Quick Coriander and vegetable Pulao

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Some of our bachelor friends and even a few reader have asked me to post some quick vegetarian recipes that they can cook without hours laboring in the kitchen, especially after a hard days work. I have been planning to cook and post a few of my go to recipes but the bad health of the whole family kept me away from the kitchen. I will definitely post some good side dishes later that one can enjoy with rice or roti, but today am posting a very easy one-dish rice recipe that can be cooked in a jiffy. Yes, you can prepare a full meal with this under 30 minutes. It’s that easy and suits those moments when you crave a good home cooked meal without any effort.

For weekend dinners I like to prepare one-pot meals be it soup, Pasta or rice dishes. These preparations are perfect to have from a bowl while watching your favourite program or movie. I first started cooking these when I was in Delhi. Our hostel often served Tahri or the peasant rice dish from UP. For variations they added various veggies and sometimes soy nuggets. That was my easy soothing meal after a hard days work. Then when my brother came to Delhi for his Industrial Training I started experimenting more with such dishes and one day cooked this coriander pulao with lots of vegetables. That was an instant hit and thereafter became a staple in my kitchen. 

Then recently I saw sandeepa cooking her egg pulao with almost this same spice blend but then she added a few mint leaves. I was intrigued by that idea and this time has also added a handful of mint leaves from my garden. It gives a very mild minty kick to the dish, which we loved.  And now hubby calls this green chutney pulao. This dish needs a raita at the sides to cut the spice and to make a perfect meal.

You can cook this dish in a big pan or even in microwave but I prefer my pressure cooker. As the minimum stirring keeps the rice grains whole and separate. Now cooking perfect pulao in pressure cooker is a bit tricky. The ratio of rice to water has to be perfect and also the number of whistles you should allow. This time I am giving you exact measurement and in the pictures you can see the results yourselves. Here is the step-by-step recipe.

Quick Coriander and Vegetable Pualo
(serves 2)
Basmati or any other long grain rice: 11/2 cups
Assorted vegetables like cauliflower, peas, potato, carrots, beans etc. cut into cubes: 21/2 cups
Oil: 2 tbsp+1tsp

To be ground together
Onion: 1 big
Ginger: 1.5” piece
Garlic: 5-6 fat cloves
Coriander seeds: 1 tbsp
Dry red chilies: 4 pieces
Fresh coriander: 1 cup tightly packed
Mint leaves: ¼ cup loosely packed
Tomato: 1 small

For tempering
Cloves: 5-6
Black pepper: 8-9
Cinnamon: 1 small stick
Warm water: 23/4 cups
Lemon juice: few drops

First prepare the rice. Wash it properly, drain the excess water and then spread on absorbing paper. Let it completely dry before use.

Heat 1 tsp oil in a pressure cooker. Add the vegetables and salt, fry on low for 3-4 minutes.

Add the rest of the oil and temper with clove, cinnamon and pepper. Once they start to splutter add the spice paste. Add salt and fry on low till oil separates at the sides (approx 6-7 minutes).

Add the rice and fry for a minute. Pour the warm water and lemon juice.

Add the vegetables. Give a stir to mix everything. Check the salt.

Cover and let it cook till one whistle on low flame. Once done switch off the gas and let the steam escape in itself.

Uncover and fluff the pulao with fork and serve hot with Raita.

Both of us were having cold so this time we had ours with garlic-mango pickle and hard boiled eggs fried with salt and turmeric (thanks for the idea Bongmom). If you are not having cold then don’t give a miss to the raita. That makes the meal perfect.

Sandeepa has a similar egg pulao here.

Sending this to Akheela's Festive rice event at Torview.

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  1. I love one pot meal too and this is one more incredible dish from you..comforting,easy, filling n delicious.. can imagine the wonderful coriander flavor in the pulao..lovely presentation n clicks dear!

    US Masala

  2. Oh gosh.. this looks awesome!! I am horrible at cooking.. Even the simplest recipes... turn out disasterous!! :-)

  3. Looks awesome..yummy rice with lots of flavors..lovely presentation

  4. wow what a colorful n healthy pulao ..i can feel the flavor of coriander in the pulao ..yummy


  5. very yummy looking pulao..loved the last pic with eggs!
    Sinfully Spicy

  6. Fantastic looking pulao, very tempting!

  7. I love one pot cooking and this rice looks perfect.

  8. It's nice to have a stash of quick recipes to choose from... this is a nice one, looks good :)

  9. one pot meal always is convenient on lazy days.. liked the combo with fried eggs..eager to try it..

