Paporer Tarkari (Papad Curry)

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Papadum is a thin Indian crispy cuisine sometimes described as a cracker or flatbread. They are typically served as an accompaniment to a meal in India. It is also eaten as an appetizer or a snack and can be eaten with various toppings such as chopped onions, chutney or other dips and condiments. (wikipedia)

Don’t you sometime think that our lives are becoming very very hectic, strenuous and exhausting, which in turn has made our life so demanding that we hardly are getting any time to sit back and relax. We have to plan everything in advance and if one thing is not done according to that the life goes off the track. In our family Hubby has a very demanding Job and am partially working and on top of that we have a very active soon to be one year old kid to manage. We are looking for a full time maid and till now no such good luck with that. Most of the time we have to plan all our household work for the weekends which makes these two days more frantic. Last weekend both of us were very tired and wanted to loosen up a little and enjoy Holi to the fullest…following which no vegetable and fruit shopping was done. Resulting to that small decision, by Wednesday my kitchen gone completely haywire. It was beginning of the month and grocery was also to be replenished.

in the midst of this misery Maid did not turn up in the morning. After a session of cleaning and washing the utensils, When I was almost brainstorming as what to cook for dinner and pack for Hubby’s lunch tomorrow, I heard a whizzing sound along with the baby’s scream at the top note. I went running to the spot and discovered the puzzled little one sitting infront of the washing machine completely drenched and water coming out from a pipe and spraying everywhere in full motion. He had pulled out the water pipe to the washing machine and completely flooded the dining space. Poor me, with a clenched teeth I kept on chanting, “All is well, all is well” and mopped off almost 2 buckets of water from the floor. 

Once the baby settled for his late evening nap I decided on making Paporer tarkari/ Papad curry or a curry dish made with Papad. This recipe could actually be a life saver for times when you don’t have anything other than onion and potatoes in your pantry, as the Papad already have lots of spices no need to add anything other than salt, turmeric and chillies. One of my childhood friend M’s Mother makes amazing papad curry and she only adds some cumin-coriander powder. I tried her recipe but never achieved that stunning result as hers. So I prefer to add a teeny tiny dollop of onion-ginger paste…Hubby also prefers it this way.  This humble curry pairs really well with rice. We also had ours with rice, plain red lentil soup (musoor Dal) and omlette at the side. Though the day started on quite some bad note but ended really well with a satisfying meal.

Paporer Tarkari (Papad Curry)
(serves 3)

Potato: 2 medium
Tomato: 1 medium; chopped (I used a handful of cherry tomatoes from my veggie patch)
Onion-ginger paste: 1 tbsp
Masala Papad: 4 (I used Lizzat masala papad )
Dry red chillies: 2 pieces
Cumin seeds: ½ tsp
Chilli powder: ½ tsp
Oil: 2 tsp

Peel and cut the potatoes in big cubes. Microwave for 8 minutes with salt, I prefer it as it calls for lesser oil while frying.

Microwave or dry roast the papads on stovetop. If you are roasting in microwave do it for 30 seconds or till done. You can also fry them in hot oil. Break in quarters and keep aside.

Heat the oil and put the cumin seeds and red chillies. Once the seeds sizzle add the drained potatoes. Fry till lightly golden in colour.

Add in the masala paste, salt, chilli and turmeric powder. Mix and let it cook on low heat.

Once the fat starts to separate add chopped tomato and stir to mix everything together.

Wait till the tomatoes are mushy, then pour 11/2 cups of water (preferably warm). This dish is not completely dry but has a thick gravy coating the potatoes. Mix and cover and cook till potoes are done.

Add the papads and gently give it a stir. Check the seasoning. Sprinkle garam masala powder and serve on a bed of steamed white rice. Yummy

Variations: like all other Indian Dishes this is very versatile you can change the spice mix to suit your taste.

  • you can also use other vegetables like green peas, squash or carrots. Actually substituting potatoes with squash seems a great idea.

  • If you like it more spicy add a little garlic paste and rather than microwaving fry the potatoes golden brown in hot oil.

  • To have a creamier texture substitute tomatoes with thick beaten curd.

  • Even a typical South Indian tempering of mustard seeds, Curry leaves and Gram dal will also work wonder. In that case I would prefer to use South Indian style papad. 

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  1. I do a curry similar to urs but never tried adding potatoes, curry looks awesome!!

  2. Wow..This is new to me!!But it such a wonderful idea to make it..I am sire it would have been a hit with your family!

  3. Looks great.. This is the first time I have heard of anything like it.

  4. Your papad curry looks so colourful and delicious!! had few times in India at my nan's..may be I shoud try here..

  5. Very interesting, although i have heard that papad is used for gravy but never tried it till now..your recipe seems so nice and looks wonderful too...

  6. I bet you were very exhausted after all that mopping... Never tried papad curry before... looks good!

  7. Looks like you indeed had a hectic day especially with the washing machine disaster.
    Delicous looking curry.

  8. Pappad curry looks simply superb!!!

  9. Papad curry sounds interesting

  10. looks tasty. I thought those were omelette at first sight.

    Oh no! mopping up all that water is sure hard work. "all is well" is good :)

  11. Amar shoshurbarite paporer tarkari first kheyechi ... tobe alada bhabe banaye ora. Ebhabe banale amar bhalo lagbe ... besh bangali bangali taste hobe. :-)

  12. I have heard this but never tried out.Will give a try soon.

  13. On top of everything, the washing machine gave u a load of exercise.
    The papad curry sounds delicious and simple!

