Hasi Kakimar Nonta Pithe

9:36 PM

When I think of my childhood my senses act in a weird manner. The mind is followed by all my senses in such a way that I almost could feel, smell and experience those moments. Trust me I had a dream childhood, where our guardians conspired with the nature to make us ready for the future.

And that brings me to Hasi Kakima. My friend M's mother. A frail yet strong, very soft spoken person who I strongly believe could have written a best selling Bengali cookbook had she chosen that path. But not her cooking skills, what set Hasi kakima apart from everyone else is her relationship with every kid who befriended her kids. She never scolded us but we knew when she did not approve of things. She was friendly and gentle with our emotions and we could share our thoughts and problems with her without any hesitation. I remember even how we shared our biggest mischiefs with her and could giggle together. Now as a mother I often try to decode her style of parenting and loving every kid as her own.

Cakes cookies n savory goodies

Thumb print cookies

7:32 PM

It's that time of the year when my kids will run around the house and put the Christmas decoration on every surface they can reach. They would write letters to Santa, Switch on the fairy lights every evening and look at them with dreamy eyes. They would pester me to bake cookies with them, make cards for everyone they know and every night when it would be time to go to bed, they would cross one more day from their wait to Santa. 

Christmas in true sense is magical and we as a family celebrate it with great enthusiasm. The dip in the air makes me cheerful and with their contagious energy, I try to co-operate with them as much as possible. Just yesterday We baked these thumbprint cookies. While the elder one mixed the dough and made lime size balls, the little one with her tiny hands filled each cavity with jams. 

If you are planning to make cookies do try this recipe. Perfect for a weekend affair with kids.


Moshla pora Mach Paturi /Spiced fish grilled in Banana leaf

6:59 PM

It's amazing how the human mind works. It's a mystery in itself the way it associates smells, colours, visuals and brings back the memory of some distant time you never even remember existed. but the most unsettling part is it's not always clear. sometimes it comes back in a flavour here, in a voice there Not that we ever complain but at times when you cannot put a finger on what it is, it could become really unsettling. As I always say giving tangible forms to memories is not possible and sometimes the memory is so faint that you do not even dare to try too hard. 


Hansher Dimer Kosha (Spicy duck egg curry)

5:54 PM

'Maa see Robin eggs" squeaked my little 5 years old. a second later the brother too joined in the excited jumping.
and even before we could realize they gathered around the old man who was sitting on the pavement selling those light blue eggs. Something that we haven't seen ever before. We enquired about it and was very surprised to know that these are duck eggs. How the markets in Kolkata never ceases to surprise me. 


Makhon shim er bhorta, Spicy Sword bean paste

6:23 PM

Food has a universal language. It runs as a common thread through all the realm of boundaries, ethnicities, religions and languages, and no matter where you are, a shared table never fails to bring people closer. Every time you offer food to someone, you show that you care without actually uttering the words. 

My mother ran a successful Handicraft business (Read Bengal's very own Kantha). Her work required her to travel to remote villages where the rural women/ housewives did the embroidery. most of them uneducated and hardly ever have gone outside that small village. Maa had a wonderful relationship with them. They would come and sit on the floor, talk, laugh, share stories and anecdotes from their daily lives, They often would ask for maa's suggestions on many of their daily woes, and maa who was a mentor for them always took very good care of them.

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