PAn Asian Food Promotion at Hyatt Regency Kolkata

11:34 AM

Pan Asian  Pan-Asian cuisine would mean cuisine from across Asia. Which happens to be my favourite cuisine so when the invite came from Hyatt Regency Kolkata to review their Pan Asian food promotion I was more than happy. The Pan Asian food promotion is a part of their regular buffet which is served at their beautiful Waterside Cafe with amazing view through the high ceiling windows at their perfectly manicured lawn and fountains. 

Meat n Poultry

Kung Pao Chicken

11:35 AM

One of the recurring questions that comes back to me again and again everyday is what to cook. With my growing interest in food and nutrition the next idea to ponder on is how to make it nutritious and balanced for the family. Over the past couple of months I have found a overall fall in our collective energy level. I know I feel low, slow and sluggish all the time because of many reasons and some I know I have to live with all my life but what scares me is the overall health of the kids.


Suryabartta...for Santiniketani Kantha and batik

10:42 PM

My Mother was an alumni of Kala Bhawana, Santiniketan and was known among art lovers for her unique style. Suryabartta was her organisation where she started producing embroidered sarees, scarves, apparels and home furninshing products some 30 years back. 

Today her products are loved by everyone who adore handloom and handicraft.

Right now my brother and I are trying to keep her dream alive and carry on the legacy. We have started a Facebook page HERE SURYABARTTA
 Please check the page and see our products. If you find them beautiful please show us some LIKE love. 

We ship all around the not hesitate to contact if anything catches your fancy. 

Your comments and feedback are highly appreciated.

I am putting the link to the FB page on the right hand side of this page.


Bengali Style Fried rice

7:46 AM

This is my go to rice recipe for any formal meal. With the dry fruits and ghee this is festive enough to serve to guests as a fancy meal yet with a few pantry staples comes together really really quickly. What differentiate this dish to other fried rice recipe is it's mild sweetness and the restrained use of ghee as an aromat. Unlike the other pilaf or rice recipes this is not steeped in oil and doused with garam masala powder rather a very delicate recipe that pairs really well with rich gravy dishes.

Meat n Poultry

Bobotie and sweet rice (South African Spiced meat with egg custard)

8:13 AM

I have been wanting to start this series for quite sometime and with the temperature and humidity killing us in India, I guess this is the best time to start. this would not only save us from toiling in the kitchen for long but also help us to make scrumptious, healthy meal ready at the table in a ziffy. So the idea here is to start a new category of egg preparation which I will post as a series in the coming months. All the recipes would be linked to Meat and Poultry category on the right side bar for your easy reference.

This series feature one of my favourite ingredient...EGGS. I cannot think of a more versatile, satisfying ingredient than this humble protein. It’s a shame that most of us associate eggs with breakfast and often forget that if prepared properly it could also make a fulfilling meal. So in my quest I have tried to scr… around the world and find out unique egg preparations which are easy, quick, healthy and balanced.


Taler bora or Ripe Toddy Palm fritters

10:39 AM

This had been a long awaited post for me. Though am not sure if you really require one more Taaler bora recipe, but I knew I had to put it online for the sake of keeping family recipes safe for the coming generations. and am glad after  many failed attempts over the last few years I could finally do it today. 

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