Dhonepatar Achaar (Cilantro/ coriander leaf pickle)

10:46 AM

After two failed drafts and numerous times banging my head on the laptop here I am still looking for what to post next. Well dont get me wrong, its not that I have nothing to post rather my 'To Post' folder is bursting at the seams with more than 80 folders. Yet everytime I sit to write,  the noise from the roaring TV and a cranky kid is jumbling up everything. so let's make it short and sweet today.


Sojne phuler torkari (Moringa Oleifera flowers curry)

7:50 AM

I am going through the most stressful time of all. The two kids and the husband is severely unwell for the past few days and to top it off my maid is absent for more than a week now. Blame it on the whimsical weather which keeps on changing keeping in mind the popular Bollywood hit ('Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gum' ) as Kabhi thand Kabhi Garm. Jokes apart right now am in such a state that can't even remember when was the last night that I slept properly. The constant coughing and crying keeps me awake all night. which I would not have mind if it had provided enough comfort to the little ones to sleep properly.

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