Cakes cookies n savory goodies

Nolen gurer Doi (Yogurt with Date Palm Jaggery)

11:41 AM

Come summer and days are spent in a haze...Getting up...getting the kid ready for school...his tiffin...dropping him at the busstop...going for my walk...making breakfast...instructing the maid...packing hubby's own work...tending to the baby...etc etc etc. Its like my body is pre programmed and I keep on doing the work brainlessly. The infamous Kolkata heat, the humidity, the sweat turns me into a numb robot and I just keep on doing things one after another. 

Fish and Seafood

Macher Tauk (Fish in Mustard and Dry Mango sour gravy)

9:30 PM

Sometimes I go on a trip via memory lane. A mode that I mostly call this time that year...I just sit and think about all the incidents that took place in the past years. Have you ever done that? try it for once and you would be amazed to see what life has made you experience so far.

Bread Paratha etc

Hot Cross Buns

4:24 AM

I had no plans to make or post hot cross buns today but sometimes you just prepare things to make others happy. In my case its my 5 year old sonny boy. Both the kids got their shots yesterday    and while going to bed my cranky sonny boy in pain asked for something sweet for breakfast. No,  the usual pancake will not do, he wanted something new that he has not tasted on Easter morning I set myself to prepare these delights. Funnily enough I kept on humming 'one a penny, two a penny hot cross buns...' while kneading the dough. 

Cakes cookies n savory goodies

Thandai spiced Mawa Cake with Rose syrup Fresh Cream and am Back

8:57 AM

You know how it is to sit and write after a long? I mean a real looooong time. Its like sitting there with an old type writer whose keys are rusty and no matter how much you put pressure on it, it cant type a single word. The same happened to me when I tried to write a post.

No, not in the same exact way but I discovered words are not flowing to me as it used to do earlier.
so I decided to write whatever comes to my mind. I have a headful of things that I want to share.  and how does it matter whether they come by a proper sequence or not. But then again I was so detached from this whole world of blogging or for that matter from the net that I had to search and rediscover even the most used tools on the blogger bar. 


That's the life of a new mom, in my case make it second time new :-)

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