Mushroom soup with Chili Oil

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This time am not going to start my post with the weather of Bangalore. My brother yesterday called up and said that my blog seems more like a weather report on Bangalore, all its missing is a picture of mine in a business suit with a stick in hand pointing to the map beside me. Ha, very funny but I realized may be a lot of you must have been thinking the same way. So rather today am going to give you a recipe that is very comforting to sustain such bad weathers. That’s my deliciously creamy mushroom soup with chili infused oil.

Though these days we drink a lot of soup but in the beginning, I hated it like anything. I found all soups way too bland for my taste so to spice it up I started drizzling it with various types of oil, which I do till today. Any soup that I find is not red hot for me I drizzle a generous amount of spicy chili oil on top. Remember my 

This soup is no exception but this tastes equally good without the oil. I learnt this soup from a friend of mine who learnt it from her aunt. She knew I adore mushrooms so on a chilly Saturday afternoon in Delhi she invited me to her place to have this soup. She lived in a big-shared apartment with two of her sisters and other three girls. I always wanted to have sisters and envied her for the adorable sisters she had.  Those were the bachelorette days of our lives and had very few gadgets…so she used a hand chopper to mash the boiled mushrooms. 

But at the end, I was bowled over by the rich taste of this soup. It was creamy, it was flavourful and it was lip-smackingly delicious. I loved it so much that I kept on preparing this again and again and especially during winters when curling on a couch with a hot bowl of soup seems almost like nirvana. Hubby equally loves this one and whenever he sees good button mushrooms in the market he brings home at least 2 packets and requests me to make this. With time I changed the recipe to suit my taste and to make it simpler. I omitted the soy sauce part that she used for extra flavour and used whole-wheat flour (instead of corn flour) for a healthier option. After marriage, I made this soup a few times with unflavoured soymilk but in that case, you need to use a wee bit more oregano to cover that soy smell. All in all it’s a great soup and perfect for the weather in Bangalore right now. Oops, guess am again going on the same direction so here is how I way about it.

but before I start a big bunch of thanks to 'S' who taught me this.

Mushroom soup with Chili oil

Button mushrooms: 2 packets
Garlic: 5-6 fat cloves
Onion: 1 small
Chili flakes: 1/3 tsp
Milk: 11/2 cups
Water: 2 cups
Soup stock: 1 cube
All purpose flour/ Whole-wheat flour: 1 tbsp
Oregano: 1/3 tsp
Pepper powder
Olive oil: 1 tsp

Chili oil: recipe HERE

Clean the dirt on the mushrooms and quickly wash under running water. Chop in small pieces.

Chop the onion and garlic and keep separate.
Heat the oil in a big pan and add the chili flakes Add the garlic and fry till you get a nice aroma. Add onions, pepper powder and a pinch of salt. Fry till translucent. 

Add the chopped mushrooms and fry on medium-high. A lot of juice will come out. Don’t worry keep on frying, it would be soaked up in the process. Once the mushrooms are dry and fried take out 1/4th of the quantity to add little bites to your soup. Keep it aside and Add the flour to the pot and fry on low, till a nice nutty aroma comes through.

Add the water, crumble in the soup stock and check the seasoning. Stir and bring it to a boil. The flour will thicken the sauce a little.

Then pour the warm milk and mix everything together. Cover and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes on low. Switch it off.

Now blend the whole mixture to a coarse puree. Put it back to the pan with the fried mushrooms before. Add little oregano, check the seasoning and let it come to a boil. Once the soup is thick serve immediately with toasts or sandwiches.

I had mine last night with some whole-wheat cheese toast and hubby with some leftover chicken tikka between two breads. That was perfect to warm our taste buds and souls. Try yourself to know…

sending this to Souper Soup Sunday at Kahakai Kitchen.

and to Pari's Only: low oil/low calorie event. this month hosted at Priya's Mahro Rajasthan's Recipes.

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  1. Thanks for a very soupy post! Fall's here and we will soon be craving soups here all the time!

  2. this is just fantastic....great recipe..
    had a good laugh reading bout ur bro's comment!

  3. lovely healthy and mouth watering soup.

  4. Woww fabulous looking soup, looks utterly delicious and comforting..

  5. I love mushrooms too..and the soup looks so creamy n hearty! I like that this doesn't have any cream in it also the use of whole wheat flour makes it more healthy..and just love your tangy chilli oil must have tasted even better with that drizzle..!!

    US Masala

  6. thanks everyone.

