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Jayati Saha, Know your Blogger

10:22 AM

Jayati Saha Another Kolkata based food blogger started her blogging journey very recently, but you cant make that out from her blog. In less than a year she has built up quite a collection of recipes, especially a wide variety of Non-vegetarian dishes. She is a busy working mom and an adventurous foodie in the kitchen. though am yet to meet her but going through her food journey through her blog makes me feel like I connect to her on a personal level. Her son (like mine) is the biggest inspiration and contributor behind this blog. He inspired his mom to collect the recipes on an online platform so that her great skills are shared with the world. What a beautiful son he is. No wonder her blog is called Jayati and Tito's food journey. being a mom I so want to meet him and bless him from the bottom of my heart.
Here is a small excerpt of a conversation with Jayati Saha.

Meat n Poultry

Dimer Dalna/Jhol (Bengali style Egg curry with potato)

12:28 PM

Ever since I came back from Japan I hardly got any time to practice my green fingers. The seeds that I brought from there is sitting in the drawer for their turn in the sunlight, but with my health and so many other works life is just not the same anymore. With the house being far from how I would like it to be, every now and then I suffer from guilt pangs to not have sufficient energy to work on it.

Events Awards Interview

Know Your Blogger: Amrita Gill and Vishal Tupper

11:26 PM

I was introduced to Amrita through Blogosphere. In the very first instance I was attracted to her amazing Baked goodies. she is one of those not so old bloggers who has created a name for herself in the blog world in a very short span of time. She with her husband Vishal post amazing innovative recipes in their blog Sweet and Savoury. Recently I have come to know her personally and loved her down to earth, always ready to learn attitude. She is a darling friend and I look forward to cherish our friendship for years to come.

Here is a small excerpt of a chitchat that we had as part of the Know your Kolkata based food bloggers event.

Events Awards Interview

Know your Food Bloggers: an Interview with Kamalika C

3:17 AM

As part of Kolkata food bloggers, we are now a days featuring one of our blogger members on an weekly basis. We started with Kamalika of Silence Sings. here is a small chitchat with her which will help you to know your favourite blogger in a different light. Hope you will enjoy this small interview.
Kamalika is my classmate and a childhood friend and I have known her for almost all my life. As both of us hail from the same place and had grown up with the same ideology so we have many things in common.  She is very creative and hard working and her photographs are a drool worthy treat for any hungry soul. If you love easy and quick non veg bakes then her place is a must visit for you. 


BonGoan: Restaurant Review

6:47 AM

Photo courtesy: Sarani 

 It was a rain soaked balmy evening when we finally met at Bongoan for our very first restaurant review as members of Kolkata food bloggers and Chef at Large bloggers table. These days with my limited scope of venturing out on my own, I always welcome such gatherings with like-minded fellow bloggers. Especially Bongoan being very close to my place I looked forward to this eve very eagerly.

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