Bone broth

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Its wonderful what 20 minutes of brisk walk in a chilly evening can do to your mood. I am not good at selfcare, I have never been. and with two small kid and plethora of work that needs to be done no matter what i hardly get any time to call my own. But this year I made a concious effort to niche out some 'me time' to do things that makes me happy inside out. and the first I did was to commit to a 20 minutes brisk walk everyday. For the kind of lifestyle I have I know I need to go for a more serious commitment but right now am happy with my small step towards my goal. 

But then most days especially the days when I go out with the day light still there the kids love to tag along. That definitely slows me down as they wonder about everything on our way and ask plethora of questions. It's like a full on blabbering session with one running after the butterfly and the other collecting leaves and flowers, playing with a sprig of twig as an imeginary car steering and what not. Those days definitely my 'all by myself' time is lost but I gain another perspective that us mothers  need to be flexible with our self care routine too. Our precious me time might look different everyday but no matter how disturbed it is we need to carry on and there still would be a certain joy. because we always know it in our hearts that this phase soon will go away and we would all be left to ourselves. 

So what is your self care routine? please share with me as I strongly believe as mothers we need to be concious in taking care of our body that makes our house home and nourishes every soul under it. Just like this nourishing bone broth which I discovered recently. I always make my chicken stock from scratch but never have made Bone broth. 

Bone Broth apparently is a very old recipe that people in the West have been making for ages. Its a nutrient rich and immune boosting food that could be easily prepared at home with a few pantry staples. It is very similar to our Paya shorba where goat trotters are simmered with spices for a long period of time. The resultant broth is richly aromatic, gelatinous and a nutrient power house that helps to regain strength after a long ailment. In West people during the colder months consume a small portion of it everyday to boost their immunity. The content of many minerals in it actually aids bone and tooth health along with several other benefits.

I now make a big batch of it (say 6-8 liters) and freeze in square bowls which I later save in ziplock pouches for upto a month. This is really tasty when added to soups or gravies. I read many recipes and then just eye balled the measurement of my basic chicken stock recipe to get to this one.

Bone Broth

Goat bones: 750 gms (You can but them separately from your butcher or can buy from the frozen section of the super markets. I even use bones of roast chickens. I save the bones in the freezer and use them along with the goat bones)
Celery: 1 plant (1" stems 11/2 cups)
Carrot: 1
Onion: 1 large purple onion
Garlic: 3-4 fat cloves
Apple cider vinegar: 2 tbsp
Salt: 1 tsp
Pepper corns: 1/2 tsp

In Pressure cooker (the way I do)
Take a big pressure cooker. mine is 12 liters.
Wash the bones under running water thoroughly and then place in a big pressure cooker. Peel and chop the carrots in big chunks and add the cooker. Clean, wash and cut celery stalks in 1" pieces and add. Peel and cut the onion in quarters and add. Peel and roughly chop the garlic to the cooker too. 
Now add salt, vinegar, pepper and 7 liters of water. Give it a good stir.
Now tighten the lid and cook it on medium for 2-3 hours. Initially it would whistle and let out the steam. after that bring the flame further down and cook for the required amount of time.
Let it cool down and then remove the lid. Strain through a thick mesh sieve and put the broth in the fridge for 2 hours. This will solidify the fat and you can easily take them out.
Now portion out and freeze or use immediately. 

In an open pan
Place everything in the pot as mentioned and add water. Then boil on low heat for 8-12 hours. Then cool strain and freeze.

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  1. Yes, we all take care of ourselves. Healthy lifestyle is always required. Very nice post and pics. Keep posting.


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