Sizzler Festival @Buzz, Taj, Gateway

10:50 AM

Sizzler, the once alien food to many is now a star in almost all good dining facilties. Especially in Winter when the air is redolent with the smell of fresh Komlalebu, comforting Boroline and that quintessential caramely aroma of Nolen gur we crave something sizzling hot. Something that will match the heavy thick  air around us and make us feel comfortable. So what if the temperature never falls below 12C in Kolkata. We need to enjoy our short lived winter with as much winter specials as we can fit in the few days.

So when the invitation from Gateway Kolkata came to KFB, I was more than happy to say yes. Not only because I dint have any sizzler this year but also because I am a sucker of Gateway's Executive Chef Ashis's food. He never ever fails to amaze us with his trade.

 The sizzler festival at Buzz, Taj, Gateway is on till 2nd February'17 as an A la Carte Menu. Available for both Lunch and Dinner.
For booking please call

The menu is as exciting as it could get. Neither I have heard of Southern chicken sizzler or Sheesh Touk sizzler. The platters were as exciting as their amazing taste. We were bowled over by the Kathal ke Gelawat sizzler platter and the Roasted potato with stuffed cottage cheese sizzler that they served in the Vegetarian section. All the sizzler platters came with some Jalapeno rice and their in house multigrain bread which was so very good that you can even finish the meal with that.
Roasted Potato with cottage cheese Sizzler platter

Kathal KE Gelawat Sizzler Platter

Sheesh Touk Sizzler Platter

Southern Spiced Sizzler Platter

Grilled Fillet Steak Sizzler Platter 
Ham Steak Singapore Sizzler Platter

Cauliflower and broccoli Sizzler Platter
Bulls Eye Dessert Sizzler Platter
The showstopper definitely was the bulls Eye dessert. A chocolate sponge with ganache and ice cream. The cake was so soft yet so moist that we eventually had to request for one more plate.

The sizzler fest definitely worth a visit. Go there and share your experience with me.

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