Meat n Poultry

Chili Chicken (dry)

8:45 AM

In many ways living in a new country is intimidating. especially when you don’t speak the similar language to express yourself. The first few days are fun as you go out and keep telling yourself how different, how good everything is. You sigh and you wish things were similar back home. you go out almost everyday, explore new places, taste new food, some you like some you don’t but they have an occupying effect on you. You go to bed exhausted, get a good sleep dreaming of all things good and nice that you saw in the day.


Ranga Alu'r Pantua (Sweet potato Gulab Jamun)

10:16 AM

Lately I have been posting very less and thanks to all the lovely people who have wrote to esquire about it. There definitely are some issues, which I need to resolve before I get myself back on this blogging track.


Happy women's day

4:18 AM

‎34 is not an age to be termed wise...but all I have learned till now is to be true to myself...peace and happiness comes only when you are at peace with who you are.
Be yourself, celebrate life, celebrate womanhood, live like there's no tomorrow, lough out loud, be happy, be silly, be the woman you want to be...but at the end of the day never forget the little girl in you...
Happy women's day my make life better

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Event Announcement: Bake Fest#17

8:11 AM

Hi friends! I am so happy to share this news that this month am hosting one of Blogosphere's most cherished event, bake fest. All thanks to Vardhini of Cook's joy to think of such a beautiful event and letting few of us host it. 

Though am sure you all would be familiar with the rules, still let me remind you once again
1. Send in any baked or broiled recipe
2. Only vegetarian recipes are acceptable, eggs are allowed though
3. one can send in any number of entries, but only 2 old entries would be accepted
4. Linking back to my announcement page and to Vardhini's Bake Fest announcement is mandatory. If sending an old entry, it needs to be re-published with both links.
5. Usage of logo is appreciated 
6. send your recipes to  - ahomemakersdiary @ yahoo . co . in with the following details :
  • Your name and name of your blog
  • Title of the recipe and URL of the recipe post
  • Picture of your dish resize to 400 px wide
7. The deadline of the recipe submission is 31st March'2013

Will post the round up in the first week of April.

Have fun friends and send us loads of love with your unique baked goodies.

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