Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shahi Dum Alu (New potatoes simmered in spicy gravy)

There is something about Winter that ignites the nesting instinct in me. After all its the season to snuggle under the duvet and cherish life at a slow pace. Though we dont get to experience snow here still the chill in the air makes us comfortable enough to increase our appetite for all things good. 

Afterall its the season to enjoy things that we generally don't get to. Think of outdoors, think of picnics, think of all the shawl and carpet sellers flocking in the neighbourhood ground and their exquisite offerings, Think of the riot of colours in the garden and the delicate flowers, think of those foggy smoky mornings and taking a long walk in search of a glass of Date palm sap, think of all the fairs and catching up with your old friend in the ground, Think of all the colourful produce in the market and having a great meal out of them, think of soaking in the afternoon sun and preparing a big batch of boris for the year ahead, Think of putting up the Christmas tree and your house smelling of orangy-cinnamony with all your Christmas bakes, think of the smell of khejur gur during Sankranti...Winter definitely makes me dizzy with all its promise for a good life.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Animal and fruit shaped dinner rolls (pictorial)

This is going to be a picture heavy post and absolute favourite of mine and your little ones. You gotta trust me on this.
Yes am talking of animal shaped dinner rolls today. If that's not enough how about stuffing them with yummy cheesy veggies to make it a meal in itself. 
What not yet ....
Then look at the above picture... 
The Hot dogs in all its true senses, Just out of the oevn with a sausage roll in his mouh and cheesey tongue.

or these super cute pumpkins that smell like cinnamon. 
How about this fluffy eared suffed Bunny? Doesn't that melt your heart?

Or these plain cotton soft pillowy dinner rolls to go with your soup or to munch on with your evening cuppa with a big dollop of butter?

Hope that's enough to convert you to try them at least once. Not only these are super cute to look at but super fun to make. Provided you have a some time to knead, shape and proof them, the rest is taken care by the oven.
The best part is they are so very versatile. you can stuff them with anything, make them sweet or savory, shape them whatever way you want and still they will look pretty and taste awesome.
Think of the surprised giggling face of your kid. That awe in their eyes while you present these as an after school treat...Or think of Christmas gift, Kids party menu...the possibilities are endless.

So here they are my super easy, most versatile Dinner rolls recipe.

Shaped dinner rolls and buns
Stuffed bun, caterpillar Nutella roll and stuffed bunny roll

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dhonepata Mach (Fish in Fresh Coriander Sauce)

Have you ever tried going silent for sometime? I mean a deliberate choice to go hear nothing, to do nothing that creates any sound or at least to try to minimize all voices as much as possible.  We do it quite often.Intentionally. Dropping sounds one by one to make everything go silent. 
At least for some time to make the little girl in the house sleep in peace.

She is very active yet sleeps very less, say for 20 minutes at a stretch and if that need is not met. She turns into a babyzilla. fussing about everything, shaking her head vigorously, saying na nna nna. So we understand and try to buy us some peace by keeping the world go mute around her. We try to do things, everything in silence and 
when we must need, we talk in whispers.  
If we must need to reach for things... we tiptoe around. 
The phone goes on vibration.
The gas goes off, so is all other kitchen appliances.
God bless the man who said 'silence is golden".

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cooking for Twist of Taste; a dream come true opportunity

"Sometimes the dreams that come true, are the dreams you never even knew you had."

While I was busy with my responsibilities as a daughter, wife and mother and trying to squeeze out as much time as possible for my passion for food and blogging I never thought what plans God had for me. It started with a mail, not a regular one but a mail where someone asked me if I was interested to cook with Michelline starred Chef Vikas Khanna for an upcoming show. Initially I was sceptical. Is someone joking with me? was my response but after a few phone calls later I was sure it was genuine...then after some more discussions, exchange of ideas, some changes of plans one evening I got a call from the team. Can we shoot tomorrow, is all they asked. I was clearly not prepared but the humble Chef himself talked to me and assured of his guidance to help me out.

The day was very cloudy and inbetween incessant rain I set out for the proposed venue. The location was on a boat on River Hoogly with Kolkata's most iconic bridge in the background. The most picturesque venue one could think of in whole of Kolkata. and there I cooked, not alone but with my most favourite chef, my Food Hero Vikas Khanna. 

It was a dream come true moment for me to meet this uber talented yet so very down to Earth person. He has such infectious energy and passion for food. With that warm smile he makes you believe in yourself, makes you do things that you could never imagine you could. spending just a few hours with him and listening to his stories that he believes tells something about life made me change my outlook towards World.  

The show Twist of Taste with Vikas Khanna is being aired every Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 PM. I am so very proud to be a small part of this show, their Kolkata episode. but more than that am grateful for this opportunity to meet this unique person with a heart of gold.

do watch me and the show and accept y gratitude for reading my posts, for trying my recipes, for writing to me, for loving me and Thanks for being there. 
Thank you my readers. I owe you big times.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Doi Fulkopi and tips to stop food wastage

Enough has been said about minimising your carbon footprint, eating local, cooking seasonal and going for fresh ingredients. if you haven't understood the fact yet after all these's the bottom line for you. Eating and cooking fresh local and seasonal produce is the best that you can gift your body, not only it's nurturing in all it's true senses but its very very comforting.

Our ancestors dint have access to ingredients grown beyond their vicinity yet the food they plated up day after day, meals after meals were the best. They valued what they had and used till the last grain. unlike today when we buy exotic ingredients, cook a meal out of it and then forget all about it. A plum shrivelling into the size of a date or expensive breads getting stale in some forgotten corner of the fridge is a reality in many houses. I myself have learnt the hard way and now have my own rules to stop food wastage.
Here is one more Crochet Cap that I knitted for the Sonny boy.