PAn Asian Food Promotion at Hyatt Regency Kolkata

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Pan Asian  Pan-Asian cuisine would mean cuisine from across Asia. Which happens to be my favourite cuisine so when the invite came from Hyatt Regency Kolkata to review their Pan Asian food promotion I was more than happy. The Pan Asian food promotion is a part of their regular buffet which is served at their beautiful Waterside Cafe with amazing view through the high ceiling windows at their perfectly manicured lawn and fountains. 

I reached the venue around 1 in the afternoon with KFBian Indrani and Urmi and saw the area is decorated to bring in the Asian ambience.

 We got talking to Chef Bikram Das the Chef responsible to curate this experience. He is an expert wih many years of experience in restaurants all over India specialising in Pan Asian cuisine. He explained that they tried to be as authentic as they could while serving such food. The ingredinets which are not available in India are imported and cooked in a way that keeps the very soul of the country's cuisine alive.

Apart from the regular features of the buffet like the live Pizza counter with a small oven, salad bar, Indian food counter and dessert bar the Pan Asian promotion features a few signature dish from various Asian countries like Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and China. 

The Dimsums which are served everyday during the promotion came in all possible, shapes, sizes and fillings. 

The next dish that the Chef ordered was the sesame BBQ grilled lamb which was sticky with a sweet and spicy caremelised sauce. While I loved the flavour of the dish, somehow found the meat little hard for my liking. The chicken and cilantro broth was quite comforting.

The Khaeng phet kung is a Thai prawn dish with an aromatic creamy gravy. Loved the juicy prawns in the delicate yet hearty gravy, perfect to mop up with a small bowlful of fragrant rice. 

Pla neung manao is another favourite from Thailand and the steamed fish on the bed of pak choy just melted in our mouth. The favourite dish for us was the Chinese style fish in gravy. This perfectly balanced dish was so yum even on its own that we went for second servings. 

The Tofu rice was a new disg for me where the tofu in gravy is spread out on a layer of rice and was light yet very very flavourful.
There were a selection of Asian style meat and vegetable salads which were perfect for calorie watchers without getting to adjust with the taste.

The dessert bar has the usual selection of pastries, puddings and mousses, which were very well made. It was nice to see any restaurant serving payes or rice pudding in their buffet besides engali mishtis and mishti doi. It would have been nicer though if they had decided to include a few more Asian desserts apart from the sago pudding.

The Pan Asian Food promotion is on from 22nd September to 2nd october.
The buffet is priced at INR 1650+ tax
Time: 12-3 PM/ 7-11 P.M.
It is recommended to book your table before your visit.

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