Happy Birth Day: My Cub turns One

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Of all the months March holds a special place in our life as last year our son was born on this month. While I am writing this post the little one is running around the house with a bucket in his hand. I am amazed to see how fast baby’s grow, It seems only last month when I first hold that tiny little bundle of joy in my hands, that soft touch of his skin, that trembling little smile on his lips, that smell of milk in his body and those big eyes looking at me asking to hold him closer. What a mesmerizing moment that was…I was overwhelmed with love, affection, passion and responsibilities all at the same time and since then our lives started revolving around him. It hardly took me a minute to decide on quitting my work that I so dearly and passionately pursued all these years. He claims almost all our time and attention but still when he prefers to sleep more than he generally does I start to miss his activities. Am always worried with the thought of what bad could happen to my baby. All we wish for is his wellness. The news of renting out babies to beggars by their ayahs or babies being badly treated in their day care centers gives me a chill in my bones.

It is said that when a child is born a mother also takes birth but I was not sure or confident enough to take care of that fragile little baby all by myself and wanted to stay in the hospital for some more days. My doctor then advised me to be patient as this is going to be a very good learning process. That surely was, life as a mom is still exciting with things to explore about him almost every day.Today no recipe as such to share but some foods that my baby likes to eat. He is not a fussy eater but eats only when he is in mood. Below are some such dishes.

For the first 6 months I dint give him any outside food, not even water.

Then slowly I started giving him lentil soup which is nothing but a spoonful of red lentils, boiled with plenty of water with salt, turmeric and tomato. He still likes to drink this.

Then gradually I introduced some solids like boiled and mashed potatoes, apples and boiled semolina (cream of wheat). He still enjoys his evening dose of steamed apples, mashed banana and boiled potatoes and tomato with salt.

For main meals he loves to eat Khichri and fried fish.

Rice: 2 tsp
Red lentil: 1 tsp
Thinly chopped potato: 1 tsp
Carrots: 1 tsp
Raw papaya/beans/pumpkin: 1 tsp
Onion-ginger paste: 1 tsp
Tomato: 1 medium
Cumin powder: ½ tsp
Wash the lentil and rice and take everything together in a pressure cooker with enough water. Cook on low for 4-5 whistles.
Cool and mash or strain through a soup strainer (as your baby likes it) my son started with smooth strained khichri and now enjoys the boiled dish with a piece of fried fish (fried in non stick with a few drops of oil).


This is a very healthy dish for babies and sick people. My husband sometimes like to eat this for dinner to.
Chicken/fish/paneer: 1 pc
Rice: 2 tbsp
Potato: 1 small
Chopped onion: little
Chopped ginger-garlic: 1 tsp
Whole cardamom, cinnamon, clove: 1 pc each for flavoring
Bay leaf: 1
Take everything together in a pressure cooker. Cook on low till the chicken are well cooked. Fish out all the garam masala and serve.

Rava Idli

Very fine semolina: 6 tsp
Homemade fresh curd: 2 tsp
Grated carrot: 2 tsp
Ginger paste: a pinch
Curry leaf powder: ¼ tsp
Soda-bi-carb: a pinch
Mix everything together with little water. The consistency should be creamy so adjust water accordingly.
Let it soak for 15-20 minutes. Grease a idli pan with few drops of oil and pour the batter sparingly.
Steam for 15 minutes or till a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
Sonny loves it with lentil soup.

Dal/Lentil soup
Take 1 tsp each of red and yellow lentil. Wash and keep aside.
Heat 1/3 tsp oil/ghee/butter and put a pinch of cumin seeds into it. Once they splutter add the lentils, ½ chopped tomato, salt and turmeric. Fry for a couple of minutes.
Add ½ cup water and Cook on low till the lentils are cooked and creamy.
Serve it in itself or with roti/idli.

Light Fish Curry

He loves to rice with fish curry which I prepare with very little spices. he also likes tomato'r jhol specially made for him sans oil.

Fish: 1 pc
Potato: cut in wedges; 2 pcs
Cauliflower: 1 small floret
Onion paste: ½ tsp
Ginger paste: a big pinch
Cumin powder: a big pinch
Tomato: ½ medium
I cook this in a non stick pan.
Rub a little turmeric and salt on the fish. Add few drops of oil to the pan and fry the fish till browned on both sides. Keep aside
Heat 1/3 tsp oil and add the potato and cauliflower. Fry for a couple of minute then add the spices mixed with a tbsp of water. Cover and let it cook on low fire for another couple of minutes.
Once the smell of fried spices come through add the tomato and ½ cup water.
Once boil add the fish piece. Cover and cook on low till veggies are cooked.
Serve with white rice.

Another thing that I serve as evening snack is powdered cornflakes and puffed rice mixed with lactogen and a bit of sugar.

So far the tiny tot has explored the culinary world this much. I know he would enjoy many more variety in coming time.

With this I take a break. I am leaving for Kolkata to celebrate sonny boys first birth day with friends and family. Please bless my little one.

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  1. SAYANTANI....

    Gr8....job u did....I mean sharing kids food ( Ur preps )....I wish Ur little one....A very Happy Birthday...May God bless u dear...Enjoy ur trip...Happy Journey

  2. Good post Saya..Very useful for to be moms too..good that you made everything at home..Have a wonderful time in kolkatta..

    Wishing the laddu kid a very happy bday..

  3. ohhh so cute..such adorable baby..Happy birthday dahling..

  4. Many Happy returns of the day to your cutie pie.He is so cute.

  5. Happy Birthday! to the dear little boy. I understand from the baby's food how important fish is.

  6. happy birthday to your baby boy, Sanyantani! the pic looks so cute and what a wonderful way to celebrate his b'day with all of his favorite dishes.

