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Today’s post is going to be short and spicy. Short because with the new home karaoke system being in constant use by the father son duo am seeking for a hiding place to rest my ears in peace. Before doing so just thought of writing his post for some of my readers who asked for more chicken recipes.
Stir fried eggplant with any sort of meat is a very popular dish in China. I first tasted this in a Chinese restaurant near our apartment in Japan. It tasted delicious with white steamed rice and Kimchi salad at the sides. I wont lie, the first look of this dish was not very happy as it came to the table with loads of dry red chilies which made me scared. But sometimes looks are deceptive. The chillies in this dish are used to give it a smoky and spicy flavour but they are used whole so it does not make this dish very spicy. Since then I have been making this often for my quick home alone lunches. Like any stir fry or any Chinese dish this one is easy and quick too. If you have the ingredients in hand then you can serve a scrumptious and wholesome meal within 20 minutes.

Popularly this is cooked with thinly sliced Pork or beef but I cooked it with Chicken breast.

Eggplant Chicken Stir fry
(serves 2 with Rice)

Eggplant: 3 medium (Japanese eggplants or long slender purple variety)
Chicken breast: 1 piece
Onion: 1, medium
Garlic: 6-8 fat cloves
Dry red chilies: 10-12
Vinegar: 2 tsp
Light Soy sauce: 1 tbsp: 2 tsp
Oyseter sauce/Mushroom sauce: 1 tbsp
Red chili sauce: 1 tsp
Sugar: ½ tsp
Oil: 2 tbsp+2 tsps
Roasted sesame seeds: 1 tbsp (optional)

Wash the chicken breast and diagonally slice it in thin slices. Dry the excess moisture and mix with 2 tsp soy sauce. keep aside.
Cut the eggplants in half and diagonally slice it in ½” thick pieces. soak in water for 5-6 minutes.
Thickly slice the onion in half moon shape, chop the garlics very fine and keep everything separate.

Heat 1 tbsp oil and sauté the eggplants on medium high with a pinch of salt. Once they are softened take out. Heat another tbsp of oil and fry the chicken pieces till opaque (2-3 minutes) and keep aside.

Heat the rest of the oil and add the chopped garlic and whole dry chillies. Stir on high till a smoky spicy aroma comes through. Add in the onion and fry till the raw smell is gone. Lower the hit and mix in the chicken and eggplants. Mix all the sauces and vinegar with ¼ cup of water and add to the pan along with the sugar. Check and if needed add more salt per taste. Give it a good stir. Cover for a couple of minutes for all the flavours to develop.

I like it with coating gravy to mix with my rice but keep the gravy as much as you like. Serve Hot with a final sprinkling of roasted sesame seeds.

A Homemaker's Notes:
  • To substitute chicken you can use Tofu. Thinly slice it and marinate with 1/2 tbsp of cornflour and little soy sauce. This will give it a light coating to hold the shape. Follow the rest of the recipe as is.
  • You can entirely skip chicken and can make it with eggplant itself. This tastes delicious on its own.
  • I often add handful of pok choy just a couple of minutes before taking it off heat. Do not cook the pok choy or Chinese greens like mustard leaves etc. They should keep the crunch but wilt a little from the heat.  
Sending this to the Clever chicks Blog Hop #45 at Kathy's blog.

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  1. I absolutely love such recipes ... quick,easy and dryish. :-)

  2. wow luks delicious, simple and easy to make...

  3. A quick but very flavorful dish. Wish I could been there with you......:)

    today's post:

  4. I'll use a substitute for the meat, and flavours I know will be satisfying. Some simple plating sometimes gets you hungry and I was just thinking of skipping my dinner ;)

  5. Thanks for the idea Anjali. just updated with veg options.

  6. Hi, I just found you on the foodgawker. Our eggplant is just starting to grow in the garden and when it is ready I can't wait to try your recipe for Eggplant Chicken stir fry, it really looks delicious.

    I would love it if you would link up with us at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

  7. Simply awesome looking chicken stir fry.

  8. lovely.. very different recipe...

  9. What great recipe!!! And the presentation is fabulous :)

  10. Who will not like this? Well I will I am sure :)
    Perfectly done:)

  11. Would have never tried this combination in my wildest dreams. Looks amazing. Needs to be tried soon.

  12. Love the colors here...I am a veggie but love the combination here

  13. Sayantani, I love the chicken and eggplant combo. Had it first at a Thai restaurant and even though it sounds strange, the two just get along very well:)

  14. So cute about the karaoke.
    I grew up hating eggplant and now love it but have serious allergies eating it, that doesn't stop me from drooling over how yours look. Looks so good.

  15. Can't think of eggplant n chicken, but it seems good to try. Will surely do so. Thanks

  16. Hi Sayantani,
    Looks super delicious and a very quick dish as well...
    You have a great blog, thanks for stopping by my space. I am happily following you dear...

  17. Lovely combination, quick yet flavor packed stir-fry!

  18. Omg.
    This taste so good.
    And the ingredients are available from Wally World.
    Will make again and again and again.
    Plus, show it off to some friends.

  19. Omg
    Taste soo good!
    And the ingredients are available from anywhere.


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