Mourola Macher Jhal (Anchovy in Mustard gravy)

8:33 AM

As I sit and try to write this post my mind is preoccupied with the devastation in Uttarakhand. This does not seem like a good time to share recipes but it helps to drift and introspect  a little bit. With huge death toll, thousands of people still stuck at many parts and huge number of dead bodies spread across the area the valley is now shivering in the fear of an huge epidemic outbreak. Far away from the worrisome area in the safety of our own homes all we can do is to pray for the safe recovery of all who are stuck there and salute our soldiers for the awesome work they are putting day in and day out.


5 Years of Blogging...

11:56 AM

Today this cherished space of mine is completing 5 years. I have never celebrated any blog anniversary till date  but 5 years is not just any other day, its a milestone which even excited a very practical person like me. 

I never thought I would ever see this day as active blogging not only claims your time but needs a lot of attachment and thinking in the process. but today when I look back I see a remarkable journey and a steep learning curve both as a blogger and as a human being. The best achievement is though not the collection of recipes or the applause but the support and love I have got from all you readers. The mails that supported my thoughts, the comments that gave me positive feedback or the demanding mails asking for some old forgotten dish made me go on, made me think, made me feel blessed and loved. I can never thank you enough for being there, trusting and supporting me the way you do...and never I will try to do that impossible task.

I know I have never been very consistent with blogging. Family, my other works and definitely the kid consumes most of my time but I put an honest effort to be here. It was wonderful to grow with this space, to have made some friends for life. 

Hope to see many more such moments and many more such milestones being achieved with all your support.

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