Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake With Chocolate Butter Cream Icing

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I am the designated birth cake baker for my family and some friends. For every birthday they know where the cake is coming from. Now a day all they do is give me a call to confirm the flavour and the colour. Now September and ocober are the months of birthdays in our family including mine and hubby’s. Even some close friends have birthdays in these months. So for the last couple of weeks I have been baking cakes one after another and trying to decorate with as little ingredients and equipments I have. Every time I do so I wish I was in US to lay my hands on all those cake decorating supplies to make perfect decadent cakes consistently. But that’s not possible so I try to make do with the fewer things from my pantry.

For my mom’s birthday I baked this chocolate fudge cake and decorated with chocolate butter cream icing. It was decadent in all its senses, undoubtedly the best cake I have ever tasted.Truly this is an recipe worth keeping. The cake was moist, lightly fudgy and very soft, almost to a melting in the mouth consistency. To intensify the chocolaty flavour they suggested adding some coffee granules which I always do, it deepns the flavour and gives it depth. 

The chocolate butter cream icing was my own recipe. I googled for a good butter cream recipe but shivered at the thought of using so much butter and sugar. So I planned my own recipe and it clicked. The butter cream was smooth like silk. It tasted awesome without being very rich. The only concern Ii had was I wanted a deeper colour, next time I am going to add more chocolate.

Before I get into the recipe let me share a few words on the decoration, though I have never shared any decorated cake on this space but that’s what I love to do in my spare time. I am a self tought decorator and give it a try on every opportunity. Below are some of the cakes that I decorated. This cake was the easiest to do. It was done within 15 minutes but placing those silver sugar beads were a pain. I need a good pair of tweezers asap.

Chocolate fudge Cake with chocolate butter cream icing.

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Milk: 1tbsp

Once your cakes have cooled down slice each in two. If the middle of the cake has risen too much, chop of the top and level it.

Take one bottom layer and place it on a cake board. I generally place 4 thin strips of aluminum foil along the bottom edges of the cake. The foil catches all the fallen decorations and once am done I generally remove these strips to have my cake on a clean surface.

Take some icing on this layer (approx.1/2 cup) and spread it using a offset spatula. Make sure to level it properly. Place top layer on it and spread icing on this. Repeat with the other top layer and finally place one bottom layer upside down.

Now carefully cover all the sides and top with the icing.

Take the left over icing in a zip lock pouch. Snip a small hole and create any design of your choice.

Finally decorate with the silver beads.

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