Bagan Charchari with Japanese greens and Wasabi paste(Dry side dish with Veggies)

8:23 PM

Its a known fact that to survive, you need to constantly change and adapt to new environments. When we first stepped in Japan I really was in a dilemma as how to bring variety to our daily meals. The supermarkets sold many veggies but I was unable to recognise half of them. But being a blogger opens many avenues and I knew few blogs from Japan which came into my rescue. One of them is  Chika's she who eats. She is an amazing photographer and I can even eat the  paper with her gorgeous food pictures printed on it. Long before I visited this amazing country I longed to live her sweet life in the way she describes. Her recipes with fruits is an inspiration to follow.  I referred to her blog to know the names of the veggies in the market. She mentioned each and every vegetable, herb and fruit in her blog. Really can't thank her enough for making my stay much easier.


Lebu Pata die Daal (Lentil with lemon leaves)

9:15 PM

There is something about lemon that always reminds me of summer or more precisely the very thought of refreshing, vibrant citrus gives me comfort in scorching, balmy weather. But like most other citrus fruits they actually are a fruit of winter...though they thrive only in the warmer climates and bring joy to us through out the year. 


Alu Patol die Macher Patla Jhol (Light fish curry with potato and pointed gourd)

11:17 PM

The last couple of weeks have been like a whirlwind tour. With so much of packing to come back to India and so much of shopping for the last minute gift gathering for family and friends we could not see where days went by. Though we stayed away for very little time but The friends that we made there are keepers for life. Its going to be a bond for lifetime. With my urge to spent few more normal days without dismantling the home made the packing a last minute job with lot of pressure. but friends there made life so easy and joyous. with complete haywire routines we shopped, cooked, ate, drank, chat and partied together till the wee hours of mornings. The fact that it was a long holiday week helped to refresh our memories and bonding.

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