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9:50 PM

Its wonderful what 20 minutes of brisk walk in a chilly evening can do to your mood. I am not good at selfcare, I have never been. and with two small kid and plethora of work that needs to be done no matter what i hardly get any time to call my own. But this year I made a concious effort to niche out some 'me time' to do things that makes me happy inside out. and the first I did was to commit to a 20 minutes brisk walk everyday. For the kind of lifestyle I have I know I need to go for a more serious commitment but right now am happy with my small step towards my goal. 

But then most days especially the days when I go out with the day light still there the kids love to tag along. That definitely slows me down as they wonder about everything on our way and ask plethora of questions. It's like a full on blabbering session with one running after the butterfly and the other collecting leaves and flowers, playing with a sprig of twig as an imeginary car steering and what not. Those days definitely my 'all by myself' time is lost but I gain another perspective that us mothers  need to be flexible with our self care routine too. Our precious me time might look different everyday but no matter how disturbed it is we need to carry on and there still would be a certain joy. because we always know it in our hearts that this phase soon will go away and we would all be left to ourselves. 


Bhapa Pitha (Steamed Rice dumpling with jaggery and coconut)

4:35 AM

Wish you all a Blessed Poush Sankranti. May the Goddess bless all of us with food and shelter and pray that this coming year no one in this world goes to sleep hungry.

Sorry for again being late in bringing you a new Pithe recipe. I love making them  but this year  my plate is overflowing with work and it definitely is much more than I can chew but just the thought that my work provides for someone keeps me going. It's a responsibility that I cannot say no to at the moment. hopefully in coming times things will improve.

As a food lover, Recipe curator, Pithe making is one thing that I enjoy a lot but evrytime I get myself going I wonder at the sheer labour involved in the whole process. I have never seen Maa, Dida (grandmother) or any older ladies of our home flinch an eye while doing this. 

They would clean, pick, soak, dry, grind the rice all by themselves to make the rice flour that we but readymade from the market. and think of the huge amount in which they used to make these sweetmeats to feed a joint family. Kudos to our traditions and those loving hands for feeding us such amazing food with love and care. This definitely is one tradition that we need to preserve for our coming generation. So here is my recipe for one of the most easiest pithes.

Bhapa pitha is known in different names across communities and region. In Assam this is Ketali pitha/ Tekeli Pitha where it is steamed in the mouth of a ketali/ketli/kettle. Among the Muslims in Birbhum this is Dhupi Pitha or Dhnuki pitha which they steam in matir sora or earthen flat bowls. But it;s almost the same. The process is real simple and quick if you know the process and have the right utensil. 


Sobzi die bhaja muger Dal (Dry Roasted Yellow lentil with Winter veggies)

7:06 AM

Do you make resolutions? I sometimes do, but over the years the unkept promises had made me realise that am not a big on routine person, rather impromptu things suit me best.

 But 2016 was a different year, a very bad, a nightmarish one at that. But I dont want to talk about that here anymore rather lets highlight how that has changed me as a person. Am sure you have heard it thousand times that no one stays for ever...and am also sure that no one would realise it before the truth hits you hard on your face....Am not taking anyone, anything for granted anymore and I vouch to have a more relaxed, mindful life surrounded by loved ones. To spend more active time with the kids at home and to connect more with people who actually matters to me. While wwriting this I feel thankful for all that has been bestowed on me, deserving or not. At a time of so much unrest all over the World even a peaceful life is a gift and I truly want to find and highlight more of that in our daily lives.

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Ginger Bread cookies with royal icing

7:44 AM

Some days I feel very ancient as if I or rather my generation belong to some other time. Just the other day when my almost 8 rolled his eyes when I told him that we grew up watching only one channel or the time my niece rolled out laughing when I fleetingly mentioned that we used to study with kerosene lamps every evening as power cuts were very rampant in our childhood or the time when my neighbour's son found me lunatic when I told him we dint have pizza or pasta in our childhood. It is as much difficult for them to visualise that simple time as it is for me to believe how much has changed in such short span of time.

But am glad when every year during Christmas these same little ones of the family write their wishlists to Santa. At least there are some things that even time cannot change. The magic of Santa is one of them...The same stories of an old man who lives in North Pole and on every Christmas Eve he comes down the chimney and leaves them a gift has wooed her grand parents, her parents and now hers...It's a fable with which we have been fed and now we feed our children many unliked morsels and make them do things that they detest.

For me Christmas is very special. May be because I grew up in a town where Poush Mela (falls around 25th December every year) was more important a celebration than Durga puja and attending Khristotsav (an event celebrating the birth of Jesus in Santiniketan with prayers and music) every year provided solace to my young soul in an unknown way. and there's nothing like these ginger bread cookies that spell Christmas to me. 

They are full of warm spices like ginger, nutmeg, allspice, clove and cinnamon thats complemented with a dark earthy colour lent by caramely brown sugar and smoky molasses. Nothing could be more comforting in winter than sharing a cuppa and these cookies with your loved ones overlooking a foggy wintry morning.  For me they are like a giant hug encapsulated in bite size portions. It comforts and warms you up from inside. If handmade gifts are the best then be assured that receieving a bag of these cookies means you are very special to them.


Hingche shaak er bora or batter fried wild greens

10:21 AM

Both I and my husband have our roots in the rural areas of Midnapore district. When we were born the district was united and was known as Midnapore unlike today when its bifurcated in two parts, Purba (East) and Paschim (west) Midnapore. While he grew up in a quaint, little, not so developed village in Paschim part, When I was little my parents moved from our coastal village of Purba Midnapore to Santiniketan. But both of us spent a considerable part in our ancestral home and hold thee places very close to our heart.

Last week we went to his village to attend a wedding in the family. I love this serene place, far away from the hustle and bustle of any city life. The nearest town is 30 minutes drive and the village enjoys a tranquil and peaceful life. Most families own some piece of land which is very very fertile and enjoy a three time harvest of rice, sesame, potato or mustard. They might not be very well off but nor do they go to bed hungry. Life is simple, uncomplicated and people have time to enjoy with each other.

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