    @S, yes if you want a good laugh you should meet my brither. he is one of those people who crack jokes with a serious face.his timing and sense of humor is too good.

    @Aipi, yes very true. its very healthy sans the chili oil part. I never add cream to mushroom soups as once its mashed it itself becomes very creamy. add the whole wheat flour to make it thick.

  7. I am imagining how you will look like with that suited attire, a stick in hand and the map behind....Not bad.....hehee...jokes apart..the soup looks too good and tempting..ami mushrrom soup kokhono banaini....amar kano jani mone hoe akta wild smell hobe...janina future e banabo kina...but eta bookmark kore rakhlam...

  8. I love it! Looks simple enough to make in a jiffy and wholesome too! yummmmmmmmm. :)

  9. wht a lovely soups and they are really healthy n must be delicious..

  10. something about the chilli oil makes it so desirable

  11. Great soup primer Sayantani. Will be needing these very soon when the weather here becomes cold and unbearable.

  12. creamy soup.. loved the chilli oil drizzle!

  13. This soup sounds wonderful! I love mushroom soup and I really like the addition of the chili oil


  14. Mushroom soup looks so creamy n delicious love the flavor of chili oil on top of it ...yummy


  15. lovely earthy soup... Loe your reads with or without the b'lore weather...

  16. using chilli oil in soup is a great idea, it gives a nice flavour and your soup looks delicious...

  17. Seeing the post heading in my reader thought you are one big chilly oil fan ... so am i but i use it as a base most of the time n not as a topping . Your pictures look great and thank God they are not satellite pics of clouds hovering over Delhi....:)

    The soup is a favorite and i make a creamy mushroom soup slightly different from this one ..

  18. I too love button mushrooms ,Soup looks yummy!!Thanks for the tips ,Next time I make soup I will add whole wheat flour instead of corn flour

  19. I love mushroom soup and that chili oil looks like the perfect touch. ;-) Thanks for sending it to Souper Sundays.

  20. Great recipe dear, I really love that chili oil on top, yum...

  21. Mushroom not my favourite. kintu barir aar sobia khoob enjoy korbe. pictures are really good.
    nischoi banabo.

  22. I agree so mush to Sangeeta dear, I can write a complte post on the rains and the climate here.
    This soup is just so wanted and adding the chili oil on top is an extremely good thought, I normally do that to any food I find bland.

  23. Your bro has a wicked sense of humour :-)

    The Soup looks delicious. A great recipe.

  24. i am a great lover of soup an d the way u did this sounds so nice

  25. Ah I am in a soup :) I like to hear about bangalore weather ... he he. But only with a hot bowl of soup.

    Luv it.

    Cheers n Happy Cooking,

  26. LOL your brother has a great sense of humor. Coming back to the Mushroom Soup, it looks wonderful. Very simply prepared.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  27. yummy mushroom soup, I love mushrooms n I love chilli infused oil even more, I always have a bottle of the infused oil in pantry n use it for all my soups.

  28. The soup looks so delicious and mouth watering...just what I need for dinner after a long day at work! Thanks for posting this recipe...I shall try shortly!

  29. Yuumy post..loved all soups so much.

  30. Timely recipe.It's getting cooler here and the leaves have already started falling..

  31. amazing family is in love with soups so am surely going to try this out have a great blog too.

  32. Hi Sayantani,
    I tried your mushroom soup with a bit changes like replacing milk & oregano by chicken stock & spring onion. I didn't blend the soup to keep a crunchy taste as my husband & son love it.
    It came out quite delicious. They praised me, I told it's Sayantani who deserves the credit. Looking forward to some more quick veggie recipe.

  33. This soups sounds absolutely yummy! I love mushrooms and the season is starting here!!
    No worries about talking to the weather... I have the same habit ;-)

  34. Sayanatani,
    You know we discuss first thing in the morning about weather here, if it's going to rain or not , cloudy or sunny etc, So I guess I am with you then..And I just love mushroom soup and creamy if it is then even more good..Someday I have to try your chili infused oil in my cooking thats for sure..
    hugs and smiles

  35. Wow...this is just so anything with chilies..never had a mushroom soup without chillies...gotta try it!
    Sinfully Spicy

  36. I made this soup today!And let me tell you..Its just utterly butterly (without butter though) delicious.Thanks much for the post :-)

  37. I made this soup at home today.its utterly butterly (bcoz of its creamy nature) delicious!Thanks a ton for sharing this recipe :-)

  38. This is the Wonderful post.. I am happy to read this blog

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