Coffee Flavoured buttermilk Cake with Chocolate Glaze

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The weather here in Bangalore is seeing abrupt changes in weather and following this almost everyone is falling sick just like India cricket team’s wickets in the slog overs. For us its harder, as we came back from a very hot and humid weather of Bengal and the adjustment proved to be rather difficult. First the baby, then me and now Hubby, all three of us suffered from different forms of fever. Still the baby’s viral fever has not subsided fully and with a running nose the little one is having very tough time in sleeping. Though I have almost recovered (I had to) but am facing difficulty in feeding the child. Whatever I bring in front of him he waves his hand vigorously and says “na na na”. Any suggestion as what to give him is very welcome.

In all these it was my Maa’s birthday on 3rd of this month. I felt very guilt for not being there but Baba arranged a small get together with close family members and she said she had a great time this year. She is a kind of a person who is happy with very little things. Just be present there and she would be happy to have you around. This time I felt bad to be there as she was super busy with her work still she wanted to spend time with the grandson. All the days she woke up as early as 4:30 in the morning…do all her pending work and then by 6 she would have come to our bedroom to take the baby with him. By the time we wake up the baby ate his breakfast and had a great time with all the neighbors on his morning walk with didu.

The cake that am sharing this time is a coffee flavoured cake that I baked for a small get together with friends. The gathering required a light snack with coffee before going out for dinner and this super delicious cake fitted the bill perfectly. The recipe is borrowed and adapted from THIS. And I substituted lemon with instant coffee granules and filter coffee decoction. The addition of buttermilk gave it the ‘oh so melt in the mouth crumbly texture’ that I always wanted to have in my cakes and that aroma of coffee was something you cannot miss. It filled our home with such a warm aroma while baking that even the hubby came enquiring. Love it not only for the taste but also for the ease of making. No wonder the mixer made my baking life simpler but it’s very easy to put things together for this. Apart from the flavor and texture this cake is special in so many other ways too. It’s my first bundt cake, made with the help of my brand new hand held mixer for the first time. So thought of wishing Maa a very happy birthday with this.

Coffee Flavoured Buttermilk Cake with chocolate Glaze

Flour: 11/3 cups
Corn flour: 5 tbsp
Powdered sugar: ¾ cup
Butter: 1/3 cup
White oil: 1/3 cup
Eggs: 3
Baking powder: ¾ tsp
Curd: 1/3 cup
Coffee granules: 2 tsp (I also used ¼ cup concentrated filter coffee decoction)
For the chocolate drizzle:
Dark cooking chocolate: 4 tbsp
Castor sugar: 2 tbsp
Milk: 2 tbsp

Sift the flour, corn flour and baking powder thrice.

Whip the curd till smooth and add ½ cup water to it. Keep aside.

Grease and flour one bundt pan and preheat the oven at

Now take the butter (at room temperature) and oil in a big pan and beat till creamy. Add the sugar in 2 batches and beat in between.

Once the butter-oil-sugar is creamy and pale in color add the eggs one at a time and beating for a minute every time.

Now tip in 1/3 of the dry flour mixture. Whisk to incorporate everything together. Then add ½ of the buttermilk. Mix properly. Do the same alternatively ending with the dry ingredient.

Pour the batter in the bundt pan and bake for 30-45 minutes or till a toothpick comes out clean from the center.

Once done bring it out of the oven and let cool on a wire rack.

In the mean time prepare the glaze by melting the chocolate with the milk in a microwave (approx. 2 minutes). Mix the castor sugar and beat to mix. The end product would be smooth and shiny.

Drizzle on the cooled cake and then sprinkle some castor sugar on top.

Enjoy!Tastes great hot or at room temperature.

A Home Maker’s Note:
If you want to store the cake freeze it in an airtight container. Stays well for a week.

Have you heard of Anita's Mad Tea Party? She has invited everyone to her place this month to have fun with friends over tea. Am a game for all get together and am bringing this coffee flavoured cake to her place. 

Am sending this wonderfully crumbly delectable baked goody to the Bake Off event at Champa's Versatile Vegetarian kitchen.

to Sri's EFM: cakes and bakes series at Sriskitchen.

and at ruchika's baking from the books at ruchikacooks.

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  1. Lovely drizzle sayantani! I also like to use buttermilk in baked goodies.The cake looks yum yum yum!