  10. this looks so yummy and colorful too !!

  11. Love this kind of one pot meal and that looks so comforting and delicious..great presentation..love those egg slices on top...so yummie!

  12. A delicious one-pot meal. Beautiful clicks.

  13. Nice dish Sayantani:)..do you know this is my son's fev dish?..yummy and easy..loved it..:)

  14. Wow this pulao looks so colorful and delicious..great explanation indeed.

  15. You bet one pot meals are life savers on a busy day! I haven't tried a pulav with a predominant coriander flavor, this sounds good and looks really inviting with the fried eggs for company..

  16. Really quick & easy one,loved the recipe...and looks very very delicious...

  17. Quick & easy and i love the flavour of coriander too...looks very delicious..

  18. All the good flavors topped with hard boiled eggs and red chilly powder ... that is like an extensive menu got together in a bowl...

  19. amio onekta eibhabei kori...ami just everest er chicken masal di....aar kono masala di na....garammasala phoron....peyaj kuchi, ada rosun bata....tarpor sab sabji ar rice diey pressure cook....

    pix gulo khub shundar hoechhe....dekhei khete ichhe korchhe...

  20. Darun dekhte hoyeche Pulao ta...konodin coriander pulao banai ni, ebare banabo bandhuder lunch-e dekechi takhan, tomar recpe ta try korbo..click gulo apoorbo

  21. Healthy eating promotes longevity. I always ask my friends and family for healthy recipes that ensure adequate nutrition. I usually avoid eating junk food items.I love this all recipes.
    starting solids babies

  22. Loved the colour in the dish,looks delicious :)

  23. Yes as all said i too lve onepot meal.ur vesrion of this biryani, sounds very yummy and i love to try various version of this dish too.

  24. Pulao dekhte lobhoniyo hoyeche. chutir dine banai, kosha mangsho diye sobai khete bhalo bashe. Sayantani, aami kokhono pudina aar dhone pata diye banaini
    ...interesting...can get the taste of it:)

  25. Vegetable pulav ta durdanto hoyechhe. Dekhei to khete ichhe korchhe. Darun recipe. Chhobi gulo khub gorgeous lagchhe.

  26. I love the color of this pulao .. Looks awesome

  27. Ekdom perfetct hoyeche Pulao ta...eta ke ki Tahiri bole ? tahiri exactly ki rokom kore kore bolo to ? Amar ek bondhu khichuri'r moton texture er ekta dish ke(no dal) bolto tahiri

  28. Your vegetable pulao is mouth watering. One pot meals are great now that school is in session. The evenings get so busy with all the afte school activities.

  29. Great presentation, love your idea for easy cooking but I bet it tasted delicious..

  30. Gorgeous photos Sayantani !!! tomar bari ta ekktu dure nahole choley ashtam khete...hi hi hi uninvited guest ;-)I lov one pot meals...
    Btw how is your son now? Medicine-r dose shesh hoyeche?

  31. O wow, your pulao looks and sounds amazing. So good I'm bookmarking it.

  32. I can have this yummy pulao right now...looks so delicious!

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  34. LOve the flavors..looks so delicious..

  35. Love this kid of one pot meal..Quick n easy :-)

  36. Hi Sayantani! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words, you made my day!!

    And glad u found the info on my blog useful,look forward to more interaction with you!

  37. u know what...i love anything with coriander..and if its leaves i just love the flavour it imparts but my other half is exactly the opposite..love the pics

  38. This looks lovely..aaj ranna korte ekdom ichhe korchhilo na,was thinkin of having a bowl of cornflakes wid banana n milk(yeah,i knw its breakfast,but at times lyk tday,it doubles up as a meal)..but u saved me..m going to make this tonite:)

  39. That's a fi,lling and wholesome meal...looks terrific..thanks for your lovely wishes :-)

  40. Pulao looks and sounds very nice,I always try different recipes every time,this is sure a must try!


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