alta. They smear Sindur on Maa Durga and on each other; this tradition is called Sindur khela. On this eve the idol is immersed and after that we touch elders feet and seek their blessings. And in true Bengali Tradition in return they give us Mishti (sweets) and other snacks like Nimki (namakpare), Elojhelo etc. Bijoya is observed till Kalipuja or Diwali. Which gives us ample time to have our dose of sweets everyday by visiting neighbors and relatives

The above picture is the Protima (idol) of our ancestral house in Sagar Island where the Puja turned 102 this year. The puja here is done in Sodosh Upachar where everything has to be kept ready according to the puja nirghanta (Time table). And in our puja Maa Durga Comes with Maa Bishalakkhi and Maa Shitola. This is the time when all of us gather from all over the world and in true sense it’s a get together we look for the whole year. This is the first time Hubby A visited the island and he nearly fell in love with the place and the puja. Even my 6 months old Son enjoyed in his own way.

With the completion of Puja my long vacation at me parents have also come to an end. Am back to Bangalore and most importantly am on my own with the kid. Hope to be back and regular on the blog scene from now on.

Narkel Naru

Frankly I dint make it this year, this is from my draft. Maa has made me some naru and Narkel sandesh to feed my friends. In normal Bengali household naru is made only with coconut and sugar but I love mine extra rich so I add some khoya and condensed milk.

Scraped Coconut: 2 cups
Khoya: ½ cup
Condensed milk: ½ cup
Sugar: ¾ cup
Green cardamom pods: 5
Kismis: for decoration

Method: mix the coconut and sugar together in a heavy bottom pan and put on the gas. On low flame stir it till sugar melts and all the juice dries out.
Now add the khoya and condensed milk and give it a good stir.
Cook till the mixture leaves the side.
Take off from flame and make small balls when the mixture is still warm.
Decorate with a flattened kismis.Store in airtight container or in the refrigerators.

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  1. Arent these traditions awesome.. Happy Dusshera

  2. Hi, i came here from your comment on sudeshna's blog. shubo bijoya to you. Your post reminded me os sitting by the building pujo when we were kids waiting for auntys to distribute sweets after shidoor khela.

    While ma Durga left earth for heaven, i did the reverse as our holiday at Switzerland ended on Doshomi


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