  2. wow!wow!wow!wow!looks divine..mouthwatering.....

  3. Wishing your Maa a very happy belated birthday and what a beautiful cake to celebrate the special day!!
    I love love buttermilk in cakes makes the cake so the coffee flavor too..looks decadent!!
    Looks like you used your new tools very well:))

  4. how old is the baby sayantani? he needs warm soothing things to eat...try offering rajma 9boiled, no spices)that he can pick up and eat. same with boiled carrot sticks. make sure they're warm and soft. you can try plain rice with butter/ khichdi with butter, but you will find at this fussy stage they prefer to pick up stuff with their fingers, make a mess and eat as they do!! also try plain boiled pasta tossed with some olive oil and salt. they like to play with it and will happily eat the mess they make... don't try to force feed, it will only make your baby adamant.

    hope you're all doing better by the time you read this....get well soon!

  5. Happy belated bday to your Maa..looks so moist and I love the way you decorated the cake...yum..

  6. I hope you are feeling better now- my sister lives in Bangalore and was saying she is sick because of the weather too :(

    The cake looks delicious :)

  7. Belated happy B'day to your mom.The cake looks wonderful.

  8. I hope your baby gets well soon,and you too take care...Bday wishes to your mom and thats a very beautiful cake to celebrate it...looks yummy..

  9. I hope you all recover soon. more than the adults, it is difficult if the kids fall sick. I hope the baby feeds/eats soon.
    Wising your mom bealte birthday wishes and the cake looks delicious.

  10. I love coffee cakes! And do I want to have a slice of that one?? YES PLEASE:-) It look gorgeous.

  11. Hi,



  12. hope you are feeling better, Sayantani. cake looks delicious and a very happy belated b'day to your mom.

  13. Hope you all recover soon...cake looks yumm, perfetc with a cuppa coffee..lovely pic

  14. coffee cake looks delicious.and love the choclate shower onit.nice clicks too

  15. Cake looks divine!! Take care of yourself and the baby

  16. I hope your little one gets well soon. Belated birthday wishes to your Mom!

    The Cake looks great.I Just need a cuppa coffee with it :-)

  17. Lucky friends...that cake looks gorgeous with the white sugar and chocolate drizzle...and the flavors sound decadent and wonderful.

  18. "Get well soon" for all the three of you. Take extra care of your baby.
    Cake looks great...mouthwatering...

  19. Happy B'day to Kakima :-)
    Tomar Bari ja obosta amar bari teo same chilo goto shoptah. Both of them had viral. Amar cheley abar kono medicine khete chaye na. jor korle vomit kore de. Ufff ja kirti tai na korlo last week. Anyway, asha kori your son is ok now. Hey tumi amar mail dekho shomay pele (gave you my no.)
    This cake looks gorgeous and tempting.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  20. Sayantani,
    tumra bhalo hoye jao taratari...
    baby ke garam bhaat and butter dite paro...aloo sedho with butter and little bit of black pepper..Honey is good, ek tsp ekbare diye dekho..oke honey+ginger+tulsi pata diye ekta chashni type baniye dite paro ..jibh'er swad ta change hole khaba te interest hobe..(ekto old fashioned kinto homeopathic medicines , besh kaaj kore..Bryonia-30 nahole Belledonna-30 dite paro..just my personal experience..beshi antibiotic khele jibhe kicho taste paba jaye na, and kids der to taste bids highly sensitive, ekto eyidik -oyidik hole ..ekdom na-na-na kore )

    cake ta stunning hoyeche ebong clicks besh bhalo uteche..ekdom mone hoche ready to eat ..ami chole ashi ki :-)..

    hugs and smiles

  21. Warm hugs to your baby boy. And belated birthday wishes to your Ma. The cake looks awesome. I always like your warm posts.

  22. Wishing your Maa a very happy birthday Sayantani...Cake looks super delicious and love that chocolate glaze..Hope u all get recover soon..

  23. khub shundor cake hoyeche sayantani. tumi ar kiddo taratari bhalo hoye otho. ami tomar shob posts pori ... comment type korte pari na. take care. tumi ki fb te acho?

  24. sthansk a ton everyone for all your wishes. The baby is still sick and today we started him on antibiotics and little doses of nebuliser if required. Praying to God that he gets well asap. as told the irritation is his throat has made him very picky.

