Noodle and Pasta

Miso soup with noodles and vegetables

9:33 PM

Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali with your near and dear ones. Mine wasn’t bad either. Though away from home and all the lights and sounds that make Diwali so special but still managed to celebrate it in a cosy way. Cooked some festive food, decorated the apartment with fall leaves and flowers, lit some candles and enjoyed shopping with my lil one. He has been my constant companion on this trip. The whole day we roam and explore various parts of the city, play in the parks, do picnic on the bank of a nearby river, watch movies, shop for our daily needs and pass time in various supermarkets and malls that dot this locality. Though its not rosy all the time. Sometimes he is angry for not buying him what he wants and sometimes am upset when he nags too much. But all in all its fun being with him. More so because now he has his own perspective to everything.


Diwali Wishes...

6:32 AM

Wish all my foodie friends and fellow bloggers a 
very happy and prosperous Diwali!!!


Easy Bread Mithai

7:43 AM

I was frantically searching the net for a easy dessert recipe that does not need full fat milk, khoya, freshly made cottage cheese, almonds or pistachios. Because I do not have any of these. am sure its available somewhere in the place where I am living right now , may be its lying there in the same rack in the super market where I picked up the soy milk for my kid. But I would never know as nothing is written in English and am tired running the google search all the time before picking a new ingredient for the kitchen. So I needed something that calls for fewer easily available ingredients and produces a gorgeous result. And then suddenly like a lightening I remembered this dessert which maa used to prepare a lot in our childhood.

Desserts and Sweets

Easy Diwali Sweets

10:01 PM

Here are few dessert ideas for Diwali. Make some, share and spread happiness. 

Rava Laddu                                               

Microwave Besan Sandesh                             


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Fish and Seafood

Thai Style Prawn-Pepper Curry

11:25 PM

Someone so rightly said that you don’t know what awaits you tomorrow. As a kid when studying about mount fuji or Hiroshima-nagasaki I never thought of visiting these places. More so as Japan is not a huge travel destination for us Indians. But when this opportunity came along I was a little apprehensive mostly because we just shifted home and the kid’s schools didn’t allow any more leave than the puja holidays. But am glad that we grabbed it and I must confess that am loving every minute of my stay here.

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