Alu Methi (Potato and fresh Fenugreek leaves curry)

10:12 PM

As the days get shortened and the day light limited, my energy sinks to an all time low. Everyday at 4:30,  I look out of my window and see the golden light of the setting sun, an obvious sign that another day gets ended. It gives me joy and makes me sad...yes all at the same time. Am happy as this certain not to be missed nip in the air means my favourite season is setting foot in my part of the world. but am also sad as am not much able to go out and enjoy this beautiful weather or the festivities it brings on with it. Its just a wait that makes me anxious, happy and giddy all at the same time. But will share that story some other time!

Soup and Salad

Roasted veggies, Purslane, Chickpeas and Herb Salad

7:30 AM

If you are still dealing with the leftover Diwali snacks and sweets and thinking of returning to your regular healthy lifestyle then check out this recipe. This light salad is a power pack of taste, nutrition and textures. The juiciness of the cucumber and carrot ribbons, the lightly grilled vegetables with their intense flavour and caramelized sweetness, The peppery taste of the purslane leaves, the soft yet succulent boiled chickpeas pairs perfectly  with the fresh herb dressing. Its sweet, its juicy, its spicy and very very flavourful. Try this out for a perfectly refreshing lunch and feel the lightness in your body.
Purslane on my windowsill

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Know your Blogger: Indrani Dhar

6:38 AM


Indrani Dhar of Recipe Junction is a super mom or more appropriately a super woman. I have known her for the past 4-5 years and we started blogging almost at the same time. But until recently I dint have any idea how much she has on her plate. She is mom to three kids including two super active twin boys (I know how difficult it is as I struggle with the one I have), whom she takes care of all alone as her husband lives in another city for his high profile Job. Still she manages to cook delectable food, experiment in her kitchen and bring us fabulous recipes every week. Kudos to her effort and enthusiasm for blogging.

She has lived abroad for a considerable amount of her married life and has many quick cooking tricks including plenty of microwave recipes up her sleeves. I love her Bengali recipes which has that old world charm and authenticity. The best thing about Indrani is 'you get what you see'. The ever smiling indrani never shy away from speaking her mind and standing up for a cause. As a blogger and mother I respect her patience, creativity and boldness. She is a dear friend and I look forward to spend more time with her and her beautiful kids.

Events Awards Interview

Know your Blogger: Sarani Tarafdar of Cocoawind

6:56 AM

Sarani and her adorable 4 year old
Sarani Tarafdar the gorgeous, vivacious face behind the blog Cocoawind wears many hats with equal elan. She is a mother, an ex banker, a part time lecturer, a cinematographer, a food blogger and a dear friend in need for many. I met her online a couple of years back in a Bengali bloggers group and spent many hours chatting on random topics, pulling legs, discussing food and what not. She spent a formidable amount of her married life in USA but you can hardly make that out once you meet her. Her sense of aesthetics, her beauty, her style rather everything about her speaks volume of her classic Bengali background. No wonder she has a fond relationship with food.

Her recipes are easy to follow, quick and a real life savers for busy mothers. Recently she again moved back to USA and is already being missed here at our Kolkata Food bloggers group big times. Here is a small interview with her.


Masala Papad: Healthy Mini Bite size Snacks

8:19 AM

My tryst with healthy eating after Durga puja is still on. and to stretch the quest further here is a comparatively healthy snack recipe for all your Diwali parties. I have been making this pint sized, juicy, crunchy, tongue tickler masala papad for quite sometime and it never failed to tickle our tastebuds. The best part is it could be made in a ziffy and you pairs really well with both hot or cold beverages. 

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