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Guest Post: Pan Roasted Chicken

11:24 PM

Today I present to you a very talented friend of mine, Rumela Roy. I met her on Orkut and was  taken aback by her creativity. She is one of those beautiful persons who do all her job very efficiently. She wears many hats with equal √©lan… a full time devoted mother to her little boy, a passionate cook, a good photographer, a great homemaker who decorates and keeps her home neat and tidy and a very very good human being at heart. Many times I have seen people asking for her recipes and with a cute smiley she always mailed it to them. Her new love for photography speaks volume through her food clicks. very aesthetically styled and well captured. If you need proof please look at the collage below. Isn’t she an awesome photographer??? 

Noodle and Pasta

American Chop Suey

4:44 AM

I was editing few pictures on the software to post as soon as possible and then came my little 3 year old. With much enthusiasm he asked “mummum what are you doing?” As usual his father was busy on phone so I just replied “ am busy with work baby, why don’t you ask your father to take you to the park?”. He shot back, “are you posting this recipe today?” I was stunned! did he actually asked that or am just imagining things. So I asked to repeat what he said and he said the same. A visibly confused me could only managed to mumble a weak yes and then came the surprise of my lifetime. The lil one or may be not so lil anymore son ordered “na eita nay ajke tumi kurkur bhaja’r recipe ta lagabe (no. today you will post the crispy dish’s photo). Which definitely meant the American chopsuey recipe that I prepared for lunch last weekend. It was a great hit with the kid and the bowl was finished in no time. I totally understand his loyalty lies with the crispy fried noodles but am happy that he ate his share of vegetables and enjoyed it too. And I got that big smiley face complementing me ‘mummum that’s yummy!”


Malai Chomchom

11:34 AM

I have a very popular Bengali mishti recipe today. A sweet that’s not as famous as its counterpart Rasomalai but tastes equally good. This sweet is our household favourite for its melting in the mouth texture and mild sweetness.  If you just let go of the thought of calories and fat, trust me it gives you an heavenly feeling. Put this in your mouth, close your eyes and forget everything else. Just enjoy how sweet life is.

My Home and Garden

Magical Monsoon

10:46 AM

I often talk about my Mom's garden so just thought of sharing a few of her rain drenched garden pics. 
Bleeding Hearts


Ilish Macher Matha die Pui Shaaker chorchori (Malabar Spinach cooked with Hilsa Head)

12:15 PM

In Bengali homes Hilsa is a prized catch during Monsoon. Though Podda’r ilish (Hilsa from the river Padma) is known to be the king of all Hilsas but the scarcity and huge price of this fish makes it an unrealized dream for most Bengalis. These days the Hilsas has just started making their most awaited appearance in the market and the Bengali babus or bhadrolok  (gentleman) are getting crazy over it. Last week while doing my grocery shopping I heard someone saying how he is planning to go to Raichak and Diamond harbour over the weekends to get the freshet of the catch directly from the fishermen. I can totally imagine him driving 50 kms at the crack of the dawn to lay their hands over the catch of the day. The price would be soaring over there but who thinks of that. A good Sorshe Ilish will compensate everything.

Bread Paratha etc

100% Whole wheat Dinner Roll

12:32 PM

 A few days back someone asked me what I like to cook the most, my reply was ‘ bread’. Yes it might sound weird but that’s what I love to prepare when I want to vent some energy or anger out. If you have ever tried doing this then you would know how therapeutic this whole process is. The mixing, kneading, proofing and shaping provides immense satisfaction.


Peyaji (Pyaj ke pakode/ Onion Fritters)

11:32 AM

As much as I love Monsoon I hate to admit that am not that fond of fried stuffs that’s generally served during the season. I have always averted these as a weight watcher and now that I have grown double in size I still cant make myself love it. Its never regular on our plate rather we indulge in it very occasionally.

Events Awards Interview

Announcing JCO-Monsoon of India

10:31 AM

Monsoon, probably the most desirable season for all Indians, not also gives us respite from the dreaded summer but also strengthens our economy. If you don’t agree then think of those hot and humid summer days when even thinking of going out in the scorching heat makes us sick. and then that beautiful sound of roaring clouds as if murmuring the good news of bringing the respite from heat. Those gray clouds surrounding the sky and the light and shade giving almost a surreal feel even in the brightest of afternoons. That invigorating smell of damp earth after the very first shower of the season, the crisp air overturning our umbrellas, huddling under any shade and acquainting a stranger, those lightening in the sky tearing the deep dark night and finally drifting to a comfortable sleep listening to the rhythm of dancing raindrops. . Its magic engulfs and includes us all.

Monsoon for us is a season on which we survive and sustain. Being pre dominantly an agriculture-based economy a good monsoon boosts our economy and strengthens are socio economic standing. We pray for good monsoon and worship the rain God to be kind. We celebrate many festivals welcoming this life thriving season.

And last but not the least with providing a cooler and more comfortable climate it revives our taste buds. After the dreaded summer we get our appetite back and delve ourselves into the seasonal food it brings with it. Monsoon is sheer magic to enjoy fried goodies, like pakoda, cutlet or kebab. Masala tea or filter coffee never taste as good as its in monsoon. Reading never seems so enjoyable when paired with a hot cuppa.  Many lazy afternoons are shared with friends and family with good food and rain as a backdrop.

Various parts of India celebrate this season with various types of delicacies. Some parts enjoy Hilsa (fish), some prepares khichdi and some serves pakodas and bhajias. So when Jagruti allowed me to host her JCO for monsoon I was ecstatic to realize that this will allow me to learn about many unknown-unheard ritual, culture and especially food from your kitchen. A big thank you to Jagruti, who is the brain behind this event. Every season is going to have different theme and some wonderful bloggers are going to host it. So friends join me this season and lets celebrate the season that brings a smile to all of us.

Now the Rules:
1.      Now that the theme is Monsoon so please limit recipes that has some kind of reference to this season. If you are linking any of the fried stuff or hot beverages you don’t need any reason but for other recipes I would request you to please mention how it is significant. Would love to share your nostalgic memories.
2.      Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes are welcome. So bring on all  
      those kebabs and indo Chinese fries.
3.      please link in recipes that has been published during the event’s time  
      period. No archived or reposted recipes please.
4.      Posts must be linked to this announcement page and to Jagruti’s page.
5.      You can link as many recipes as you desire.
6.      The usage of logo is not mandatory but requested.
7.      The time limit for this event is 1st july’12 to 30th sept.’12.
8.     Non- bloggers please come up with your unique recipes and mail me your entries to ahomemakersdiary@ yahoo. In

Will add some linky tool tomorrow. Till then prepare some monsoon goodies and relive and share your monsoon memories with us.

Sorry to change the procedure here. To participate 
1. Please mail me to ahomemakersdiary @ yahoo. in with
2. your Name:
    Your Blog's URL:
    Recipe Name:
    Recipe Link:
    picture of the dish not more than 300 px in width.

Happy Cooking!

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