Ananda Bazar Patrika using my picture without my permission.

5:19 AM

Another day one more theft. 

Today by one of Bengal's leading news paper Ananda bazar Patrika. See my picture being used for Wednesday (31st July'13)'s Ananda plus without my permission and my knowledge.

They even cropped the image to get rid of the watermark. 

see the online publication link here

and Here is my original post

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  1. Oh God Sayantani....this is so cheap on the part of Anand Bazar....Why can't they spend a few minutes to take permission from the author, instead of spending the same amount of time cropping a beautiful pic....utterly shameful & disgusting! Don't let them get away with it dear! Mail them the consequences of copyright infringement and a timestamp of your post with the pic...they'll have to take notice.

  2. This is a sheer case of stealing someone's hard work. Don't let them get away with it. Post it in every social media so that this blatant plagiarism is exposed by this publisher.

  3. did u complain...find a place where u can complain....this is unethical....u must not tolerate this at any cost..

  4. Post it on this page ..
    Food Bloggers Hall of Shame.

    That's really sad.. one of the blogger has taken 50 recipes of mine and started a blog of his own..

  5. I have posted it on that page for people to see..

  6. I fail to understand their mindset !!! Why big shots like ABP steals pics? Why can't they acknowledge if they appreciate and want to use it for the purpose...Shame Shame ABP

  7. It's the most annoying thing that can happen to any blogger. You probably should contact them to give you credit.
    Sorry, it sucks.

  8. it is awe full and frustrating at times...but one thing stands alone that you really take perfect snaps for your blog...that is the only thing to be happy and make one self grow even more :-)

  9. humm..its makes us feel so crap seeing these robbery. me to came across some ..not of mine, thankfully till now..but on google search..same images from two different sources.

  10. Hi Sayantani...

    They stole my picture too...
    My original post:


    I want to take action against such practices... How can I proceed against them? Did you take any action against them?

    Thank you.
    S. Dewan.

  11. How to my own capture post anandabazar website . Plz gave link


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