  7. Dear Sayantani
    Happy birthday to khoka babu and many happy returns of the day.
    Your writing, I must say, is the best I have ever read and written by a 1st time mother...very nice.
    Well remember , we parents make the kids fussy about food..no one else..later they will become fussy too when influence comes from school and other friends and friends parents, self appointed dietricains etc.
    My elder daughter as a baby used to eat raw karela ( like cucumber) until some one put in her ears that bitter is a bad taste...
    Children only learn that sweet is good taste and bitter is bad taste from us ...they are not born with that concept. This is an example.
    Very nice food and the photographs. I feel good that you have put him in to good diet
    Bhalo theko

  8. A big hug to the lil one and a Vey nice birthday for him... Enjoy the time at home!

  9. Hi Sayantani
    Happy B'day to your Little Prince. What is his name? My Son is 2(1/2)and my whole day passes by looking after his mischief. Shune bhalo laglo je tomar chele maach khay. My son eats chicken and egg but won't touch fish. Dusyu ta shudhu macher chop banale khay.
    Tumi bhalo nutritious khabar post korecho( Kids Special).


  10. A very happy birthday for your sweetie. God bless.

  11. Many many happy returns of the day to your cute little baby,....so adorable...may god bless him and give him all the happiness in the world...

  12. Ak bochhor hoe galo?????onek onek ador aar shubhechhya....khub bhalo likhechhish....akdom moner kotha gulo bolechhish ki shundar bhabe....tor lil angel onek boro hok aar shob bhalo hok tai prarthona kori...bhalo thakish tora shoabi mile....

  13. Tomar mitti chaana ta ke onek onek ador or 1st b'day te Sayantani! Ar onek blessings.
    Ar tomar jonne ki bolbo ... eto oshadharon ekta post! I have hardly come across such posts ... beautifully thought, arranged, written and shared! :-)
    Barite khub anondo kore fire esho taratari. :-)

  14. Manu Many Happy returns of the day to J. Sayantani, May god bless you and give you all the happiness of the World...your son is too cute and a lucky baby to have a mom like you...it was a gr8 idea to post so many yummy baby recipes, it's really useful for lots of new moms and we share a common thing here, my twins are also born of March..they turned 3..have fun in Kolkata

  15. Your baby looks so adorable. Happy B'day to Junior.I like your way of celebrating his B'day with his favorite dishes.Great MOM!

  16. So whens the Birthday of your Baby ... wish him loads of love and happiness ! He looks so cute :)

    Just sent your link to my cousin who has 8 months baby ! Would be damn helpful !

  17. Happy birthday to your baby! This is an adorable post. I love that you made all your own baby food for your son...that is what I hope to do when I have kids.

  18. Happy Birthday to your baby boy! And his food looks so nutritious- he is quite the little gourmet.

    P.S: Sayantani, you asked about sending an entry for the Blog Bites event that is not from another blog but from your relatives. It turns out that I got another entry of that type and decided to include it, so if you want to send one, I'll accept it, thanks!

  19. Happy First Birthday to you little bundle of joy!

  20. Nice post...Belated birthday wishes to ur baby..he is so adorable :)..nice reci[es too..

  21. Happy Birthday to the little one. One, already, bhaba jai na. Khub khub cute lagche, kala tikka

  22. Hello,nice post thanks for sharing?. I just joined and I am going to catch up by reading for a while. I hope I can join in soon.

  23. Happy Birthday to the little one :)
    Oh the fish dish -we feed fish also with rasam rice or dhal. lovely recipes!

  24. Happy Birthday to the little one:) He is so cuteeee and what a lovely idea to celebrate his birthday with all his favourite dishes:)

  25. You lil one is so cute..B'day wishes and hugs from me :-)

    Thanks for sharing his fav dishes

  26. Sayantani,

    So your Little Baba has grown with 365 days behind him. My good wishes and blessings to the Little One.

    Your caring and sharing for the child is very nuch visible in your writing.

    ...keep smiling...both Mom and Son...:-)

  27. Everytime I say thanks for iking my recipe but this time am so glad that you liked this post and took some time off to bless my baby....this means a lot to me. Am touched and thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

  28. very nice post... lots of kids friendly dishes... and a big birthday hug for your adorable boy...

  29. A very very happy birthday to the little one - they grow real fast !! Nice menu for babies here, very useful for new moms...I missed blogging too, dont know what I was busy with, but never took pics and so never blogged this long...have a great holiday and a big hug to the little one...

  30. First time here.. wonderful recipes.. Thanks for sharing.. :)

  31. Happy birthday to your little one, and many, many more to come!

  32. Happy birthday to the cutie pie.Those are some nutritious baby foods :D

  33. Convey my birthday wishes to your sweet little baby. Looks very cute.
    Wonderful post.

  34. Wish ur kid a very happy birthday ..nice post

  35. Happy Birthday! :) Have forwarded this to my SIL - her 18 month old hasnt even tried half of this stuff - except the khichdi :( maybe this will inspire her to introduce some more stuff

  36. Happy birthday to the gorgeous one! I love the eyes.. so big and so full of feelings.

    yes they do grow up at a superfast speed and I wish they did not.

  37. Oh Sayantani...A Very Happy 1st birthday to ur Son..He must be so proud of his mom and her innovative and healthy baby foods... He loooks so cute..so precious..Cherish these moments. As you know by now that my older son is 6 and my younger is 2 1/2 so I know they grow very quick....

  38. It seem so nice to hear from you about your cub!!!!!!

  39. ki mitti dekhte tomar puchku ke...Belated Happy Birthday to your cub :) :) May God bless him and fulfill all his dreams !! :)

  40. Great post!! Your little looks so cute. Belated birthday wishes to him..

  41. How sweet... He is adorable! My daughter is also a March baby :)


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