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A big Hi from Chicago.
Well yes that is the reason of me being out of action for the last few weeks. Though I dint move here permanently still travelling with two small kids was a big task for me. Am glad that its over and for the time being am enjoying the weather here and not thinking about the travel back home with them alone.

In our 8+ years of marriage it has almost become an ritual to move places every now and then. We almost became habituated to this gypsy life where every now and then you get to live out of the box in a completely new place and need to start all over again from scratch. you dont get the comfort of your own furniture, the warmth of your own motherland but there is excitement to explore and soak a new place a new culture. 

The first thing that caught my attention in USA is the vast open lands and acres of greens. Which hardly we get to see back home. We are trying to make the most out of it and having long walks in the nearby areas. Right now we are staying at an hotel with a small kitchen attached to it. with two small kids the arrangement is not very convenient but fun none the less. Though I can't wait to shift to an apartment and start experimenting with the awesome ingredients I keep seeing in the super markets.

US in it's true sense is the melting pot of various culture. Be it Latin America, Africa or Asia you get to see every culture's habits, customs and cuisines shaping that of America. It's so much fun and to some extent so exciting to explore the supermarket isles. I bet in no other country you will get to see such variety of ingredients lying besides each other. From pure American Apple pie to Middle Eastern Kunafa you can taste all from the same plate. and if you are a cooking enthusiast like me then the mere sight of ingredients from all over the world like Tomatillo, Artichoke, Soba noodles, Haloumi cheese, Portobello mushrooms etc will make you jump up and down like a mad woman.I just cant wait to get them home and start baking.

Till now I have been making easy and quick meals in out tiny kitchenette. Not that I am never tempted to give in and make some elaborate curries from scratch but just the thought of doing that making this tiny place reeking of curries makes me cringe. So nothing for you today from my tiny kitchen here but something that i made just before coming here, something that will soothe you in the scorching Indian summer and most importantly something that would not necessitate spending hours in the kitchen.

Trust me this pannacotta is all that and much more. It's the easiest recipe that you could ever make, making your family feel like you slogged off for hours to get this on the table. And to be able to do so all you would need is only two ingredients. Well three if your cream is not sweetened.

Instant Pannacotta

Jelly Crystal: 1 pack, any flavour. I used Rex (85 gms)
Cream, preferably with more than 25% fat: 3/4 cup (I used Rich's Non dairy whipping cream)see notes below for other options
Sugar: 4 tbsp if your cream is not already sweetened. please see notes

Open the packet of instant jelly and measure the ingredients inside. Divide in two parts. one portion with 1/3 of the total ingredient and the other portion with the rest amount which would be 2/3 parts.
for eg. if the total content is 6 tbsp then divide the portions as 2 tbsp and 4 tbsps.

Keep your moulds or glasses in which you are planning to set the pannacotta clean and ready.

bring a cup of water to boil. Switch off and pour in on the 2/3 portion of the crystals. Stir to dissolve every bit. Let it cool down a little bit but dont allow it to set. to be able to do so you need to stir it from time to time.

In the mean time whip your cream to stiff peaks that is till it;s lil stiff and can hold the shape.

Once your jelly is little cold start mixing the whipped cream in it. Start by adding half of it first. Using a whisk start mixing it slowly. It would be thin. Add the rest of the cream and whip. Once you are happy that it has mixed thoroughly pour in your prepared cups. Keep little space on top for another layer.

Put them in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to set.

after 15 minutes boil 1/2 cup of water and mix it to the remaining jelly crystals. stir to dissolve and then pour on each cup, over the set jelly. Bring to room temperature and then put in the fridge. Chill for at least 4-6 hours before serving. Tastes great after 30 minutes too.

You can even demould it very easily. just loosen one side with a knife and tap on a plate to get them out in one piece.

A Homemaker's Notes:
There are many types of instant jellies available choose whichever you get and any flavour you want. Check with the preparation instruction and use little less liquid than the instruction.

You can even use Amul 25% cream, easily available in the white and blue tetra packs or the newly launched Amul heavy whipping cream. Not the flavoured ones though.

The non dairy creams are mostly sweetened so I dont add additional sugar. Amul cream is not, taste before adding sugar.

You can also place a few pieces of the fruit same as the flavour on top of the first layer before pouring in the second layer. As the top layer is transparent the fruit will show through it and look beautiful

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  1. wow... that is really innovative! Enjoy your time in the States, my sister who was also there keeps saying that it is the vast space that makes it a nice place to stay! :)

  2. quick and easy. my son loves jelly. I'm sure he would devour this

  3. Enjoy this time in US! Once the kids grow and have other commitments you may not get the opportunity to move around. I am looking forward to more of your cooking..fingers crossed you move into the apartment very soon.

  4. Hi Sayantani,
    I'm here after long time.....It's good that u get to enjoy all these different places.....I've been thru similar situation and enjoyed it thoroughly but now with older one in middle school, more stable life is in demand by kiddoo :). It's good that you landed here in USA in spring time, so perfect weather....long days, no doubt u gonna have gud time....I have some good memories from Chicago....Strawberry Panna Cotta looks yummy & perfect for this season....talking of strawberries don't forget to go for Pick Your Own's the right time.

  5. I thought panna cota require gelatine. .This is such a simple and yummy preparation

  6. Thank you Spice for your wishes. Lavina, jellies generally have gelatine or vegetarian geletaine such as agaragar. this helps the whole thing to get set.


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