Coconut Filled Nutella Truffles; A Sweet Treat to say Goodbye

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How are you my dear friends? Did you miss me? I know you have, all your pouring  mails and worrying comments prove that. This time I wont thank you because with time you all have become a part of my support system. A very important and indispensable part of my life. I have written several times why I started this blog but never did I expect this would be such a precious hideout place for me. I always wanted to be with you when I felt depressed, wanted to share when I was ecstatic and it wont be a overstatement to say that I have always got what I have asked from you, your unconditional support. But with all these depressing phases in my life I really dont feel like writing and posting recipes. And taking another break seems inevitable. But unlike other times this time am not sure when I would be back. It doesnot seem right to go for numerous breaks every now and then. I need to sort things and make time for my blogging first before I decide to come back.

On another note suddenly something has come up and we are shifting to Kolkata. Though Its a great move for both of us but it's so unexpected that we are totally jeopardized at this moment. We are not prepared  and arranging the relocation on the shortest notice is driving us nuts. But in all these we are sad to leave Bangalore. We are emotional as this city has given us so much. Its the place where we started our life as a couple. I still remember the day when I entered this house containing only a mattress and TV. It brings smile on my face every time I think of those numerous trips to all the shopping malls for buying things to create a home for us. Every item in my house has a story to tell which I will always keep closer to my heart. We brought our son to this house and he loved the open, airy spaces and the garden, where he took his fist steps. This beautiful city  has welcomed a new bride with open hands, where we have made  many friends for life and made us wiser with time. I will carry many a moments which I will remember all my life and before leaving I want to give a giant bear hug to this city if possible. I will definitely miss this house and this place and most probably will keep on visiting for business interest.

Before I proceed here are a few memories of our home we are leaving behind.
Peeping to the dining space
My blogging nook
That antique jwellery box was a surprise gift from Hubby

Touch of Bengal
Most favourite Possession of ours

Hand Painted Lantern and Madhubani Painting

An effort to keep the jwelleries out of the kiddo's reach

we will miss everything dearly

Coconut Filled Nutella Truffles
This is the easiest dessert I have made and also the most elegant and gorgeous looking treats. Made this during Christmas time to woo Sonny boy's friends and they genuinely loved it.

The truffle recipe belongs to sunita and I just created one easiest stuffing recipe to give it that extra punch.

For the filling:
Grated coconut: ½ cup (I used fresh)
Sugar: 3 tbsp
Milkmaid: 3 tbsp
For the truffle:
I halved Sunita's recipe
Nutella: 200 gms (½ bottle)
Cooking Chocolate: ¼ cup (grated)
Butter: 2 tsp
She used honey which I omitted.

For rollling or covering the truffles use anything you like. I have used
Coco powder
Dessicated coconut
Coloured vermicellis
Chocolate vermicelli
Melted chocolate
And a thick paste made with lemon juice and castor sugar to drizzle

for the filling mix everything together in thick bottomed pan or kadhai. Cook on low till you get dry lumpy mixture (5-7 minutes). Dont over cook as it  browns easily.
Keep it aside to cool.

In the mean time mix all the ingredients in a micro safe bowl and micro for 2 minutes. Take out and whisk with a spoon to check if the chocolate has melted. Otherwise micro for another minute or two.
Whisk with a spoon to mix everything together and as it will cool down it will start coming off as a dough.

Cover with plastic wrap and chill for an hour.

Once the chocolate mixture is ready to be rolled pinch a small portion, stuff with a tiny amount of coconut mixture. Cover and roll between your palms to make a smooth ball. Repeat with the rest of the quantity.

To decorate you can roll them in dessicated coconut, chocolate vermicelli, coco powder  or decorate them with chopped nuts.

I dipped some of the truffles in melted chocolate and chilled them on a toothpick. Later decorated them with a very thick paste of lemon juice and castor sugar.

Place each on mini muffin cups and Store in fridge.

