Moglai Parota : The Marathon Reaches Streets of Calcutta on Day 5

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There are certain choices that don’t change with time. Similarly there are some taste, some aroma which becomes very familiar and to which you like to go back to for comfort. Then there is food that becomes synonymous to some events, some memories or some good times.  Remember this post where I talked about Poush mela or the winter fair of Santiniketan? Food wise I connect this fair to garam jilipi (hot Jalebi) and Mughlai Paratha or Indian flat bread stuffed with spicy egg.  This is a pan-fried dish and comes with spicy potato curry, Sauce and Salad. This is another famous and favorite Calcutta street delicacy.

As kids parents never allowed us to feast on this dish, as they were not sure of what oil they used but were very sure that these were cooked with dust and grime from the fair ground as a spice without any choice. Later when we grew up we had many a addas or chat sessions over this spicy paratha. Till date I need to devour it at least once during the fair. Still Maa is annoyed with this choice but now she knows how I love it. I have asked a lot of people of what are the spices that they stuff the egg with…didn’t get any specific reply. Couple of years back I spent one whole afternoon just watching the guys rolling, stuffing and frying the parathas but still am clueless of the spice mix.

Today as my tomatoes are not yet completely dry and which makes my tomato paratha a distant dream (forget that yesterday Indo has come up with a great recipe of sun dried tomato paratha. Go check it here) so here is another paratha stuffed with spicy egg mix and served with hot potato curry, salad and sauce. Though totally experimental and recreated completely guided by a taste but it turned out really really REALLY well. It smelled exactly the same and taste wise it’s very close to that. Guess another afternoon at the fair restaurant will make it perfect. But am happy to bring it home and so is my mother. Not so fried food lover Hubby even is happy with the outcome. :-)As for the potato curry I added a handful of homegrown methi (fenugreek) leaves and used one of shortcut recipe. It proved to be a great accompaniment for this spicy paratha. The Paratha tastes great in itself or with little tomato sauce also. Guess it would make good lunch box option too.

A great thanks to Nupur for thinking of this event where we finally are trying something we always wanted. She is doing an incredible job of updating the recipe marathon everyday on her space.

Mughlai Paratha (makes 3)

For the Paratha dough:
Whole wheat flour: 1 cup
Flour: 1 cup
Vegetable oil for shortening: 21/2 tsp

for stuffing:
onion: 1 big; Chopped
garlic: 2-3 cloves; chopped
Ginger: 11/2 “ pc; smashed
Eggs: 3
Milk: 2 tbsp
Green chillies: 1; chopped
Coriander leaves: handful; chopped
Dry roasted peanuts: 1/3 cup
oil for frying: approx 2 tsp for each paratha

Mix the dough ingredients together. With water knead to get a soft but dry dough. Make 3 balls and lightly coat them with oil. Keep covered.

Heat a tsp of oil and fry the chopped onion, garlic, ginger, green chillies with salt. Once its pink add the choppes coriander leaves and switch of the heat.

Once cool add the eggs and milk and beat to mix. crush the peanuts to small pieces and keep aside.

Now comes the tricky part. Roll the flour ball as thin as possible. I used the back of a bog thali/plate, as my rolling board was small for this. I also kept one small foil covered paper board in the center and rolled the ball over it. This helps to transfer the prepared paratha to the pan.

Put 1/3 of the egg mix in the center and spread with a spatula. Sprinkle some crushed peanuts on top and then very carefully bring the sides in to form an envelop. Once done it would be rectangle in shape.

Heat oil in a pan and carefully put the stuffed paratha on it. Fry on low till golden brown on both sides.

For the potato curry:
Potatoes: 2 medium; Peel and cut in big chunks
Tomato: 1 medium
Methi leaves: handful; Chopped
Onion: 1 large
Garlic: 2-3 fat cloves
Dry red chillies: 3 pieces; I like it hot
Coriander seeds: 1 tsp
Oil: 2 tsp
For salad
Tomato sauce

Method: curry
Blend all the spices in a blender.

Heat the oil in a pressure cooker and fry this spice mix till oil separates at the side.

Add the chopped tomato and salt. Fry for a couple of minutes.

Tip in the potatoes and methi leaves. Give it a good stir and let it cook for some more minutes.

Add 11/2 cups of water, check the seasoning and pressure cook for 2 whistles.
Later if required dry the juice a little.

