Sorshe Posto Dim (Eggs in a Mustard-Poppy seeds gravy)

10:23 AM

So finally I let go of my kitchen to another person. A cook to be precise who will come and cook our daily meals. For the longest period of time I was quite adamant to do it on my own, no matter what. But finally with the husband on an offshore project, one super active toddler, one 6 years old with loads of homework, one old and sick father who refuses to have his meals unless a full platter of 5 items are served with his rice and the tremendous heat and humidity making me sick... I was forced to take this decision.

Yes, I was sad but finally realised it's better than running around and screaming like a headless chicken the whole day. It's better to have some more time to the day, tending to the father, playing with the toddler, studying together with the kid, developing more recipes and taking more orders for homemade bespoke cakes, cookies, chocolates and other edible gifts. Yes am doing that for quite sometime for people I know personally but now it's time I spread it and accept more orders. and hopefully another big work is in pipeline...working towards my own line of handmade home accessories and apparel.


Lemon Rice

11:41 AM

This quick recipe is a lifesaver for me on many nights. Sometimes it's 7 in the evening and I have no clue whats for dinner. I guess it happens to all of us on somedays. when the whole day's work makes you dizzy and all you want is to snuggle up on the bed and doze off. but being a mother means those options are just out of your dictionary. So you still have to cook, you still have persuade your kids to finish their meal and God forbid if you have a toddler then you still have to chase them, cajole them and make them eat whatever is in the plate. Trust me that's a lot of work.

Meat n Poultry

Kerala style Chicken Roast

3:06 AM

It's not a secret that I love food from Kerala. My kitchen is bursting with all kinds of ingredients and equipment needed to cook dishes from this region. Every now and then Appams, Idiyappams, Mutta curry, Chicken roast, Kadala curry grace our dinner table and make us all happy. After a soul satisfying meal of Shukto, posto, macher jhol my next best comforting meal would be rice, sambhar, Rasam, thoran, fish fry and papad. Like a true Keralite food lover, I love my dishes hot and spicy laced with the tongue tickling aroma of curry leaves.

Desserts and Sweets

Peanut and Chocolate Barfi

7:31 AM

The festival of sibling bonding or Raksha Bandhan is just a few days away. Raksha Bandhan literally means 'to tie a knot of protection'. This ancient festival revolves around the idea of strengthening the bind between brothers and sisters through a symbolic thread that the sisters tie around their brother's wrist. They for their brother's well being and the brothers promise to look after and protect her. The Rakhi in question could be a simple red and yellow died thread or a fancy one. 

With the current market looking for opportunities, there is no dearth of varieties in that section. Gone are those days when we painstakingly made rakhis from Chiffon thread, shaped, designed and decorated it with beads and lace. 


Mathri recipe and a piece of Childhood memory

11:25 AM

We had to cross a big road just before entering our school gate. There were enough number of bumpers on either sides to make sure the speeding buses and trucks drop the speed and also n numbers of signboards for them to slow down, yet it was a major concern for us to cross it twice everyday. Vehicle or no vehicle we would obviously do the customery 'look on both sides before you cross the road' regime. 

Our bus stop had a huge Bokul tree (Mimusops Elengi) with thick lush foliage and fragrant star shaped flowers, was aptly named Bokultola (under the Bokul tree). The moderate concrete pathway from Bokultola to the main road had a Grill gate with a pink flower laden coral creeper waving through it's design.

 Like any place in Santiniketan at least like how it was in the early 90's this road was surrounded by rows of trees on both sides. creating an alternative pattern of light and shadow during the afternoon time. Especially the Tamarind tree on the opposite side to the school gate was so huge that it always caste deep dark shadow on the whole school gate. With it's exposed roots running through the sides of the road in a crisscross wavy design acted as a makeshift sitting area for vendors or passengers waiting for their rides.


Hot Chocolate

11:42 AM

Chocolate being a proven mood lifter it's definitely not a surprise that we crave for it when the weather is dark and gloomy. Be it the chilly winter nights or the rainy gray days every time you are home bound you find solace in a mouthful of this delicious treat.

Drinking chocolate from a specific brand that comes in a bluish purplish tin container was a big part of my childhood. Maa made cakes, sondesh, homemade chocolates and even sprinkled it on Gajar ka halwa for the stubborn kid in my brother but never did it find it's way to what it is intended for. That creamy luscious cocoa coloured heaven that gives you a brown mustache below your nose was discovered by me at a friend's place. Her mother served us each a cup of this luscious drink on a very cold evening in December, while we were busy preparing for our exams. I instantly fell in love with it and collected the recipe from her.

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