Chettinad food festival at Buzz, Taj Gateway

9:47 PM

The region of Chettinad, which is famous for its architecture, religious temples, the lavish lifestyle of the Chettiars (business community) also has a rich culinary history. The cuisine is considered as the most spiciest yet most aromatic cuisine of India. No wonder Buzz at Taj gateway who always try to bring out the hidden gems of Indian culinary repertoire chose this food for their recent festival. 

The menu is curated under the expert guidance of Chef T.Jabaraj from Chennai. He along with the executive chef Asish has tried to bring out some rare delicacies to the food connoisseurs of Kolkata. Buzz personally is one of my favourite food destination in town as I know that while other restaurants strives to consistently deliver good food Buzz never fails to overwhelm one's expectations. 


Tilapia Jhal {Tilapia in spicy mustard gravy}

6:40 AM

It's a quiet Sunday morning here at home. Very unlike our normal weekends. While the hubby is busy with his hobby of woodwork am finding it difficult to concentrate in work. it;s amazing to see how the absence of one person changes everything. The sonny boy is not home, yesterday he requested us to let him go with his uncle who was leaving for Shantiniketan after bhaiphonta. My instant reflex was to say no but then I knew I should. It's been long that he went anywhere. With so many changes, our life is very very stressful at the moment. No matter how much we try to keep our kids away from these but he is growing and can sense when things go wrong.

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