Bread Paratha etc

Potato-cheese Kulcha

12:22 PM

How kids grow up so fast! I know I know I have said that zillion times indifferent manners, in different language. Yet still. Every time they do something new I feel like telling this to myself. Loud and clear. to remind myself how time is zooming by so fast. 

My daughter completed one and half years this July and is such a joy to watch. With her endless energy and non stop blabber she drives us crazy most of the times.. But no one can get angry with the innocent smiley face she makes when scolded. I especially love her sweet talks. Most of the times she is behind me for swithing on the TV where she wants to watch Bibi tibi (Baby TV) and then she will try to mimik the words and will animatedly wave her hands to the cartoon creatures. When her dadda sits to study she also  brings her little red chair,open her baby books and will read P, K, A, C.

 After the grocery shopping her work is to count the number of bags sometimes 1, 2, 3,4 sometimes she counts from 1 to 10. Once I refused to make a bottle of milk for her so she brought the formula packet, her water and milk bottles to me and instructed me, 'Mummum Bayayo" (banao or prepare in bengali). 


Kankroler Pur Bhaja (stuffed Teasel Gourd)

5:29 AM

There are a few vegetables that I never cared for while growing up and Teasel gourd topped the list. Teasel gourd or Kankrol as it is known is Bengali is a Summer vegetable and available in plenty during summer and monsoon months. For some reason I always thought it suffers from identity crisis. By look it resembled a lot to Bitter gourd but the inside portions looks and tastes like Patol or Pointed gourd. This cambis ball sized vegetable with it's thin green spikes tasted quite bland. I could not even stand when it was cooked in a simple stir fry style with salt and turmeric.


Fish Fry

12:15 PM

Both my parents have an aversion towards eating outside food. Though baba loves his share of Telebhaja from the roadside tea shops but when it comes to eating a whole meal out, they are never game for it.They dislike it so much that whenever we took our vacation they preferred home stays or the guesthouses where you can cook your own meal. and still packs their own tiffin carrier when travelling for long. 


Hilsa Festival, Buzz @ Gateway Hotel Kolkata

10:26 PM

There is a basic difference between Bengalis and most Indians. Come Monsoon  most of Fish eating communities will abstain from catching and eating fish for the very obvious reason of the season being the breeding time. but not the Bengalis. Rather it's the very reason morning shopping becomes more interesting for all Bengali connoisseurs as Monsoon for all them is synonymous to the arrival of Ilish (Hilsa), the most sought after fish that they wait for all year long. For a good Ilish The Bengali babus are ready to pay any amount, if that needs them to reschedule their monthly budget, be it.
But the Hilsa must come home.

Following the tradition this year Buzz at Gateway, Kolkata has arranged a Hilsa festival with recipes mostly from Bangladesh. Ilish being the national fish of Bangladesh they prepare it many ways which are refreshingly different from how it is cooked in West Bengal. Being a Bengali food enthusiast I could not say no to the invite that KFB received to sample their menu.

The Hilsa festival is on from 10th July'2015 to 26th July'2015 at Buzz, gateway, Kolkata
Serving Type: A la Carte 
Cost: a meal for 2 will cost approximately Rs. 1500.00 (inclusive of taxes)
Lunch: 12.30 PM to 3 PM
Dinner: 7.30 PM to 11 PM

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