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Traditional Plum cake

6:14 AM

Ok am late in posting this, Christmas is over and you all must have been done with eating fruit cakes for this year. But still I wanted to post this because this cake has been sitting patiently for an year in my draft and I kept promising that soon it will get its time of glory before Christmas. But Christmas came and go and for various reason I was not able to bake or post a single thing Christmas-y this year. The reason lies in a long story which isn't so good or so bad either, but this definitely is not the time to share. Rather let me share  this recipe before my draft folder makes a plan with my laptop and decides to melt away in oblivion.

I made this cake last year with sugar spice and all things nice and it tasted heavenly (if I could say so myself). Somehow the brandy soaked fruits and nuts, spices and loads of candied and fresh gingers uplifted the taste to a different notch. So while I figure out some issues and keep on dreaming of a slice of this super moist crumbly cake you decide whether you wanna wait another year for a bite of this.

One Pot meals

Roasted Beetroot Soup

12:43 AM

Beetroot and I have a hate hate relationship and the hating part solely lies with me. In this matter, no one can blame the beetroot when it selflessly imparts such gorgeous reddish hue to any dish, even to my not so appreciating teenage fingers when I used to cut them for my mom. The only dish that I can fathom with beetroot in it would be the vegetable chop but in curries???? Forget about it.


Patoler Niramish Dolma (Lentil stuffed pointed gourd)

2:12 AM

What happens when you have a long weekend packed with shopping, cleaning, cooking, partying with good company and a 12 hours walk-athon in one of World’s best amusement park pushing a 3 and half years old kid in stroller? The immediate result could be non existent limbs, so sore that it almost convinced you that collapsing on the station floor is not that a bad idea. The fact that they have cranked up heating system to keep you warm in this chilly season, lures you more to it. Specially when closing your eyes will avoid all curious and non approving gazes of the passers by. Bless the person who said deal everyday at a time... tomorrow would be a different day and will deal with what may come. 

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