Desserts and Sweets

Narkel die Chaler Payes (Indian Rice pudding with Coconut)

12:38 PM

Rice, the staple grain for many Indians is also believed to be very auspicious for almost all rites and rituals in Hinduism. According to Hindu Dharmashastra, food is supreme, 'Anna Parabramha or Anna parabramha swarupam. We are not supposed to waste a single grain of rice, It's the supreme and needs to be revered.

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Know your blogger: Archita Chanda Ray

7:30 AM

Archita Chanda Ray the charming and sophisticated personality behind the blog 'My Food My Life' is a beautiful person inside out. If you ever talk to her you would be blown away with her down to earth attitude and polite nature. The thing that I love most about her is her level headedness. She is one of those rare persons who knows what she is talking about and never boasts her knowledge.

She is a doting mother, an Ex-Banker and leads a busy life running their play school chain. But is an avid cook and a budding food photographer. Her recipes show a great legacy of cooking that she received from her mother. Here is a small excerpt of a chitchat which is a part of the Know your Blogger Series, an initiative by Kolkata Food Bloggers team.  


Millet Upma and Cucumber Raita

3:16 AM

Are you in the same mood as me to shake your head vigorously to all offers of festive snacks and sweets? 

After all these days of eating out, feasting on ghee laden bhog (prasad), relishing on fried snacks and gorging on sugary sweets all my body needs is a break... a simple light nutritious meal that will nourish my body and soul. According to Ayurveda this time of the year is best to go for a Detox diet to flush out toxins and impurities out of your system. Every year I try to incorporate a 7 day detox plan in our schedule with a month long light balanced meal, but this year am not supposed to do that. So all I want to concentrate is to give my diet and body a chance to balance out all the processed foods I have gorged on in the last few days.

Desserts and Sweets

Kalakand; 5 minutes Microwave recipe

8:24 AM

Yesterday the biggest festival of Bengalis have come to an end. After almost a week long excitement of Mahalaya and pujos the festivities ended by saying final good bye to Maa Durga. Last evening everyone gathered around the idol with tears in their eyes for the last time this year. Its the sending off ceremony of Maa and her kids to a faraway land called Kailash where she lives with her husband. 


Nimki/ Namakpare and some Puja menu idea

11:31 AM

As I am sitting in my drawing room and writing this post I can hear the sound of dhak playing for the Sondhyaroti (evening divine light ceremony). Today is Mahashashti or the very first day of the 5 day long madness called Durga puja and the whole city is busy to welcome and worship the return of Mother Goddess to her paternal home on Earth. Its an  overwhelming feeling to see Maa's face during this time of aarti through the emitting holy smoke of dhup and dhuno, the dancing lights of the Pancho prodip (Five oil lamps) and the chants of mantras. There is a palpable sense of divinity attached to it that often it brings tears in our eyes and we almost can see the Goddess coming into life. 

Bread Paratha etc

Hing er Kochuri ar Dokaner Chola’r Daal (Asafoeida flavoured stuffed Indian fried bread and Bengal gram curry with potatoes)

11:49 AM

A powerful desire for something.
longing - desire - lust - thirst - hunger - eagerness

Craving is a simple word but can drive you to nuts if it decides to settle in. Like my 4 and half year old it could be really nagging at times and refuses to give in if you don’t give it enough importance to satiate your taste buds with what it is craving for. Trust me, Its not everyday that you crave things but when you do its better to go that little extra mile to have it.

Meat n Poultry

Easy Chicken Pulao and tips on Microwave cooking

11:59 PM

God Bless the man who invented Microwave. I don't know about others but for me gone are the days when I only used it for re heating my leftover food. Now a days I use it constantly to cook, to steam, to boil, to broil, to bake, to roast and yes to re-heat as well. The bottom line is just cant think of my life without my microwave. If am in the kitchen its constantly in use to make my life super easy, efficient and time saving.

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Know your Bloggers: Antara Ray of Antipasti

9:31 PM

Antara Ray is the face behind the fun and charming blog Antipasti. If you have ever visited the Chef at large Facebook page, you must have seen her as an enthusiastic foodie and moderator. Recently as a part of Chef at Large: Bloggers table member, I met her on a personal level and found her as much bubbly and adventurous as her food blog.

By Profession she is an Environment consultant and juggles a hectic work schedule and recently married home front. She writes beautifully and all her write ups (which she calls banters) are backed by great in depth knowledge about food and culture. This pretty jovial woman is an excellent cook and experiments in her kitchen to whip up quick delicious meals on busy weeknights. I love her way of cooking which is quick, Delish and so full of flavour and taste.

Here is a small excerpt from our little chitchat. Hope you will enjoy reading about her food journey so far.

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