Macher Dimer Boda’r Jhal (Fish roe fritters in a spicy mustard sauce)

8:30 PM

This is not a very common begali recipe as I have not come across this recipe at any of my relative’s or friend’s place. Even Maa never made it in our growing years. She never had enough bora to cook anything else. as her kids finished the boras almost from the pan. But in my house the story is different. until very recently I used to be an eggitarian and never liked eating fish eggs and hubby was never able to finish the eggs on his own. So I experimented with many recipes and this is the one that he likes most. But am not sure how long I would be able to cook this as my 3 years old little fish egg monster now demands more almost everyday. History always gets repeated.


Macher Dimer Bora/ boda/ wada (Fish Roe Fritters)

7:58 AM

If the word ‘fish eggs’ makes you think of those shiny red pearls called caviar then think twice. The fish eggs am talking about here is not that uber expensive luxury ingredient. I or for that matter most Bengalis must not have tasted it and most probably don’t crave it much either. The fish eggs that makes us salivate is the common sweet water fish eggs mostly rohu or carp. These are the unprocessed, basic egg that comes right out of the fish without any kind of curing. Whereas caviar is the processed and salt cured fish eggs of salmon or sturgeon which is said to be a rare type of delicacy and mostly served as a spread or garnish.

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Honey Cupcake with Homemade Fondant Honey bees

12:35 PM

This week the Son’s school has reopened after summer vacation. I never have wanted him to get into such a structured life at only 3. with the commutation time he has to spend almost 6 hours outside. By the time he comes back at 1 P.M. he is all tired and often even falls asleep in the car. But with the nature of his father’s job we really din't have any other option. It almost breaks my heart to wake him at early morning. Though he loves his friends and the activities in the school but this morning routine annoys him. Every day he would request us to let him sleep for another minute and sometimes we feel bad for not indulging him.

to top that getting back to the routine after a long vacation is always difficult. Just to prepare him for school we planned a day of activity with things that he likes to do. We went to a nearby mall where he spent some time playing with other kids in the play arena, ate his favourite burger, spent some more time with his cousin sister and while coming back asked me to make some honey bees for him. Recently he has started watching Winnie the pooh and every-time the fat bear drinks honey from the urn he laughs and claps. So honey bees  to cheer my boy on some moist and flavourful honey cuppies this time.

Cakes cookies n savory goodies

Caramelised Banana Choco Chip Bread

10:42 AM

I love fruits but not banana.but when it comes to banana bread or muffin I just cant get enough of it. There is something about bananas being baked with a little cinnamon. It fills every nook and corner of our home with a delicious sweet aroma. and when that is baked on low for a longer period of time, the fruit caramelises giving it 'can't wait to grab a slice' aroma. Trust me this is no ordinary cake. This is an incredibly moist and luscious banana cake recipe, which is baked for not less than 90 minutes. Yes you read it right. This cake is baked for one and half hours, which actually caramelizes the banana and gives it a scrumptious fruity aroma and dark colour.

I actually got this idea from love to cook and have been baking this for quite sometime with various ingredients. A couple of days back baked it with wholegrain cake flour, sugar free and honey for my uncle and it tasted delicious too. Just like its main ingredient the humble banana this recipe is very versatile. Eggless, sugarless or wholegrain it never ditched me. Today am sharing the basic recipe here with APF, honey and brown sugar. For other adjustment please see the NOTES below.


Soy Chunks Curry

2:45 AM

Soya chunks or Textured Vegetable protein or soya meat is a by-product of extracting soybean oil. It is made from high soy protein soy flour and contains protein equal to that of meat. This is a beautiful way of enjoyng protein if you are vegetarian. These vegetable proteins are made in different shapes like nuggets, flakes, granules and chunks. The dehydration process gives it a nice fibrous texture, which helps these chunks to soak water 3 times its weight.  In poor countries like India where many are vegetarian this is a good source of protein and when cooked in aromatic gravy it swells up and soaks up the entire aroma.

Cakes cookies n savory goodies

Black Forest Gateau Revisited and some Decorated Cakes

12:49 PM

Life right now is a bit tensed and hectic. In between all the work, hospital visits and attending to the needs of my family I hardly am getting any time to sit with the laptop. For which, could not even publish the generous comments some of you have given on my posts. The sonny boy is home for his summer vacation and his innocent blabbering helps to uplift our mood occasionally. Right now no one is home except the baby and me and though I feel tired and exhausted but cant close my eyes and drift away to sleep. So just thought of doing something that I love.

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