Groupon Voucher and the Buffet at Waterside Cafe; Hyatt, Kolkata

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If you have read my blog then you know that I belong to a simple middle class family. We believe in splurging but only in moderation. It's not everyday that we go out for a brunch or dinner at a five star property and even if we do, we look for a deal  that gives us value for money. and exactly here the vouchers of Groupon comes into play.

Frankly enough I had no clue of what groupon vouchers were before I was contacted by their PR group in Kolkata. For the uninitiated, Groupon is a Worldwide deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates usable at local or national companies. It's a free service which every 24 hours broadcasts a collection of discount coupons on selected products and services. If you register at their site you will automatically receive notifications of each days coupons. Once you like a certain deal, you can purchase it online, take a print out and can redeem it at the restaurant or store at a considerable amount of discount.

The deal for me was to get the Buffet at Waterside Cafe worth Rs.1971.00 for only Rs.999.00. It's been long that I was able to spend some quality time with the husband sans the kids. So we planned for a small hiatus from the daily routine and headed to the beautifully landscaped property of Hyatt.

The best part of the spacious Waterside Cafe is the view.  With it's high ceiling, large windows and soothing sound of water flowing all around you It automatically relaxes your sore nerves. To top that off they offer a huge spread complete with live counters.

On arrival we talked to Chef Abdul Wahab and Chef Kedia. Both of them are very passionate about the food that they offer and informed us that they provide the same menu even to the Groupon buyers. It's not like you get any less for buying it on a discounted rate. With 20 years of experience behind them they assure consistency in whatever food they bring to the table. The buffet had a huge salad counter complete with Raw ingredients, varieties of croutons, spreads, dressings, cheese and pickles. It also has a small chaat counter with the evrr popular Dahi bhalla, Papri chaat and others.

The bread, soup, Pasta, Pizza section is sure to please kids of your family though the Pizza section definitely has a lot of room for improvement. Here also they have live counters to serve you pasta or Pizza with your chosen ingredients and sauces.

The Mains section has a mix of North Indian with a few Bengali dishes thrown in. I was delighted to taste the Ghanto and the Kasha Mansho. Being a Bengali food enthusiast I was happy that they have a few dishes in the buffet to offer as a starting point to someone new to the cuisine. Others  were the popular comfort dishes available almost at all the buffets But they tasted good, difficult to find any fault in the Dal Makhani, green peas or the pork dishes. At the live counter they offered varieties of Naan which I should have given a miss given the too yeast-y smell in them.

The Desset section was well stocked starting from varieties of mousses, pastries, mishti doi, pudding, tarts and ice cream. I especially liked the Chocolate mud Pudding with vanilla ice cream.  

I might differ here but I was happy with the service too, especially on a day when I seeked some alone time with the husband. They were present whenever we needed them and at no point of time our glasses were empty. Rather with the signal from the two generous chefs they made an effort to make us taste everything.

Verdict: I like this deal and believe it gives you value for money. Whenever you go you at least get good service, good ambiance and food would never disappoint you. You might get better food at your local joint but a meal at a five star property is an experience in itself where you can relax and enjoy your time over good food and drinks.

This deal at Hyatt is on till 31st of May'2015.
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  1. Inspired by your blog, I tried aam sandesh, my way. Turned out great. Thanks


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