Hasi Kakimar Nonta Pithe

9:36 PM

When I think of my childhood my senses act in a weird manner. The mind is followed by all my senses in such a way that I almost could feel, smell and experience those moments. Trust me I had a dream childhood, where our guardians conspired with the nature to make us ready for the future.

And that brings me to Hasi Kakima. My friend M's mother. A frail yet strong, very soft spoken person who I strongly believe could have written a best selling Bengali cookbook had she chosen that path. But not her cooking skills, what set Hasi kakima apart from everyone else is her relationship with every kid who befriended her kids. She never scolded us but we knew when she did not approve of things. She was friendly and gentle with our emotions and we could share our thoughts and problems with her without any hesitation. I remember even how we shared our biggest mischiefs with her and could giggle together. Now as a mother I often try to decode her style of parenting and loving every kid as her own.

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