Chaltar Raita or spiced Elephant apple

8:04 AM

Finally am back home after a whirlwind tour and my kid brother's wedding ceremony. The last two weeks went in a blur, filled to the brim with work, fun, travel, decking up and food food and more food. Everyday started way too early and ended quite late at night making us tired yet drunk on happiness. But now that it all is over I feel content that not a single thing went wrong and everybody enjoyed themselves while feeling comfortable with all the arrangements.

The next few weeks am planning to stay at home and enjoy the beautiful memories of meeting so many dear ones after such long time. So here is a quick post. A local traditional recipe hailing from my native village on the Coastal side of West Bengal.


Chalta'r Achaar (Pickled Elephant apple/Dillenia Indica)

9:16 AM

Wish all my readers a very happy new year, may the God fulfill all your dreams.

A new year is always an excuse to start things afresh. For me its the time to be hopeful. there is something about winter that makes me happy. The weather, the stamina, the mood everything is positive during this time and there are plenty of festivities to cheer you about life. So come end of December I am all geared up and never miss a chance to make my resolutions. Yes I have diligently done so all my life and now when I look back I see a pattern.
before marriage it was to loose weight, look gorgeous,  party more and such silly things. but now with age and experience I have turned to making more achievable goals that would make a real difference in my life. So no more loosing weight just to look beautiful rather to excercise daily is on my card to be more fit and increase my stamina to run around with the kids.

But the biggest change am planning this year is to practice more mindfulness in my everyday life. To be aware of my surrounding, what makes me happy and whats not and slowing down to savour life as it is. I am inspired by the slow living movement which preaches structuring your life around meaning and fulfilment. I will write more about it later but hopefully on the blog front you will se me experimenting more with new ingredients and digging up more old forgotten recipes from the past.

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