Crochet, A new hobby

9:56 PM

I love my art and craft. Though they seldom make appearnce in this space but my whole house is full of them. The cushion covers on my Divan, The curtains on the windows or the paintings and sketches on the walls are all handmade. I always need to keep on doing something or the other for being alive and inspired.

But last year when we moved to japan that's something that I missed most. Not like there were any dearth of inspirations but everything that I found there were pretty expensive. Especially the fabric with which I mostly work. Then on one fine day I discovered Japanese Crochet on the net. I have seen beautiful crocheted materials in my life as my Maternal aunt (Masimoni) is a seasoned crocheter but Japanese Crochet is exquisite in design and finesse. and the best part is the materials were not very costly too. with the 100 yen store Daiso on my next door mall I was inspired to try my hand in this.

Searched on google and found some really helpful videos on youtube and my journey with colourful yarns and hooks started. Its very easy once you know certain basic stitches. Today am a happy and enthusiastic crocheter looking for new ideas, designs and projects. 

Here are a few sample of my work so far. Please leave your valuable comments.
My very first project, a scarf for my son. He calls it his paw-paw muffler.

given a chance I will always crochet pretty flowers and leaves. Here is another scarf for my little niece.

Another scarf for an angelic sweet kid Kuttus. a bear scarf. Found the picture on net without any pattern, so worked my own. and am pretty pleased with the outcome :-)

A Tunisian Crochet cap for my husband. Its very very warm and helped him survive the chilling weather of Tokyo. pattern from

Saw these in a shop and found it very expensive. Bought some cotton thread and worked my own pattern. The prettiest work I have done till date.

And this is how it looks over my son's bed. Love how the sun light twinkles on  the beads.

A small coaster to use up the left over stash. Pattern crochetgeek on youtube.

Mandala. Another great project to finish your leftover yarns. Pattern Here

An Unfinished Granny square Blanket in making. Will share the whole thing once done.

Other food bloggers who do crochet in their free times are AnjaliNupur, Kamalika and Sharmila. A Crochet blog that inspires me a lot is Sangeetha's Crochetkari. Please share your link of works if you share the same passion for crochet.
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  1. kumar's kitchenJuly 8, 2013 at 11:36 PM

    oh you are so good at crochet, it is one of our hobbies too...those tinkling beads and crochet bells are oh so pretty,we feel inspired ...please keep up this divine attitude of creating beautiful makes all things way more special

  2. Yay!!!! :-)
    Amar naam dile keno ... amar kaajer toh kono proof neyi ;-)
    ... shudhu buni ar lok jon ke diye dei. Oi bell gulo ami o try korbo ... khub shundor legeche ogulo. :-)

  3. wowww.. everything is soooo beaitiful.. specially taht bear scarf.. and teh bells hanging over ur son;s bed!! lovely...

  4. Hi, If you want thick crochet thread then go for Laura knitting cotton. :)

  5. Loved all your creations. Paw - paw is as cute as the wearer.

    I haven't crocheted in a awhile but here are things I did in the past.

  6. Super and wonderful crochet work dear, love that paw paw.

  7. Fantastic work Sayantani ! They are all so beautifully done, but I love the one with that lil bear on it and those crochet bells. You girls are such an inspiration. The number of things you manage to do really amazes me !

  8. wonderful.khub bhalo.

  9. Needlework, crochet and tatting(in that order) was my passion till the cooking/baking bug bit me so hard that I stored all my hooks and needles away. So want to start all that again. Loved your creations.

  10. Nice work. I loved the one that you hang on your son's bed..

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  12. Tobe new hobby choleche? Bhalo dekte hoyeche. Bhalo hobby thakle montao bhalo thake.

    Gouri :)

  13. You are truly talented. Ki je sundor korecho. Amar ma ke khub banato crochet er jinis. Ma er theke shikhechilam, tobe tomar moto bhalo parina. bheeson sundor hoyeche.

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  18. The super-talented Sayantani :)
    Loved your work and specially the pink muffler (for your niece)... Amar ta kothaye? hahahha :D

    Keep loving what you do... :) nd stay blessed....

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  21. Oh my! you certainly are talented!
    I wish I had the patience to create such beautiful things, maybe one day!
    Keep up the beautiful work!

  22. you are so talented Sayantani .. love all your creations here ..

  23. You write so beautifully and your creations are equally beautiful. I also love crocheting and doing embroideries. May be we can share some ideas.

  24. Please please please provide instructions on how to do the bell bunting? I'd love to make one for my home <3
    Alternatively, You could email me at my gmail account by the same id.
    And where are you at Facebook? Would love to connect with you!
    I have a facebook page too,
    Ma Ka Pitara-Daily Crafts, you could also find me there. :)

  25. I love to cook. Your blog is excellent. But my passion is crocheting, candle making (gel). I can share some of my stuffs - but don't know how to :-(

  26. Lovely and neat work done...Pls share such projects like crochet bells, it really inspires to make one like that...

  27. hi sayantini, just happened to see your blog. I love to crochet too and its hardly gong to be a year. sharing my link here please visit it and share your feelings/comments. I love your bell bunting. its really nice and tempting me to do one. maybe sometime later.


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