Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rustic Italian Bread and Roasted Red Peppers

It seems winter would be early this year, not that am complaining but definitely worried about the erratic behaviour of the weather. Last year hardly there was any day when the temperature dropped below the usual and this year it's not even Diwali but there is a quite visible nip in the air around the evening time. And as usual like every other year it makes my heart happy. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kheerer Malpoa (Malpua)

Today is Bijoya Dashomi the last day of Durga Puja, when after a few days of vacation at her parents the Goddess goes back to Lord Shiva in Kailas Mountain. In every way it marks the end of  the five day festivities all around Bengal. So while other parts of India celebrates Dussera with aplomb, a strange gloomy feeling surrounds Bengal and Bengali. After all the preparation, anticipation, pandal hopping, dressing up Dashomi makes us overwhelmed with mixed emotions.While our heart yearn for one more day of Puja frenzy, our mind assures us 'asche bachor abar habe' to wait for the puja next year. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nolen Gur ice cream from Mother Dairy

No matter how much we believe in eating local and seasonal food but its a proven fact that a sight of any loved ingredient which is not in season brings exquisite joy. The same thing happened to me when I saw Nolen gur ice cream on a hot sultry monsoon afternoon. And the joy knew no bound when I discovered it’s from one of my most trusted brand Mother Dairy. I grew up eating their dairy products and follow the same with two kids. Without doubt it’s like our most trusted source of all things dairy.

This Durga Puja Say no to food poisoning with Godrej Lal Hit

The month September is very important for Bengalis. No matter in which corner he lives this month will make his inner bong come to life. In the cooler climates with the advent of fall and that chill in the air he still will dream of the balmy weather in Bengal and the smell of new clothes. Just looking at the calendar and realising ‘pujo ese gelo (pujo is near)’ will make him oblivious to his surroundings and long to come back home.

Yes, for us Bengalis Durga puja is synonymous to Home Coming. While Figuratively the festival honours Maa Durga coming home to her parents but in spirit it’s an inspiration to all Bengalis across the Globe to come home and celebrate the four days of puja with their family and dear ones. May be that is the reason we ritually clean our house before this biggest festival of ours. To keep it ready and inviting for everyone who come visiting.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sabudana Khichri

For the first 21 years of my life I had no idea that a savory recipe with sabudana does exist. till that time sabudana for me meant an anemic looking 'Sabu' or a sweet gloopy mess of sago pearls which we would get as a meal during long suffering sickness. I though loved the other sweeter version of the same sago which is soaked and mixed with freshly grated coconut,milk and sugar, A fasting dish that maa or Dida would consume while following some religious ritual  and refrain from consuming regular grains like rice or wheat.