Friday, April 17, 2015

Mutton Kofta Curry/ Chicken Kofta curry

After my last post many of my friends asked what did you have the Mishti Pulao with? some were even more conspicuous and asked directly if there is mutton curry to mop off the pulao? Well yes. There was a mutton curry but not the usual Bengali style runny jhol (soupy gravy) or rich Mutton Kasha. Rather an aromatic, slow cooked velvety yogurt based gravy nesting the most succulent and juicy meat balls. Yes, you guessed it right. Mutton Kofta curry it was, which I slow cooked over a period of an hour.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bengali Holud polao (Aromatic rice pulao with turmeric)

Tomorrow is Nababarsho(Bengli new year) and your posted such everyday curry recipes on the Blog? Chimed the husband in the phone. 

I felt puzzled, is he joking? Tomorrow is what?

And if that was not enough you said you are still in denial that Winter got over when you were busy. how funny is it to say that in middle of April? have you totally lost it? 

I mumbled but dint look for an answer rather tried sorting the order of events in my head. The sonny boy's new session started on 9th and it's exactly a week after that ...Poila Boisakh or the first day of Bengali new year generally falls around 14th of April...which means yes Its almost poila boisakh. 

But is it tomorrow? am still in Denial. Are you sure? I asked the husband almost in disbelief.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Peyanjkolir Tarkar and Kumro Chenchki, two simple winter vegetable curry

This is going to be a very short post. With so much going on in my life and a bursting at the seam kinda draft folder. Till a few weeks back i was cooking, Clicking and eating on regular basis. and am still doing the cooking and eating part but just cannot manage more time to write, edit and post. So here i am now, trying to post two quick cooking recipes with Winter vegetables. Kinds trying to push them out before they completely disappear from the market.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Karaishunti'r Ghugni.(greenpeas and cottage cheese curry)

In my food dictionary there are a many musts that I want to make at least once every season. Winter being the most generous in terms of it's bounty of fruits and vegetables there are so many delicacies that needs to be whipped up in my kitchen. Be it alu methi paratha, cauliflower curry, karaishutir kochuri or gajar ka halwa. I need to treat my family with these at least once every winter. This year being an extremely tough one personally, I could not make most of these when in season but at least tried whole heatedly.

This Karaishuti'r ghugni or curried fresh peas with potato and cottage cheese is a child hood favourite. Not that Maa made it every week but at least once during the end of the peas season. It's the time when the peas would mature in the pod yet still lush green and pearl like. We would all go in the garden and will uproot the pea plants to get the last harvest of the season. Together will collect all the pods while discarding the mature plants with its stardy stems and shoots. Not good for another batch of stir fry or bora (fritters).

Sunday, March 22, 2015

David Rocco; Dolce India Press Lunch

David Rocco, the man with a disarmingly infectious smile is everything you expect an Italian to be sans the customary lilt of the Italian accent. He is happy, energetic, full of life, easy going and has a great sense of humour.  but what makes him irresistible is the fact that he can cook equally good food without much fuss. 

If you have ever seen his show Dolce Vita you know how uniquely easy going and simple his approach is towards food. He often says that he is not a chef, he is an Italian. and truly that's what he does to food. With his unique willingness to experience and experiment new ingredients he chooses freshest local produce that are in season and cooks peasant style classic recipes bursting with flavour. 

 The man famous for his show 'Dolce Vita' was recently in town shooting for Dolce India; series 2. The show where David explores regional cuisine and fuses it's flavours in his Italian recipes. Its a show that celebrates the crazy food diversity of India and it's ability to  'bring strangers to a table and turn them into friends'.

ITC Sonar the host threw a Press Lunch and invited few of us to meet this man at the West View bar and Grill. For an 'everything Food show Junkie' like me it was a great opportunity to meet this Charismatic chef  whom I idolise for many reasons. and the man did not disappoint at all.