Bangladeshi Mutton Tehari (Spicy aromatic rice and goat meat medley)

3:34 AM

The truth is I had never eaten Mutton Tehari before I watched this video. The Tehari of North India which we were served every Sunday for lunch in our Delhi hostel is quite different. This peasant dish of UP basically is a vegetarian dish made with winter veggies like cauliflower, peas and potatoes but this Tehari from Bangladesh could be the close cousin of a basic Biriyani. It's a cross between an yakhni pulao and a Biriyani and it's uniqueness is the zing that it gets from Mustard oil and green chilies. Quite humble at heart but hearty and satisfying for lazy afternoon.

No wonder I again decided to make it for Eid lunch this year. I was running very bsuy with my cooking Demo and and full fledged meal planning for my clients and had every intention to put my feet up for the long weekend. and thats exactly what I did. Just got out of my lazy cocoon on Minday late morning and whipped up this delicacy under 2 hours.


chingri, narkol die chichinge chenchki

7:09 AM

As promised here is one more recipe with Chichinge or Snake gourd. 

This is one of my mother's loved recipe and like her while cooking it I dont follow any rule. Though this recipe has prawns, coconut and teeny tiny amount of mustard paste but you can change it as per availability or choice. Somedays I just cook it with a tempering of nigella seeds and green chillies and finish off with a drizzle of mustard oil and it still is the flavour bomb. 

So feel free. If you are vegetarian omit prawn and cook with coconut and mustard. If you dont like coconut then just dont's very versatile yet yummy.



Chinchinge Posto (Snakegourd in Poppyseeds Paste)

10:50 AM

Everyday cooking, lately there is a lot of fuss around it. I have been hearing a lot about how time consuming, tiring and intimidating it is and whenever I have tried to argue, I have been dismissed by saying many things. Trust me I cook not only because I love to  but mainly because I care.
And with little organising and planning it is very easy to whip up a simple, nourishing meal for your family. On a daily basis I try and experiment to bring in variation and do not do elaborate dishes unless and untill guests are involved. There is no rule, nothing is right or wrong. Good food comes in all textures and colours and but best one is the one that has been prepared with fresh, local and seasonal produce with lots of love and care, preferably following our own regianal recipes. which are precious ancient wisdom, that has been tested by time and have been prepared with lots of thought to suit our climate, body type and values.

For example this humble Chichinge or Snake gourd. It's an native to Indian continent and lesser known in the West.  There was a time when people would buy and cook them regularly during summer. But now in the cities unless and until you are a cooking enthusiast they don't get any place in the weekly grocery bag. But this humble vegetable has a significant amount of fiber, vitamin and other nutrients. 


Mourola Macher Jhuri (Crispy batter fried Indian Carplet)

9:54 AM

Today my mind is foggy and the weather is gloomy...It's going to be a long night it seems and I just wanted to come to my blog for some comfort without saying anything.

So here it goes a simple recipe of Mourola macher jhuri or batter fried crispy Indian Carplet/ Indian anchovy. This is how my maa used to make it and it's perfect to start your kids on eating small fish. 

As we all know small fish which are eaten whole with head and bones are packed with calcium and iron but it is extremely beneficial for small kids. It provides a rare source of micro-nutrient and essential fatty acid that is very important for health and survival of growing kids. Nutrients such as Vitamin A, Z and omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in brain development and micro-nutrients found in these small fishes especially Indian carplet is much more higher than in any other animal source foods.


Lemonade with jaggery, ginger and basil seeds

12:24 PM

It's always difficult to fall back on routine after a long vacation. I know am being MIA for quite sometime but I can totally attribute that to our long ailments. Which this time were really nasty. Someday we were not even able to get up from the bed. Our Immunity was at the lowest and so was our positive attitude.

Thank God to this fortnight of vacation in Bangalore that refreshed us. We loved every minute of it. Especially meeting friends and our small weekend trips. Though the traffic in Bangalore is absolutely killing but we truly enjoyed going out and eating at some of Bangalore's finest restaurants.

Though I thought of cooking and clicking a lot of picture while I was there but in reality nothing happened. I just cooked enough to sustain us and then just lazed around with a book and kettles of tea. The weather there was to die for and almost everyday we went swimming in the evening and then slept like babies till late morning. Poor Husband had office though and with the three of us sleeping so late he often had to scour the fridge for breakfast.

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