  14. This is the first time ive heard of this......papad is one of my hubbys dfntly i wl try ..thanks for sharing .........

  15. E babba, ki obostha !!!Chele thik ache to tarpor ?

    Papad curry amar khub bhalo lage, kintu kokhono korini

  16. never tried curry using applams.sounds intersting.Will try smetime.

  17. I haven't seen such a curry before, bravo for pulling off the dinner. The way you described your child and the washing machine, I couldn't help giggling! All izz well!
    Please stop by to pick up your "award" - you deserve it after such a hard day :-)

  18. Hi Dear. I was imagining poor u cleaning the floor, washing utensils and repeating all's well. Some days really turn out a nightmare..but the end looks really delicious. I have tasted this one but without the G&G.

  19. Hope the Maid is in now, making life bit simpler :)

    My Mil prepares Papad Curry, but its quite different, she doesn't roast them and cook it in gravy ! This roasting seems interesting as it will give totally new taste to the curry.

  20. Hi..looks nice..potatoes with papad is new..

  21. Your poor little baby! You better keep an eye on that one...he seems like he will be getting into all kinds of mischief.

    This sounds delicious! I always have potatoes and onions on hand. What a great go-to meal.

  22. This curry is new to me and looks quite delicious. I can imagine the plight with the washing machine going crazy. Cheer up!!!!


  23. Have had pappad curry, but not with potatoes..this looks scrumptious :-)

  24. this is so unique.. i have never had a papad curry before, but come to think of it, I think this is a wonderful idea exactly as you mentioned for the days when you have nothing else other than onions and potatoes. I was just talking to my husband about why we ourselves make our life so hectic and troubled, and then I read this post.. guess I am not alone in thinking like that :)

  25. yeah I remember you told me for my papad curry that you make something similar..Next time I am gonna try this..

  26. Paporer torkari ekdom notun dhoroner khabar amar jonno. Darun lagchhe dekhte r kheteo sheirokomi bhalo hobe bujhtei parchhi. Khub sundor bhabe present korechho. Thanks ei notun recipe r jonno.

  27. Papad curry very innovative.Looks delicious.

  28. Your baby boy is one real brat..Good luck with more mopping n frantic moments:-) Lovely curry, though havent tasted it before.. will surely give it a try..Thought it was an omelette cut up in the first look.
    Please come by our space..Theres an award waiting for you..

  29. Great...papar er tararkari amar kachhe notun akdom....

    Tor chhele to khub dushtu hoechhe re...amartao eirokomi kore tai shobsomoy chokhe chokhe rakhte hoe...

  30. That is new to me... nice 'n unique dish!

  31. this is so creative, looks so good..never have tried or tasted papad curry..bookmarked..

  32. @Priya, share your version too so that we can learn another new recipe.

    @Shri, right, everyone loves it.

    @Nostalgia,Jagruti, thanks :-)

    @Sushma, thats a good idea. will try it sometimes.

    @Spicy Kitchen, HC, you bet am damn tired

  33. @Sarah, bergamot, thanks

    @ISG, thats my mantra these days :-(

    @Sharmila, thik bolecho eta besh bangali banagali. kichu na thakle bhalo manage hoe jay.

    @Subhashini, Cham glad that you liked it.

    @Ann, same here Hubby loves papad but loves the curry more.

    @Sandeepa, haan se babu achen thikthak. thanks

    @JAyshri, yeah that surely is.

  34. @Pari, ohhh dont ask what a bad day it was.

    @Kanchan, no she is not in yet. dont know how long she is gonna missing this time. betw i roasted it ti decrease the amount of oil

    @Deepa, :-)

    @Joanne, am the poor one Joanne not that little brat of mine.

    @Ms.chitchat, Gulmohar thanks

    @Pj, seriously it could be a life saver at times.

    @Ruchika. will try your version next time I feel this poor.

    @Babli, Simply...thanks a Ton. these words mean to me a lot.

  35. @Fathima, Deepa, welcome to my page and thanks

    @Kamalika, Sahana, thanks again

    @Ann and Adukala...thanks again for remembering me for this award. am truly honored. soon will spill the beans....thanks

  36. WOw, this is my brother's favourite...we make more or less similar to ur version, we call it Appala Kootu/ alu-pappad ka subzi(translated in Hindi). They are perfect with any curried rice, tasteee. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe, dear.

  37. Fantastic pics .Totally new to me.I am sure it will taste great!

  38. papad curry!!!!sounds to try n taste it as soon as possible.
    Drop in sometime my blog

  39. wow! what an awesome blog! Please please please enable e-mail subscription via feedburner or feedproxy! it is really simple... I'd love to read you regularly! u are so talented... u must write a cookbook! take care adn god bless!

  40. thanks Anonymous. I would definitely add the mail subscription soon. thanks for all your great comments.

  41. Sunday te eita baniyechilam tomar recipe follow kore - Daruun hoyechilo..Thank you for the recipe :)

  42. Interesting . I had paporer tarkari way back in mid 60s when i was in school hostel. Want to try this one and was looking for a recipe. I think adding a pinch of hing will also work. Instead of squash i will add pumpkin and potatoes.

  43. yummy curry :) first time here and happy to follow you dear :)


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