Before serving keep them at room temperature for 5-10 minutes to soften.

on another note Arusuvai Friendship Chain is still open. If you are interested please join in. Even if am not blogging actively but will continue this chain as long as we have interested participants. I will also update the running round up as and when new posts come up. So please don't hesitate to mail me for anything. My mail id is


Sending this to Rumana's treat to Eyes; Series 2.

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  1. Wishing u the very best sayantani- it is indeed very hard to leave a city & shift base, i empathise fully having faced such a situation an year back !! Here's to a great future & tons of happiness ! The truffles look great

  2. Such a pretty home you are leaving behind....

    Wishing you all the very best in the life to come...Stay well and be happy:)

  3. Wish you luck with your move and shifting ...hope you n family adjust soon to new place ....the house is beautiful....n so the truffles...takecare

  4. Vert touching and great post Sayantani!
    Its really hard to leave everything behind which has tons of beautiful memories attached. Wish you all the good luck and happiness in future.
    Those truffles looks incredibly the filling..yum.

  5. Happy shifting Sayantani, ur interior looks soo marvellous..

    Those truffles looks soo yummy and adorable..

  6. looks healthy and delicious dear...
    nice clicks :)

  7. What a post amazing recipe and pictures.I loved your Decor too.Its such a pain to shift base.All the very best to you.Waiting to see your amazing posts and pictures.Dont worry u will settle down soon.

  8. Truffles look sooo luscious n droolworthy!!
    It is indeed difficult to move from a city which is soo close to ur heart..All the very best 4 ur move..i hope Kolkota gives ur even more joyous moments :-)

  9. thank you for sharing pictures of your lovely home
    good wishes to you and family make lots of wonderful new memories
    delicious truffles
    will see you soon when things settle

  10. your truffles looks yummy. It is really hard to move from one place to another, new place is your home so it will be more joyous. Happy shifting.

  11. Sayantani....will miss seems as if I am in Bangalore and you are moving away from here....but you know what...some day I plan to visit Kolkata maybe we can meet then...possibly we were destined to meet :) Love your set up in the Bangalore house and the truffles too. I am sure you will have a beautiful set up in your Kolkata house too...happy moving and come back soon.

  12. hey sayatani...wishing u all the very best.bful pics of ur home...can see ur passion fro handicrafts,antiques and creative person which dweels in u..i felt the same leaving my home in india when i was coming ti US..every corner was as if crying and saying dont go...i really feel the pain..hardships go to make a HOME sweet HOME from a empty house....truffles looks yummy n amazing...hope to see u back in this bful virtual blogging world very very soon...take care..hugs ..

  13. Truffles looks delicious to good to resist Sayantani, Wishing u all the best with ur move, I am from blore too ya now I live in UK but I do absolutely miss the place a lot, take care and hope to c u back soon:)

  14. I understand that it will not be possible for you to post soon. Though I'm happy for your posting back to Kolkata but will miss you so much. Specially since we had planned to meet soon.
    Loved you home pictures...lots of memories attached...Very tastefully done. Do take care of your little one . and all the best for the new beginning. Truffle looks incredible..Darun presentation

    Hamaree Rasoi

  15. Thanks Everyone
    @Priya, isnt it almost heart breaking to see everything getting dismantled that took us such long time to create the sweetest place called home.

    @Sangeeta, Thanks, it boosts my moral when someone says its good.

    @Thanks Priti.

    @Suman, Yes very emotional for us.

    @Priya, Divya, thanks

    @Shalini, yes its a pain and especially when you have to leave so many things behind.

  16. Your interior looks wonderful .You have a very good taste .Truffles look superb

  17. lovely and cute truffles.Wish u all the best for ur relocation.Hope to c u back again soon.

  18. @Ramya, yes its heart breaking indeed.

    @akeela, yes living close to home have its share of fun. hope to have great times there too.

    @Swathi, yes very true

    @Preeti will look forward to meet you dear.

    @Sanyukta, thanks a ton for all your wonderful words.


