Meat n Poultry

Tempura and Tempura Rice Bowl

9:30 AM

There definitely is more than a nip in the air these days in my part of this World. The air is crisp with a sharp chillness to it and the days are short, very short with limited time to finish our chores. But no, we definitely are not complaining. As this is the time of the year that we look forward to. With all year around humid, hot, Balmy, tiring temperature this is the time that gives us respite.

Cakes cookies n savory goodies

Meringue mushrooms and Christmas tree

5:54 AM

Its 12 in the night and am trying to soak up the silence around me. Its been long that I could sit quietly and think or listen to nothing. The silence around me speaks a thousand words but today I choose to ignore, I choose to abosrb the peace, the tranquility of this moment.

Desserts and Sweets

Caramel Custard and British Impact on Bengali Cuisine

11:11 AM

Kolkata is often referred to as the melting pot of various culture. From time immemorial various communities like Chinese, British, Armenian, Baghdadis and others found their way to this city and settled down under different circumstances for different reasons. Kolkata being a port town and with its proximity to the Silk route cited itself as a favourite settling town for many traders. With time their culture, heritage, customs seeped into the local Bengali lives and gave birth to a diverse and unique cosmopolitan heritage that Kolkata is so proud of today.

Fish and Seafood

Loitya Macher Jhuri (Spicy Bombay Duck)

4:35 AM

As I looked at my son, sobbing in his sleep, His whole body curled and stacked against me, his tiny little hands tightly gripping my right hand as if to convey the message...'wont let you go' heart is filled with a warm fudgy feeling. As I hugged his tired body and brought him close, I looked up and silently uttered my prayers to thank God for such little cozy moments called 'Happiness' in life.   

Life definitely is worth living if you are grateful for what you have.

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