Dak Bangalow Chicken Curry

9:18 AM

From Time immemorial the fertile lands of Bengal has lured many traders and settlers. If you look at Bengal in the World map then you will find that not only it's the gateway to the Eastern parts of the Indian subcontinent but also has the shortest distance from any port (Bay of Bengal) to the Himalayan foothills (the Silk route). No wonder the traders have always found Bengal a convenient place to settle in, as carrying their goods through the sea and trading through Silk Route was way easier than any other place.

Apart from this huge geographical advantage The Ganges Bramhaputra Delta, the biggest of it's kind in the whole world, that had one of the most fertile land made Bengal another advantageous place. History has witnessed this land could grow almost all commercial crops like Indigo and opium so very profitably. Add to that the exquisite craftsmanship of Bengali weavers and their finest quality of Muslin which at one point of time made Bengal the foremost muslin exporter of the world.

Cakes cookies n savory goodies

Apple Pie

11:46 PM

I love different seasons and the changes they bring with them...changes which are not always very pronounced in our part of the world yet evry season is different and beautiful in its own way. I love the time when a season melts into another one... how their specific attributes slowly fades away with a promise to come back again next year. It fills me with hope and anticipation, fond memories from last season floods in whispering promises of all that is yet to come. I feel giddy and emotional at the same time. Giddy to create new memories, new traditions...emotional to retrace the same path I took to happiness and in the process create more memories for my kids to look back with a smile on their face, to look at each season with new joy and new hope.


Chettinad food festival at Buzz, Taj Gateway

9:47 PM

The region of Chettinad, which is famous for its architecture, religious temples, the lavish lifestyle of the Chettiars (business community) also has a rich culinary history. The cuisine is considered as the most spiciest yet most aromatic cuisine of India. No wonder Buzz at Taj gateway who always try to bring out the hidden gems of Indian culinary repertoire chose this food for their recent festival. 

The menu is curated under the expert guidance of Chef T.Jabaraj from Chennai. He along with the executive chef Asish has tried to bring out some rare delicacies to the food connoisseurs of Kolkata. Buzz personally is one of my favourite food destination in town as I know that while other restaurants strives to consistently deliver good food Buzz never fails to overwhelm one's expectations. 


Tilapia Jhal {Tilapia in spicy mustard gravy}

6:40 AM

It's a quiet Sunday morning here at home. Very unlike our normal weekends. While the hubby is busy with his hobby of woodwork am finding it difficult to concentrate in work. it;s amazing to see how the absence of one person changes everything. The sonny boy is not home, yesterday he requested us to let him go with his uncle who was leaving for Shantiniketan after bhaiphonta. My instant reflex was to say no but then I knew I should. It's been long that he went anywhere. With so many changes, our life is very very stressful at the moment. No matter how much we try to keep our kids away from these but he is growing and can sense when things go wrong.

Desserts and Sweets

Kaju katli in fruit shapes (Cashew nut fudge)

9:48 AM

Every year before Diwali she would call me with a patent question, 'What are you making?' and to annoy her I would reply, 'nothing maa, will buy something from the shop'. I knew this would irritate her and could almost see her smirk with disgust. After that would come a series of lecture ending with another patented emotional dialogue with a deep sigh, 'I wish I could send you some homemade sweets, but I am so far away...' Yes every year she would almost force me to make some homemade sweet for her grandson and son in law who are lactose intolerant and while I knew I would oblige her, yet I could never let this chance go to annoy and irritate her.

....This year I just remembered that and started grinding the cashews she got me in March. The last stash from her and somehow I wanted to make something very special with them. Not my usual cashew barfi that I make every year but something special, bright and glittery like her soul which brought joy to all of us. 

I made cashew fruits this Diwali Maa, something that your grand kids and Jamai adored. Hope this makes you happy.

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