Serve the Parota with this potato curry, chopped cucumber, onion salad and tomato ketchup.
Am sending this to Sudeshna and RV's Food for seven stages of life: Tiffin box.

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  1. Moglai parota looks oh so delicious. Just looking at it makes my mouth water. I so badly want a taste. The potato curry looks delicious too.

  2. WOW paratha looks yumm and perfect..Nice stuffing,gonna try this soon,thanx for sharing

  3. I am lost for words! Just looking at it..looks so yummy with golden color and the side marked!

  4. Wow tempting parota, looks fantastic..lovely stuffing..

  5. WoW,'re running like crazy in many yummy posts..I'm allergic to eggs, but my hubby loves this..I am also thinking to prepare this on new year weekend..what a coincidence..parota looks really appetizing..gr8 job,girl

  6. Dear Sayantani
    Great Mughlai paratha and the filling with a bit of ground nut is great,never tried it.
    Also I like that you have maintained the coating texture , the diff between an egg paratha and Moglai paratha.
    I make the very old traditional ones, i.e only juice of ginger, garlic, onion and green chili are used in the egg and " one bichhiri khosa sudhho alu-r tyal tyal-e jhol' the alu tarkari they used to serve at ANadi or dilkhusa ha ha
    Happy new year

  7. Delicious looking parota.. Very interesting use of eggs in the stuffing.. Delicious.

  8. Lovely Moglai parota. Never heard of this. I do not take eggs and will there be any difference in taste if I do not use them?


  9. wow it looks perfect with the golden brown colour and looks crisp too..Love the way u have presented it as well...

  10. Hi Sayantani, first time here. Delicious Moglai parota and a nice filling, looks mouth watering.
    Nice presentation.

    ...and keep smiling...

  11. @Indo, Vrinda, Priya, Sushma, Ruchika, Pavni...give it a try its filling and truly elicious.

    @Indrani and Ms. Chitchat,
    you homemade paneer and fry that with the chopped onion, garlic. if you like add a little bit of chopped tomato as well. that would be a delectable stuffing.
    @Ushnishda, if possible please make a post of that. love Anadi cabin er parota too.
    @Gouri, thanks for visiting. am glad that you liked.

  12. looks so inviting..too good..

  13. Very Nice, totally new ! Seems similar to chinese spring roll :)

  14. This is new to me..Sounds great and looks absolutely delicious..
    Wonderful clicks too

  15. I have heard so much about Bengali addas from many of my Bengali friends :D This looks so right to be had over hot tea, and hotter gossip!! The colors on the parota are gorgeous ... and I love the potato side you've made with methi. Do you think it would make a huge difference if I made the parota without peanuts? Thanks in advance :D Eagerly awaiting more recipes from the streets of Calcutta!

  16. @Sheetal, not at all. skip it if you wish and instead of eggs you cn also use homemade paneer. fry it with the dry spices with a little chopped tomato.
    @Deepa, Kanchan, Sara :-)

  17. Moglai paratha is one of my favorites! Looks very delicious!

  18. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  19. Ohh ki daarun hoyeche tomar moghlai ta....whole wheat flour diyeo eto sundor crispy hoy janle amio tai kortam...atleast healthier than maida :) ami tomar link ta add kore diyechi amar post-e. Ar etto delicious khabar post korecho er modhye j ekhono shob dekha hoye othheni...karon konta chere konta dekhbo bujhte parchina :P protyekta dekhlei aage banate iche korche khabo bole :D 2 weeks aage ami first time dudh puli baniyechi nije nije....setar jonye maa-ke as usual phn kore jenechi tarpore tomar recipe anektai follow korechi ar design tao :P post korbo kayekdiner modhye. ar black forest cake tao durdanto !! Happy Belated Anniversary to you and love to your little birpurush !! :)

  20. These Parathas remind me of my favorite punjabi restaurant in chennai.. They serve similar parathas and I just love them... unfortunately they closed down that branch :-( Thanks for sending this perfect lunch box entry for the Tiffin box event.

  21. I usually make this with meat and vegetables. It's called Murtaba. Its a mouth-watering dish.

  22. Hi first time here. Delicious Moglai parota and a nice filling, looks mouth watering.
    Nice presentation.i am glad to follow u.

    Do drop sometime in my blog...

  23. Sayantani, these look fabulous! Old post, but I'm def. going to try this one.

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