Narkel-er Tokti or Coconut and milk Solid fudge

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My son started going to school from yesterday. I don’t know how to express myself but am happy, excited, elated and scared at the same time. Excited because the whole process reminded me of the time when I first hold that bundle of joy some 2 and 7 months back. All wrapped in cothes, not moving a finger yet still making many  statements with his eyes. since then he has been like my constant companion, my sidekick, we hardly have spent any time without each other since his birth. I am happy also to see my little one growing up every day. Every time I look at him I realize something new about him and starting school is like embarking on a new journey of developing  a new world for himself. I know am sounding like a sloppy mother but that’s what I feel right now as I am on a roller coaster journey of emotions. I am sad and miserable at the same time as the baby who knew no one but his mother will start making a life and world for himself from now on. I know I need o let him fly and help him to gather air under his wings but still the mother in me feels miserable for the 2 hours he is at school.
The baby on the other hand is very excited and loves his school. The first time we took him there he almost refused to come back to us. All he wanted was to play with all the toys there.  I really was a little worried and thought he would have cold feet on the first day and would cry but he was too enthusiastic, a little too much for my comfort. Come on dint we all cry on our first day to school and pleaded with our parents not to leave us there all alone among starngers. But that dint happen to my son, the one who came home teary eyed was me. Hubby tried to support me by saying that he would always be there by my side. But still are not every 2 and half year supposed to cry and miss their mother?  Am not sure yet and life seems quite complicated. So while I figure that out, yu relish this recipe of simple sweet made with coconut.
We Bengalis allow ourselves a long time till Diwali or Kali puja to share bijoya greeting. So am taking that priviledge and here is another recipe to serve your guests during the festivals. Narkeler tokti or sometimes also called chandrapuli is generally a sandesh or fudgy sweet made with coconut and milk solids. Though it share almost the same ingredients as Narkel naru still its very different in taste, texture and shape. While grated coconut is used for Naru, the same s ground to a smooth paste to give tokti its smooth and soft texture.  Its an elegant looking sweet which could be prepared in a jiffy to impress  your guests.

Narkel-er Tokti
Grated coconut: 2 cups (Use fresh coconut)
Khoya or milk solids: ¾ cup (or use full fat milk powder); grate it
Sugar: ½ cup (or s per your taste)
Green Cardamom: 3-4 pieces
Pistachios for garnishing
Ghee or white oil to grease he sandesh molds.

First grind the coconut and sugar till a very smooth paste s achieved.

Take a heavy bottom pan or preferably a non stick pan and cook the ground coconut on a very low flame. 

Continuously stir the coconut to cook it evenly. Once you see its becoming dry (approx. 7-8 minutes) add the grated milk solids.

Cook it on low for another 10 minutes or till it comes together as a big dough. The end produt would be dry to touch yet soft and little sticky.

Chop the pistachios very fine while the coconut cools down a bit.

Work when the coconut is still warm or it will harden.

Grease the molds with little white oil and sprinkle little chopped pistachios on it. Then take little coconut to cover the surface of the mold. Press with your hands to give it the shape of the mold. Remove from the mold with utmost care and place on a greased plate to cool down. 

If you don't have these molds you can set them in a flat plate and later cut in squares or diamonds. sprinkle the top with chopped nuts of your choice.

It will harden further as it cools down.

Once its complete cold store them in an airtight container in the fridge. It stays well for a couple of weeks.

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