Alu Gobi dry-restaurant style (Cauliflower and potato dry curry)

7:04 AM

The secret behind restaurant food is a few basic pre-made sauces. My brother who is a trained chef told me this many moons ago but I never tried until a couple of years ago.

We love to eat out and experiment, for which most times we do not opt for Indian restaurant. Rather we look for new joints serving world cuisine. but this rule does not stand when there is a good Dhaba in vicinity and no matter how much we convince ourselves everytime we are in a Dhaba we end up ordering a few favourites and this dry alu gobi dish always always tops the list.


Kakrar Jhal (Bengali style Spicy Crab Curry)

10:09 AM

There is something about winter that brings in some urgency in me to nest. I know, I know NEsting is associated with pregnancy and before you jump into any other conclusion let me make it very clear that am not expecting....not in my wildest dream would I dare to add one more candidate to this existing group of rioters.
So it's really about winter, really about the need to feel cozy and warm within your own home, that every year makes me yearn to tidy up, declutter and arrange my little apartment. and frankly I meticulously did it every year before the second child happened. I used to neatly pack the summer clothes and sun the winter woolens. Would display flowers in every corner and decorate the house with bright furnishings and colourful cushions...but not any more. 


Kumro Danta Charchari (Pumpkin Shoots curry)

3:14 AM

What is Fall without a few pumpkin recipes? Right?

Wrong. For us Bengalis pumpkin is a vegetable that is enjoyed year around. especially during the summer days when the most of the veggies cannot stand the scorching heat or the waterlogged months of monsoons, when most plants wilt due to root rot...pumpkin and it's close cousin bottle gourd grow bravely.

There were numerous times in my past when in our drought prone town of Santiniketan, most plants could not withstand the heat and withered yet we could still harvest pumpkins and bottle gourds almost every week. For us Bengalis it's a big source of leafy greens.  

Cakes cookies n savory goodies

Chocochip Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

6:16 AM

My kids are at a very impressionable age. Especially my three and half years old daughter. She loves watching cartoons and picks up things that catches her fancy, which means only two things. First,  every now and then she comes running to us, points to a certain things and asks, 'will you please get me one of these?'. That's not hard as with time we have realised we can just smile and say Yes to make her happy. But the second part is little hard. Her demand to celebrate Western festivals the way her favourite cartoon characters do.

So for Christmas, she asks for cookies, milk for Santa and a big blingy tree. Which again was easy as following her big brother's demand we already had that at home. But I find myself totally clueless when she asks to celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween. No one around me has ever done that and am just not sure what to do. 

Meat n Poultry

Chicken Tikka

9:41 PM

No self respecting Indian restaurant, anywhere in the World would miss out on having chicken tikka or butter masala on their menu.  It might be frustrating and crib worthy for us Indian but in reality, anywhere in the World this will win hands-down as the most popular and loved Indian dish.

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