Ragda Patties aka Alu Tikki Chaat

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Come winter and I miss Delhi the most. The busy and hot city with all the dust and grime totally changes during this time. With its foggy yet romantic mornings, chilly weather and brightly attired fashionable people on road it becomes very lively and vibrant. With all its cultural programs, trade fairs, festivals, fashion and flower shows Delhi in winter flaunts to be a perfect hangout place. You can start with a lazy stroll in one of its foggy morning on the picturesque but high security roads of CP, have breakfast at Chandni Chowk, shop at Sarojini Nagar, bargain your hearts contain at Janpath, buy handicrafts and snack on various state’s cuisine at Delhi Haat, wander around India gate in the evening, do window shopping at Karol Bagh, take dinner at some roadside Dhaba…Delhi has something to offer to everyone. But the things I love most is shopping and food and to be more specific ‘Chaats’ top my list of favourites.

Among friends am known to be a Chatori which means a person who loves chaat. Now, Chaat is a kind of spicy and tangy snack mostly available as a street food. The name chaat has evolved from the Hindi word Chatna which literally means licking…and chaats having all the tangy, salty, sweet, hot n spicy tastes mingling in one plate will definitely make you lick your plate. I believe among all the places I ever visited, Delhi has the best chaats…the golgappas at Lajpat, katora chaat at Sarojini nagar or the Dahivalla at Chandni Chowk all has a spice mix that balances all tastes perfectly. And am not ashamed to admit that I could actually survive on these mouth watering, lipsmackingly good chaats.

Here in Bangalore we don’t get good chaats around the place I live. I have tasted some good ones at Commercial Street but that’s quite far from my place…so like everything else I also have to make them when I have those cravings. The chaat I make most is Ragda patties or aloo tikki chaat, the reason being I often make ghugni which could be used to top this. this dish require some preparation as it calls for certain chatneys to be mixed together. The bottom layer of ragda patties have the aloo or potato patties, it is then topped with curried peas, curd, sweet tamarind chutney, green coriander chutney and a spinkle of roasted cumin powder. All together it’s burst of flavours and taste of heaven in each spoonful. Just a mere thought of it and my mouth waters. Cant talk much now here come the recipe.

Ragda Patties aka Alu Tikki Chaat

Ingredients: (for 2)

or the Ragda or the curried peas go here. Substitute yellow peas for soybeans and skip mushroom.

For the patties:
Boiled potatoes: 1 big
Bread: 1 slice
Roasted cumin powder: 1 teaspoon
Chopped onion: one small
Green chilli: 1
Salt to taste

Method: dip the bread slice in water and drain the excess water. Mash everything together and season accordingly. Make small round balls and press using your palms on both sides to form the patties. Fry till golden brown on both sides. Keep aside.

For the Tamarind chutney:
Tamarind: size of a small marble
Sugar: 1 teaspoon or as per your taste

Method: soak the tamarind in water and take the thick juice. Mix salt and sugar. The taste would be more on sweeter side.

Green chutney:
A handful of coriander leaves
1 clove garlic
1 green chilli

Method: grind everything together in the mixie. Check the seasoning.

Curd: beat the curd with salt and reserve.

To garnish: Aloo bhujia or sev
Roasted cumin powder

To assemble: take two pieces patties in a plate. Top with curried peas. Add a spoon full of all chutneys and beaten curd. Sprinkle some sev and roasted cumin powder.

Serve immediately.

In every spoonful you will experience 'Explosion of Flavors' in your mouth which will tingle your taste buds and will make you crave some more!

Am sending this to RCI: Mumbai hosted by Kitchen chronicles:the flavor of life. This wonderful series of Regional cuisine based events is a brain child of Lakshmi of veggie Cuisine.

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  1. wow Sayantani...u have me drooling!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Sayantani
    Thank you very much for this early morning Delhi Darshan and that too just in time , when the winter is setting in. I thoroughly enjoyed. My wife and daughters are very fond of Delhi, and I am, to some extent even after staying for 25 yrs in my 2nd innings in Delhi :-(
    Now that the Metro is connected to Noida, I can directly land at paratha wala gali or CP :-)
    Unlike most men, I am a great chat eater. My daughters didn't believe that I made centuries in Fuchka eating in my hey days ( Golgappas are big ones)until they verified from others.
    I never made Alu tikki at home, but now I will try with your recipe.

    Time to go the near by bangali shop to fetch my Sunday breakfast of radha Ballavi and Alu dum ;-)
    Thanks once again for this great write up!!
    Have a nice day

  3. wow such a tempting pic,love chaats..and urs look so delicious.

  4. Seeing the last click, am just drooling here rite now..Amazing dish..mouthwatering...

  5. so you are missing saddi dilli !!
    chaats are good here but nothing when compared to banaras ki chaat , you have to eat that to believe...
    your plate of ragda patties is tempting me in the middle of the night...

    Delhi is the queen of street food , that is for sure...

  6. I am getting such cravings of a good ragda patties just looking at your pictures! Wonderful post and nice recipe.. I have got to try this soon :)

  7. I have stayed in Delhi for a couple yrs and I still miss the weather and the place.We used to live in RK Puram with my dad working in defense..I am quite fond of that place I shud say and BTW your ragda is lip smacking..

  8. WOW, Just beautiful would love to grab that plate. Superb pictures.

  9. Count me in for chaat food, I agree I like Delhi weather during winter...and its a perfect recipe for the weather, sounds so yummy.

  10. What a terrific snack. I have never been to Delhi. I should visit and take a good tour. Will do a world of good :)

  11. Slurp Slurp.. mouthwatering ;-)

  12. I love ragda patties too! Beautiful click....my stomach started rumbling just by looking at the pics :)

  13. Thanks all...yes this dish is quite temting ecpecially in this chillky weather. enjoy your platefulls.

    Ushnishda and Saangeeta
    yes every winter i long for Delhi. am very fond of the foods and shopping aspect of the place. it has hooked me for life.


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