Kumro Posto’r Chatni/ Pumpkin, Poppy Seed Paste Chutney

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Ever since Sourashtra kitchen has announced the Think Spice: think poppy seed event, am literally drooling. Not only because one of our famous comfort food Alu posto is prepared with this but kancha posto bata or poppy seed paste with chopped onion, green chilly and a dash of mustard oil is something will give you good slumber. Poppy seeds are known for their cooling effects. Mainly for this reason poppy seeds are very popular in districts where the weather is very dry and hot like Birbhum and Bankura. But otherwise also it the most popular comfort food for Bengalis. Most Bengalis will eat their plate of rice with plain red lentil soup (musur daal), Alu Posto and fried fish. Apart from kancha posto and alu posto we also make peyanj posto (with onion), jhinge posto (ridge gourd), Chingri (prawn) posto, bati posto (ground poppy seed mixed with spices cooked in a bowl) and so on. For chachari which are another dominant Bengali style of cooking vegetables, also use Poppy seeds and mustard paste. Posto bora or Poppy seed paste mixed with spices and fried as fritters is another Bengali delicacy. Apart from these dishes where poppy seeds play the dominant role we have gravies where posto is used to thicken it and to give more texture.

These days price of the seeds are shooting sky and in most small shops they are not storing it. If you need it you have to order for it and give advance. But that cannot restrain posto loving Bengalis from their most favourite dish so the tradition is alive and kicking. But I have gathered a small tip from my in laws. They mix white sesame seeds with posto in 1:1 ratio. And I can bet you won’t be able to tell the difference. But I dare not as there are some Bengalis who are Posto lovers and even can tell whether the paste was kept in fridge or is freshly ground or more strangely whether the paste is ground in mortar and pestle or in a mixer grinder…well I know it as I have one such person in my family, my sister in law or Boudi. She loves posto so much that no meal is complete without it. Even after travelling for 6 hours and reaching home at 9 in the evening she happily could grind Posto and cook it. No, am not that Posto lover but love my rice with jhinge alu posto and patla dimer jhol (light egg curry).

But this time am not posting anything from these famous Bengali delicacies but something that most of you will find unusual in combination. Its kumro, Psoto’r chatni or pumpkin Chutney cooked with poppyseed paste. I never had this dish anywhere out of my family.

Like any other Indian chutney this also has that sweet and sour balancing taste. Where the sweetness comes from the pumpkin and sugar and the tartness comes from Amchur or dried raw mango. If you are a chutney lover you should try this once as all the ingredients are available in most of the kitchens. So without much ado here is the recipe

Kumro Posto'r Chatni

Pumpkin: 1 cup finely chopped
Poppy seed paste: 2 tablespoon
Amchur: 1 large piece
Mustard seeds: 1/3 teaspoon
Dry red chilli: 2 pieces
Oil: 1 teaspoon
Sugar: ¼ cup

Method: first prepare the amchur. Cut it in small pieces and soak in 1 cup warm water for 30 minutes. Then mash it with your hand and reserve.

Now heat the oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Once hot add the mustard seeds and the red chillies. Let it splutter and release the aroma.

Tip in the chopped pumpkin, a pinch of salt and turmeric. Stir and cover. Let it cook for 3-4 monutes on low. Stir in between.

Add the poppy seed paste and lightly fry till the pumpkins are nicely coated and release a lovely aroma.

At this stage add the amchur with the water. Mix in the sugar and stir well.

Check the seasoning, it should be both sweet and sour but you can adjust according to your taste.

Serve at room tempararture as a last course.

This goes to sourashtra kitchen who is hosting the Think spice event for the month of December. This popular event is a brainchild of Sunita of sunita’s world.

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  1. Wonderful recipe and perfect for the Think Spice event. Thanks for posting authentic bengali recipe...

  2. Such a delicious and authentic chutny, looks tempting and really very new to me..

  3. Hey Sayantani, I am from Bangalore, but staying in Ahmedabad now, for the last 2 years...Cant remember the name of the yeast I used to get there, but think it was called Baker's yeast. Just check the manufacturing date and also, if its an opened pack, always store it in the fridge..also ensure that you make it froth in an oven. For Bangalore weather, the yeast may not have come up properly...If it doesnt froth well, dont make the bread, it ruins the whole thing..all the best and let me know how it goes

  4. Never heard of this chutney, Sayantani..but sounds very yummy..kumro aar posto..what a combination and in a sweet-sour taste..amazing...ekhuni taste karte ichcha karche..love to try sometime....gr8 recipe

  5. i have heard about alu posto, being very tasty and wanted to try it. Now this recipe with pumpkin looks creamy and good.

  6. Great recipe...new to me. thanks for sharing :-)

  7. Dear Sayantani
    That is a great summary presentation of Posto business, it couldn't have been better.
    The recipe is very new and never heard too.
    I shall try soon.
    Best wishes
    Ushnish da

  8. Hi, sorry about that dough not rising..maybe you should wait till summer then...my bread flopped twice in bangalore, so dont worry about it, give it a break till april / may and then see it rise :)

  9. Hey sorry to butt in but I read your yeast problems in Arch's site. I have some tips-
    Its best to proof the yeast before using. This means take lukewarm water (if you have a temperature it should measure 110-115) It should be like a warn bath water. Too hot and the yeast will die too cold and it won't revive. To this water add 1 tsp sugar mix then add your yeast. Sugar serves as food for the yeast. Let it sit for 10mins. It should froth up -it will.
    Now add this mixture to whatever dough you are making. If your place is really cold. Just turn your oven on to the warm setting. and keep the dough for 2 hours or till it raises. If you don't have a warm setting, just set your oven to 180F for 15-20mins, switch it off then keep your dough inside. I live in a country where the winter temp. falls to 0 and lower I have always managed to bake. You should have no problem. Good Luck!

  10. thanks for dropping by Sayantani !!
    this dish i have never heard with kumro , with onions , tomatoes n alu i love posto , this one is as yummy it seems..
    i am another posto lover who can tell the difference :)
    about the garlic greens you can see the pictures as well as another recipe here..

  11. A very yummy chutney with poppy seeds :D

  12. Hi Sayantani,Very nice recipe indeed. Will love to try this,perfect for the event.

  13. to all,
    am really not sure where this dish came from I only have eaten this at my place and have not heard anyone making this. I believe my maternal grandmother who was a great cook could have invented this or impr=ovised this from some known recipe. this is a great dish to satisfy your sweet tooth after the meal. if needed you can use sugarfree to make it more healthy.

    @RV, posto being one of bengali delicacies am glad to be a part of your event. cant wait to see what others come up with.

    @ Arch thanks a lot for your support in making the bread but it was a disaster...will follow your advice.

    @SV, thanks for your tips. i did put the dough in a warm oven for 5-6 hours but it dint rise. guess something with the yeast itself as it also dint froth much. have bought a new brand will try and let you know.

    thanks for introducing me to garlic greens and sharing the pictures. thats a very healthy and warming dish.

  14. Please add a Pinterest Pin to this recipe.


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