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Ananda Bazar Patrika using my picture without my permission.

5:19 AM

Another day one more theft. 

Today by one of Bengal's leading news paper Ananda bazar Patrika. See my picture being used for Wednesday (31st July'13)'s Ananda plus without my permission and my knowledge.

They even cropped the image to get rid of the watermark. 

see the online publication link here

and Here is my original post

Meat n Poultry

Eggplant-chicken stir fry…My homealone lunch

12:38 AM

Today’s post is going to be short and spicy. Short because with the new home karaoke system being in constant use by the father son duo am seeking for a hiding place to rest my ears in peace. Before doing so just thought of writing his post for some of my readers who asked for more chicken recipes.


Tomato Khejur Amsatto Chutney (Sweet Chutney made with tomato, dried mango pulp and dates)

10:03 AM

Its not everyday that a regular reader requests for a specific recipe and its not everyday that you have all the necessary ingredients, time and energy to make that. and to continue its not everyday that you crave the same and want to make it at the earliest. Call it a miracle but sometimes this just happens and I realised it last week when a reader left a message on my facebook page to share Tomato Chutney recipe. Which is by far my most favourite one and I suddenly started craving it.


Beguni (Bengali Eggplant Fritter) and a tribute to my Dadubhai

4:44 AM

I have talked about my dida on my blog and I often refer her for her legendary culinary skills. But later I realized am not doing justice to her better half, my Dadu (grandfather) who was the sole inspiration for her cooking. Before my marriage the saying that way to a man’s heart is through his stomach never made any sense to me. But I understand it now.

Dadu was a complete foodie and he always inspired and supported his wife for whatever she wanted to do. He had a very busy job and responsibility of a huge family but always took time to enjoy the smallest pleasures of life. I still remember his smiling face when we all used to gather during our vacations and every morning would request for something or the other. The requests were small but he would put the effort to go to the market and buy the things. We specially looked forward to his trips to the nearest Town in the beginning of every month to collect his pension. As it meant rare treats like pastries or Kwality ice creams for us. though he was very gentle and level headed but my mother claims he was very strict during their growing years. If anything to go by her stories we always found ourselves fortunate not to witness that side of his persona.

Fish and Seafood

Koli style Prawn curry

11:45 PM

Gifts from Blogger Buddies #1

If couple of posts back I sounded bitter with my anger towards photo theft then let me make it up with  today’s post, a post full of sweetness and love sent in the form of carefully selected gifts from my blogger friends. I have always mentioned that if there are few bad people then there are plenty of good hearted human too and today I must talk about one of them. She is none other than my very dear friend Anjali Koli of Annaparabramha.

Though I have never met Anjali in person but she holds a special place in my heart. I don’t know how I sound on my page but basically am a very shy and private person. and don’t know why but am never comfortable or confident around people I have never met personally. But with Anjali and some others in the blog world the thing is very different.

While They Nap

Crochet, A new hobby

9:56 PM

I love my art and craft. Though they seldom make appearnce in this space but my whole house is full of them. The cushion covers on my Divan, The curtains on the windows or the paintings and sketches on the walls are all handmade. I always need to keep on doing something or the other for being alive and inspired.

But last year when we moved to japan that's something that I missed most. Not like there were any dearth of inspirations but everything that I found there were pretty expensive. Especially the fabric with which I mostly work. Then on one fine day I discovered Japanese Crochet on the net. I have seen beautiful crocheted materials in my life as my Maternal aunt (Masimoni) is a seasoned crocheter but Japanese Crochet is exquisite in design and finesse. and the best part is the materials were not very costly too. with the 100 yen store Daiso on my next door mall I was inspired to try my hand in this.

Searched on google and found some really helpful videos on youtube and my journey with colourful yarns and hooks started. Its very easy once you know certain basic stitches. Today am a happy and enthusiastic crocheter looking for new ideas, designs and projects. 

Here are a few sample of my work so far. Please leave your valuable comments.
My very first project, a scarf for my son. He calls it his paw-paw muffler.

given a chance I will always crochet pretty flowers and leaves. Here is another scarf for my little niece.

Another scarf for an angelic sweet kid Kuttus. a bear scarf. Found the picture on net without any pattern, so worked my own. and am pretty pleased with the outcome :-)

A Tunisian Crochet cap for my husband. Its very very warm and helped him survive the chilling weather of Tokyo. pattern from

Saw these in a shop and found it very expensive. Bought some cotton thread and worked my own pattern. The prettiest work I have done till date.

And this is how it looks over my son's bed. Love how the sun light twinkles on  the beads.

A small coaster to use up the left over stash. Pattern crochetgeek on youtube.

Mandala. Another great project to finish your leftover yarns. Pattern Here

An Unfinished Granny square Blanket in making. Will share the whole thing once done.

Other food bloggers who do crochet in their free times are AnjaliNupur, Kamalika and Sharmila. A Crochet blog that inspires me a lot is Sangeetha's Crochetkari. Please share your link of works if you share the same passion for crochet.
Linking in to Patty's Weekly story.


Pav bhaji and the life of a food blogger

12:03 AM

The last few days have been full of negativity for me and with my current health condition I hardly can afford that. Its not a new thing for me that my pictures are being copied left right and center. Almost every week I get to know a new theft. Its not only about unassuming bloggers or internet users who thinks everything that comes on google search can be copied and used but by seasoned news papers and advertisement agencies who wants to save some money.


Zomato and Kolkata food bloggers meet at Straits

1:40 AM

Picture courtesy: Poorna
It was a secret wish of mine to meet fellow bloggers in my area. Though we talk to each other almost on regular basis on FB and our blogs but meeting them face to face is a different experience all together. So when Zomato invited the Kolkata food bloggers I was happy beyond imagination. After much deliberation the date and venue was fixed on 22nd June at Straits.

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