Miso soup with noodles and vegetables

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Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali with your near and dear ones. Mine wasn’t bad either. Though away from home and all the lights and sounds that make Diwali so special but still managed to celebrate it in a cosy way. Cooked some festive food, decorated the apartment with fall leaves and flowers, lit some candles and enjoyed shopping with my lil one. He has been my constant companion on this trip. The whole day we roam and explore various parts of the city, play in the parks, do picnic on the bank of a nearby river, watch movies, shop for our daily needs and pass time in various supermarkets and malls that dot this locality. Though its not rosy all the time. Sometimes he is angry for not buying him what he wants and sometimes am upset when he nags too much. But all in all its fun being with him. More so because now he has his own perspective to everything.
Everyday after we come home in the evening all he wants is a big bowl of soup or some fried chicken. And I love to oblige. Making soup here is the easiest job as freshly made noodles and miso pastes are available abundantly. All you need is to make a stock add veggies and noodles, season and serve. Though am not an expert but as much as I have observed, Japanese lead a very healthy lifestyle. They walk a lot and eat food that are fresh and least processed. their serving portions are smaller compared to other countries and eat a lot of fresh fruits to satiate the sweet tooth.  Their daily staples like the buckwheat noodles called Soba or fermented beans and barley paste Miso is very good for health. Even when they deep fry their tempuras they use the freshest of ingredients and fry them very briefly to set the coating and colour it golden. Am yet to learn more about this cuisine but here is my recipe of Miso soup with noodles and veggies.

One thing that I must add here is the first day when I went to the supermarket and laid my hand on the tub of miso paste it reminded me of Miri of Peppermill blog. I was introduced to this special condiment through her miso soup recipe. Miss her so dearly.

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning which is made by fermenting rice, soy and barley. The resulting paste contains high level of protein, vitamin and mineral. This is widely used in japan as a soup base, spread, pickling agent and marinade. The taste is quite salty and has a distinct aroma. There are many varieties available and its wise for a beginner to start with the white or the shiro miso. It is said that the darker the colour of the miso (which denotes the longer period of fermentation) higher the intensity of flavour and taste. Find more about it on Wiki.

Miso soup
(serves 2)

Miso paste: 3 tbsp
Stock cube: 2 pieces
Soba noodles: 11/2 cup (loosely packed); I used fresh soba noddles. If you don’t get that use dry noodles and cook it as per the package instruction.
Carrot: cut in slices or small cubes: ¼ cup
Mushroom: 1/3 cups; use any variety, I used button and enoki
Greens: 1/3 cup; cut in chunks; I used bok choy and Mizuna. You can also use spinach.
Bean sprouts: handful
Tofu: 1/3 cup; use firm tofu and cut in small cubes.
Pepper powder: ½ tsp
Soy sauce: 2 tsp
Lemon juice: 2 tsp
Hard boiled eggs: 2; optional

Take 4 cups of water in a heavy bottom pan. Add the stock cubes and heat on medium. Add the chunks of carrots, beans, tofu and cook it for 2 minutes. Let the stock come to a boil.

In the mean time prepare the mushroom. Cut the base of the enoki mushroom and wash it under running water. Shake to drain the water. Wash and halve or quarter the button mushrooms.

Once the stock starts to boil add the soba, soy sauce, pepper powder and the button mushrooms. Cook for a minute. Take out a cupful of this boiling stock and mix the miso paste till smooth.

Add the enoki, greens and bean sprouts. Take off from heat. Mix in the miso mixture and the lemon juice. Adjust the seasoning and serve hot with slices of hard boiled eggs.

I love this with a spoonful of chili sauce.

A Homemaker’s notes:
You can also use strips of chicken while making the stock.

Japanese generally add bonita or dried fish flakes to this, am yet to try that.

Use any vegetable, fish or meat. This is very versatile, delicious and quick.


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  1. Sayantani... eki korle!!! Maj rate Miso soup khaoar tolob jagche... I am a BIG FAN of Japanese cuisine and their heatlhy lifestyle... US to ekdom authentic khabar ta paoa jai na... ja pai tai te sontusto... Miso soup amar chele r o khub priyo... eikhane Miso paste chot kore paoa jain na... tai barite ekhono banai ni... tobe quality of ingredients bhishon bhishon matter kore in Japanese cuisine... Love your soup and the pics...

  2. Sayantani... eki korle!!! Maj rate Miso soup khaoar tolob jagche... I am a BIG FAN of Japanese cuisine and their heatlhy lifestyle... US to ekdom authentic khabar ta paoa jai na... ja pai tai te sontusto... Miso soup amar chele r o khub priyo... eikhane Miso paste chot kore paoa jain na... tai barite ekhono banai ni... tobe quality of ingredients bhishon bhishon matter kore in Japanese cuisine... Love your soup and the pics...

  3. Lovely post and a very comforting bowl of soup. Just what I need right now :-)
    Loving that Enoki in the bowl..

  4. I am glad you enjoyed Diwali in your special way, Sayantani:) Miso soup looks absolutely apt for winters here too...good inputs about Miso. It is amazing isn't it that this blog world has bonded us so much that everytime we cook, buy or do anything related to food, it reminds us of our friends. Miri is sorely missed indeed:( I suddenly thought of her daughter...

  5. Looks so light and brisk....ami kobe theke akta miso paste kine rekhechhi...kintu banano aar hoechhe na...dekhi tor ta try kore dekhbo...

  6. Never heard of it, looks very new and wonderful...........


  7. Miso soup looks so yummy. Lovely decoration, Sayantani....

  8. wow very yummy soup and tempting clicks....

  9. The soup simply attracted me. Never knew about Miso and you have provided enough Information to know abt it.

  10. Such a comforting bowl of super filling soup, enoki is one of my fav mushrooms eventhough we get it rarely here. Nothing will beat this miso soup,just love it.

  11. Love the clicks,sure must have tasted delicious..looks so yum

  12. Absolutely gorgeous bowl of soup! And beautiful photo to accompany.
    I had thought you lived in Kolkata until I read your post. I miss my home too and more so during the festivals.

  13. The soup looks scrumptious!!! Awesome clicks as always :)

  14. loving the recipe! so easy........just what we need:)

  15. Soup looks so comforting,healthy and yummy. Miso paste is a new culinary term for me...very interesting information.

  16. wow a unique soup receipe...thx 4r sharing....

  17. When I read miso here, the first thing I thought about was Miri's blog :(
    Am glad you are enjoying the little one's company and your stay there. That bowl of soup looks so perfect for a cold evening !

  18. Great looking recipe. A soup that I look forward to making. We are miso soup fans, but never make at home.

  19. wow soup looks awesome...its truely one pot meal...i wish i could taste some right now :)

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  21. You really have such vivid, and beautiful photographs! My bestie loves Miso and I’m sure she would love this one on a winter evening. Stunning pictures and it looks absolutely delicious!

  22. This is very healthy soup. I surely make it soon
    Joint Replacement India

  23. Aree tumi Japan ee, have a great time. Soup er chobi ta darun hoyechee....mone hochee dim ta tule age kheye ni :-)

  24. I love Miso soup. i also add tofu in it.

  25. Hi sayantani,how are you doing?..ya find it really difficult to find time for blogging ,so today was a bit free so posted it...so how was your diwali,belated wishes for diwali...miso soup looks interesting..and very healthy too...must try it once

  26. I love miso soup. This miso soup with noodles and vegetables looks delicious, and great to have during cold winter days.


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