Meat n Poultry

Thai Red Curry Chicken with Homemade Curry paste

11:16 AM

If you look at my recent posts you would reliase that I have not talked about the weather for quite sometime. And I guess with that I atleast have earned myself an opportunity to talk about it once more. Especially when we all are under it. Right now the weather is really nasty here in Kolkata. The sudden weather change has got even the most immuned and stronger ones under its grip. Every house is suffering from bad viral fever and cough n colds.

Chutney Pickle n Preserves

Plum Relish with Raisin and Ginger

8:47 AM

They say Necessity is the mother of invention and I can't agree more. Couple of weeks back, I bought a huge box of ripe, red plums to make my stonefruit tea cake. They looked pretty and shiny sitting on my countertop. I finished all my work and gathered everything for the cake but when I cut and tasted the fruit, It was tart beyond imagination. Making a cake out of it was out of question.


Vegetable Chop

10:25 AM

Monsoon, piping hot food and good books, are all synonymous. Nothing else makes Monsoon as enjoyable as some freshly made masala tea and some spicy fritters. Its that time of the year when we all want to be home and enjoy the shower and the weather in our cosy corners.

Noodle and Pasta

Char kway teow (Malaysian stir fried Flat rice noodles with shrimp)

11:08 AM

This is not a dsh that I grew up with, rather this is a dish which I never heard of before all these hoopla's around food started to appear on TV. Gone are those days when the only cookery show was Sanjeev kapoor's Sunday special khana khazana. Which we looked for with a diary and pen in hand, I might still find that old recipe diary of mine at my mom’s place. Rather now there are way too many shows on TV doling out way too many recipes. I believe every show has its own set of viewers and its always good to be spoilt with choices.


Repost: Pyaraki/ Gujia

10:36 AM

Just popped in to inform you that have just updated my 3 years old Gujia or pyaraki post. Pyaraki is a crecent shaped fried pastry stuffed with sweetened coconut and milk solids and then coated in a thick sugar syrup. This is very popular  all over India but known in a different name at different places. 

I have not discarded my old pictures. I know they are pathetic but I like going back to them to remind myself of the very special beginning of my blogging journey. though have updated the post with few new pictures. Hope you will like it.


Dalia Khichdi (Broken wheat and Lentil medley with loads of vegetables)

8:45 AM

The recipe that am going to share today always transports me back to my childhood. I can visualize Maa standing in our tiny kitchen prepping for this dish. Chopping loads of vegetables in her unique Bonti which is clasped on the countertop to spare her from sitting on the floor to use it. With every deft movement of her hands her bangles making a jingling sound. Some stray hairs sticking to the sweat on her forehead, the way she uses the back of her hand to remove it falling in her eyes. The sizzling sound of spices in hot oil, that pungent aroma of spices…almost seems surreal.

My Home and Garden

Hello to a brand new Week...

11:36 AM

If you are regular to my page then you know how much I love plants and gardening. I can spend hours in the garden, digging soil and getting my fingers dirty. I was a happy girl in Bangalore with a huge garden to do whatever I wanted. I planted vegetables and flowering  sapling and it was my fvourite place in the whole house.

Desserts and Sweets

Microwave Besan Laddoo err Sandesh (With sugar free)

12:30 PM

Here is quick easy peasy post to remind myself what a lovely Rakhi we had this year. Both my brothers were here and in addition to that the tiny little niece of mine also got a chance to tie rakhi on his brother’s hand. The little brother in question was too excited and made his father take him to the nearest gift shop to buy gifts for her tiny little elder sister. Both of them were overjoyed when we later visited our Uncle's place for their house warming puja and party.

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