    @GB, thanks. those are very good suggestions. like the idea of boiled rahma or other big grain legumes. will try to give him. right now he only is having warm milk and liquid cerelac.

    @Jaya, thanks dear. we normally give him homeopathy medicines only but this time the fever was quite high so started on alopathy as well. will try the garam bhat alu seddho...he generally likes this.

    @Sharmila, in all these illness the best thing is your comment. Hope you are doing fine. khub taratari bhalo hoe otho. sotti tomake khub miss kori.

  25. Wowwwwwwwwwww... looks amazing.. gr8 job dear :)

  26. I am glad u all have recovered n are at the pink of health.
    The cake looks yummmmmm......

    Cheers n Happy Cooking,

  27. Cake ta darun tempting hoechhe re....kakima ke amader hoe birthday wish kore dish....

    Bachhader shorir kharap hole je ki hoe ami jani..bishesh kor eei extended shordi kashi ta bhoyanok koshkor....erokom hole ami meyeke puro soup er opor rakhi....Chicken shab veg diye bhalo kore boil kore...rosun arr alpo peyajkuchhi beje, tomato di...tomato akdom gole gele ada bata...tarpor bhalo kore koshiye soup e diye ei soup ta chhenke sipper e diye dite parish ba spoon feed o korte parish...shordi kashi r mukhe khub bhalo lage aar shorir er ektu pushti o hoe...

  28. Tui plain rice cereal er shatheo dite parish mishiye....murir shathe be bhat jodi khete pare chotke....jol khaoash beshi kore aar ektu warm water dish majhe majhe..aram pabe...

  29. looks amazing...
    try any finger food for the baby...

  30. Hope all your family members ar e fine now.

    The cake looks decadent with all that drizzle!

  31. Take good care of your health first dear sayantani .

    Seeing this decadent cake i feel you are all right.... or at least posting about this must have made you happy...

  32. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the entry. Keep them coming.

  33. Wish your kiddo a speedy recovery!

    buttermilk cake sounds interesting..
    beautiful presentation!

  34. My Mom used to make coffee cake using coffee granules and they were so yum.
    Recently when I asked her for the recipe she had forgotten all about it.Since then I had been search all over the blogshere for the coffee cake recipe and found yours and it looks so perfect

  35. Awesome cake...Loved the drizzle on it..The weather is changing her too,colder nights...

  36. thats a grt and delicious looking cake.. perfectly done. and Happy birthday to ur mom hope she had a wonderful time..

  37. This looks really great Sayantani...Its always difficult once you get back from a break and then falling sick, makes it awful...hope you are all feeling better soon...

  38. Wow!!! that came out to be so perfect!!

  39. Kids really suffer when they are that small and can't breathe properly :(

    Try putting on a facial steamer in the room he sleeps in for about half an hour. Put it on 15 minutes before he goes to sleep and then turn it off 15 minutes later. The vapour helps clear the nasal congestion - you can get it any medical shop and is very inexpensive.

    The cake looks wonderful! Funnily I just posted a cake as well into which went a tsp of coffee - really brings out the flavour.

  40. Never had a buttermilk cake before.

  41. Never tried buttermilk in cake, though I have heard of its success rate. You tempted me to bookmark this. Cake looks incredibly lovely dear.

  42. Eto sundor cake baniyechho je r thaka jachhena bhabchhi ekhoni tomar barite chole jai. Oshadharon hoyechhe. Darun presentation. Tomar Ma ke jonmodiner pranam janio.

  43. Hey sayantani, about the dessicated coconut, ask for kobri - thats the word for dry coconut in kannada...u can grate it and use - that has the best can ask if they have it grated, though i am not sure about that..

  44. Lovely cake, looks inviting with the drizzle.. And I am in Kml Sayantani! We live close by! We must surely meet sometime..I may not be able to attend the meet.

  45. so u added 2tsp of coffee granules and 1/4 th cup coffee decoction also? thanks in advance

  46. just a doubt....u added 2 tsp of coffee granules and 1/4 cup decoction also.....thanks in advance.

  47. @Unknown, yes I added 2 tsp coffee granules and 1/4 cup decoction also. this imparts a nice flavour and bright coffee colour to the cake.


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