Suryabartta...for Santiniketani Kantha and batik

10:42 PM

My Mother was an alumni of Kala Bhawana, Santiniketan and was known among art lovers for her unique style. Suryabartta was her organisation where she started producing embroidered sarees, scarves, apparels and home furninshing products some 30 years back. 

Today her products are loved by everyone who adore handloom and handicraft.

Right now my brother and I are trying to keep her dream alive and carry on the legacy. We have started a Facebook page HERE SURYABARTTA
 Please check the page and see our products. If you find them beautiful please show us some LIKE love. 

We ship all around the not hesitate to contact if anything catches your fancy. 

Your comments and feedback are highly appreciated.

I am putting the link to the FB page on the right hand side of this page.

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  1. Sayantani, Wishing you and your brother a great success with Kakima's venture. She must be so proud of you two!!

  2. Hi can you please post on Instagram, it’s easier to purchase than FB. I tried finding a website and there was none. Thanks


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