  19. @Sushma, yes when I look around me I see many people have shifted their base and people like you are my inspiration now.

    @Deepa, will meet soon in Kolkata.

  20. I came to ur space quite recently and had been your follower but it is quite sad to know the unfortunate circumstances surrounding you. But hey you will make it. If you can build a home from house the first it should be a breeze the second time. Settle in and enjoy life to the fullest. You do have ur family and friends with you right.

    all the very best to you and ur family.

  21. Hi Sayantani, good luck with your move! I hope everything settles down very soon in your live and get back to blogging very soon.

    Tempting truffles!

  22. Wow, I like ur warm and very cozy looking home.
    Wishing you and your family a very Best!
    That is a lovely treat!

  23. Oh Wow! You are a true artist!

  24. Good Luck with your move. Hope everything goes well and you come back to blogging soon.

  25. Wow your trufles look like professionally made.They are so beautiful.Wish you a very quick and easy transition and wishing you that you find more happiness than now in your new place.

  26. Although we have never met nor have we spoken but it feels like a family member leaving. I am sure you are feeling the pain of moving so I will not remind you of it again. All I will say is best of luck and god give you everything you need to make the best of life at your new place. Will miss you and I know you will be back (its difficult to keep away from your passion!)
    Love and hugs my dear..

    US Masala

  27. Hi Dear,
    It's part of our life to move on. Rolling stone gathers no moss, we all learnt in early stage.Embrace Calcutta with all its warmth. A ravishing life awaits there. Make new home picturesque again with your beautiful touch & start blogging soon.Looking forward to meeting u there next time. Cheers!

  28. Love those decadent Truffles! And the virtual journey to your favorite nook and corners of your home too ;)

  29. The truffles look yummy. Hope to see you back after you have settled down. Maybe you can sneak in some time for blogging :-)

  30. wishing u a very safe and happy moving!....
    the truffles look awesome!
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  31. Sorry to hear about the moving. wishing you all the best and sending lots of positive energy. For sure you will make a new lovely home in Kol!
    The truffles look amazing!
    Take care and looking forward to read you again soon.

  32. The truffles look beautiful. All the best for your move to a new sure is hectic with all the packing and moving and having to leave behind a place that is so close to your heart however, the important part is that you are together and any place is great then!!

  33. I really do hope you get back to blogging once you are settled in your new home...It is always difficult to leave behind what we set up with so much love and care...Your home is very tastefully done...Wish you all the luck with your move...I had to move from Bangalore (my home town) 3 years back and it was the most painful thing...Hope you settle back in well and see you soon...

  34. I wish you all the best Sayantani.I hope you settle down with this phase of life and take your time to return.I m sure you will.Till then, take care and have lots of fun.happy Holi dear.Gonna miss all the traditional stiff from your blog :)

  35. Sayantani,
    lovely home decor you have and memories always linger on..hope you and your family settle down here in Kolkata..wish you a very happy Holi/dol..hugs and smiles

  36. Hey Sayantani--catching up with all the blogs---you have such a lovely home, I'm sure your Cal one will be even better! Don't give up blogging please, hope to see you here for a long long time to come!

    Have a safe move!

  37. Sayantani,

    just wanted to check if you received the Spice boxes that I managed to send from here and was couriered to you. Please let me know. Thanks.

  38. wow u have such a pretty house. i understand how difficult it must be...
    truffles look absolutely delicious

  39. That tray looks mouth wateringly yummy and rich

  40. Lovely house Sayantani....I can understand what it feels to leave a home you have nurtured but don't worry he happy, life is to move on....and you can again make a beautiful home in the new place!! Wish you all the best for future and hope to see the beautiful pictures of your new sweet home soon!!


  41. Your home is beautiful. All the best for your move.

  42. Delicious truffles - hope the move has been a good one - cheers from Virginia - Priya

  43. I love your home photos. so Creative

  44. Yummy truffles! Good luck with your move and hope to see you back soon!


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