Sunday, March 22, 2015

David Rocco; Dolce India Press Lunch

David Rocco, the man with a disarmingly infectious smile is everything you expect an Italian to be sans the customary lilt of the Italian accent. He is happy, energetic, full of life, easy going and has a great sense of humour.  but what makes him irresistible is the fact that he can cook equally good food without much fuss. 

If you have ever seen his show Dolce Vita you know how uniquely easy going and simple his approach is towards food. He often says that he is not a chef, he is an Italian. and truly that's what he does to food. With his unique willingness to experience and experiment new ingredients he chooses freshest local produce that are in season and cooks peasant style classic recipes bursting with flavour. 

 The man famous for his show 'Dolce Vita' was recently in town shooting for Dolce India; series 2. The show where David explores regional cuisine and fuses it's flavours in his Italian recipes. Its a show that celebrates the crazy food diversity of India and it's ability to  'bring strangers to a table and turn them into friends'.

ITC Sonar the host threw a Press Lunch and invited few of us to meet this man at the West View bar and Grill. For an 'everything Food show Junkie' like me it was a great opportunity to meet this Charismatic chef  whom I idolise for many reasons. and the man did not disappoint at all. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tomato Pickle

There are many ways a recipe comes to your home. Sometime you look for it, sometimes they come home with you and sometimes it's already there even before you know it. That happens more than once when your ancestors were as enthusiastic cook as you are. This is particularly true for me. Even before I could pronounce the word 'cooking' I was fed well and was pampered with variety. My grandmother whom we lovingly refer as 'Dida' was an avid cook and that combined with the transferable job of my Grand father resulted in a collection of recipes acquired from various regions of India. She cooked Macher jhol and Chicken do piyaza with equal Elan.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Shaped Steamed Bun (Baozi), Tibetan Tingmo and Tupperware 'Steam It'

Steaming is one of the most ancient and healthiest cooking technique which could be traced back to some 10,000 years. This most probably is one of those methods that Human civilisation tried experimenting with. Steam pits, Stoneware steamers were the very old steaming utensils that were devised to cook food while retaining the taste and most importantly the nutrients.

But very unfortunately we donot use this very healthy technique much in our daily cooking. Apart from steaming some Hilsa here or a batch of Idli there, This still is not part of mainstream Bengali or North Indian cooking. And all thanks to Tupperware that this trend is going to change for good in my Kitchen.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dhonepatar Achaar (Cilantro/ coriander leaf pickle)

After two failed drafts and numerous times banging my head on the laptop here I am still looking for what to post next. Well dont get me wrong, its not that I have nothing to post rather my 'To Post' folder is bursting at the seams with more than 80 folders. Yet everytime I sit to write,  the noise from the roaring TV and a cranky kid is jumbling up everything. so let's make it short and sweet today.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sojne phuler torkari (Moringa Oleifera flowers curry)

I am going through the most stressful time of all. The two kids and the husband is severely unwell for the past few days and to top it off my maid is absent for more than a week now. Blame it on the whimsical weather which keeps on changing keeping in mind the popular Bollywood hit ('Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gum' ) as Kabhi thand Kabhi Garm. Jokes apart right now am in such a state that can't even remember when was the last night that I slept properly. The constant coughing and crying keeps me awake all night. which I would not have mind if it had provided enough comfort to the little ones to sleep properly.